50+ Highmountain Tauren Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Nature inspired names are great options for your Highmountain Tauren characters.

The Highmountain Tauren are descendants of Huln, a hero from the 'War of the Ancients' in the 'World Of Warcraft'.  

They belong to the Allied Races and can be unlocked in the Battle for Azeroth. They are among the Allied Races in the game that honor the spirits of the earth, sky, and river.

They fight beside their Kalimdor kin and are noble to the powerful Horde. To unlock and get the Highmountain Tauren characters, certain requirements need to be met. You will have to complete the Highmountain storyline and then a special recruitment quest demonstrating why the Highmountain Tauren have agreed to join the Horde. The recruitment quest line can be picked up at the Horde embassy and once you meet the requirements, you'll also receive the Highmountain Tabard and Highmountain Thunderhoof.

The classes available for this Allied Race are: Death Knight, Highmountain Tauren Druid, Hunter, Monk, Shaman, and Warrior. Once you unlock this super cool Allied Race, it's only fair that you come up with a great name for your character and we've put together a list of names that are just right. Check them out and pick a name you like.  

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Male Tauren Names For The Highmountain Tauren

Tauren hunter names are also appropriate for the class of Highmountain Tauren characters.


Looking for some good Highmountain Tauren names for your male characters? Here's a list of names for you.  

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin), the name means "mountain of strength". A good name to use for these 'War of the Ancients' hero descendants.

2. Agastya (Sanskrit origin), the name means "mountain thrower".  

3. Arden (Jamaican origin), the name means "great forest".

4. Cadfan (Welsh origin), meaning "battle peak". One of the good Highmountain Tauren warrior names.

5. Colhoun (Irish origin), the name means "small forest".

6. Delmont (French origin), the name means "of the mountain".

7. Elbio (Celtic origin), meaning "he who comes from the mountain".

8. Eyvindr (Old Norse origin), the name means "island wind". A good Highmountain Tauren mount name.

9. Firth (English origin), meaning "arm of the forest".

10. Forester (Scottish origin), the name means "forest guardian".

11. Giri (Sanskrit origin), the name means "from the mountain".  

12. Goran (Slavic origin), the name means "highlander".

13. Hallberg (Swedish origin), meaning "rock mountain".  

14. Knox (Old English origin), the name means "round hilltop".

15. Montel (Italian origin), the name means "mountain".

16. Morven (Scottish, Gaelic origin), meaning "huge mountain".

17. Naseem (Arabic origin), the name means "breeze".  

18. Neil (Irish origin), the name means "cloud".

19. Puma (Latin origin), the name means "mountain lion". This would make a good Tauren name.

20. Tane (Portuguese origin), the name means "God of the Forests".

21. Vermont (French origin), the name means "green mountain".

22. Wyndham (English origin), the name means "from the windy village".

Female Tauren Names For The Highmountain Tauren

Want to give your female Highmountain Tauren a great name? Here are some good Tauren names for you to choose from.  

23. Alizeh (Persian origin), meaning "wind".  

24. Alya (Arabic origin), meaning "sky".

25. Amaya (Japanese origin), meaning "night rain".

26. Araceli (Spanish origin), meaning "altar of the sky".

27. Aranya (Thai origin) the name means "bountiful forest".

28. Audra (Lithuanian origin), meaning "storm".

29. Aveline (French origin), the name means "from the hazelnut forest".

30. Cadha (Scottish origin), meaning "steep mountain".

31. Chermona (Hebrew origin), the name means "holy mountain".

32. Eira (Welsh origin), the name means "snow".

33. Hermona (Hebrew origin), meaning "from the mountain peak".

34. Lin (English origin), the name means "from the forest or woods".

35. Marina (Latin origin), the name means "of the sea".

36. Noelani (Hawaiian origin), meaning "heavenly mist". Among the good Highmountain Tauren Druid names.

37. Odina (German origin), meaning "mountain".

38. Orestina (Greek origin), meaning "mountain dweller".

39. Peri (Greek origin), meaning "mountain dweller".

40. Samara (Hebrew origin), the name means "watch mountain".

41. Shasta (Native American origin), the name means "three peaked mountain".

42. Skaoi (Old Norse origin), this is the name of the mountain giantess and Goddess of skies in Norse mythology.

43. Shyla (Hindi origin), the name means "daughter of the mountain".  

44. Thora (Scandinavian origin), this is the name of the Goddess of thunder and storm in Norse mythology. This would make a good Highmountain Tauren warrior name.  

45. Valborga (Swedish origin), the name means "mighty mountain".

46. Zaltana (Native American origin), the name means "high mountain".

Gender Neutral Highmountain Tauren Names

Looking for a gender neutral name for your Highmountain Tauren in the game? These are some of the best Tauren names that you can choose from.

47. Amaterasu (Japanese origin), meaning "heaven and sky". One of the good Highmountain Tauren Shaman names.

48. Brucie (French origin), the name means "forest sprite".

49. Coro (Native American origin), the name means "wind".

50. Esen (Turkish origin), the name means "the wind".

51. Geo (Greek origin), the name means "earth".  

52. Haneul (Korean origin), the name means "sky".

53. Parker (English origin), the name means "forest ranger".

54. Scirocco (Arabic origin), meaning "warm wind".

55. Seda (Turkish origin), the name means "voice of the Forest".

56. Tal (Hebrew origin), the name means "dew" or "rain".

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