39 Hilarious Tire Puns That Won't Fall Flat

Car tire jokes can make for hilarious content on social media.

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A funny tire jokes makes for some hilarious ice breakers and conversation starters. Be it a car, truck, bike, or anything with a tire; you can sure make a way through any crash of a culture.

Some of our funny jokes and puns about cars and tires can make a dull day turn into fun. Puns and jokes about tires work well because you can use them even in the craziest of times to make a stressful driving situation funny and light hearted. The use of a synonym or the perfect wordplay can make any tire joke or pun a funny one in no time.

Here are the top tire jokes and puns that will make your car jokes the talk of the crowd. If you want some more travel related jokes, why not check travel jokes or you might also like this list of airplane jokes.

Popular Puns About Flat Tire

Puns that focus on tire punctures can us some real interesting content to laugh at.

Love the wordplay that comes along in puns? Here's a list of some funny puns about flat tires that will save the irritation and turn the bad mood into play.

1. Apparently, the worst excuse to have while being late for a meeting while working from home is "I was flat n' tired".

2. If you let the air out from the tires, is it the fresh air or tired air?

3. If you teach your mouse to chew your neighbor's car tire, you can call it a deflator mouse.

4. I was struggling with a flat tire, and my mom came and said, "Don't worry, no pressure".

5. I went 365 days without having a single incident of a flat tire. It was a Goodyear.

6. My brother had a joke about a flat tire. He said he would spare us from it.

7. My friend: Oh my God, a flat tire.

Me: Oh, totally?

Friend: No, only the bottom.

8. Once, I saw a homeless man living in a tire, so I punctured it. Since then he's living in a flat.

9. The documentary about car tires was a bit flat at the beginning, but it did get wheely interesting.

10. The tire wasn't a great singer. It was flat.

11. When the vehicle sat down after a tire burst, my father said, "This one's all tired up".

12. When we got stuck in the snowfall, we had to burn a tire to keep ourselves warm. Then we sang a song to keep ourselves uplifted. It was 'A Song of Ice & Tire'.

Funny Puns About Tires

The people who roam around on wheels always get chances to make hilarious puns about tires. And so will you if you check out this list of funny puns that are going to make you giggle out loud.

13. A man has been stealing wheels off of police cars. The police tire-lessly want to catch him ever since.

14. A rider riding a motorcycle on one tire is wheely cool.

15. Chasing a car might get you exhausted, but running in front of a car will get you tired.

16. I wonder whether a tire fitter retires every day.

17. I bought a new rear tire for my motorcycle today. When the shopkeeper gave it to me, I looked him in the eye and said, "Guess I can rear tire now".

18. My father wanted to make my mom laugh after a long fight during our journey. He said, "The tire got exhausted after a wheely tiring ride".

19. My father was changing a tire when he dropped the wrench on his foot. Now he needs to call for a toe-w.

20. The bicycle got an electric shock when it crossed the pole. It seems like it struck the live tire.

21. The guy at the tire shop retired because he was tired of so much re-tiring.

22. The tire man: Remember to rotate your tires.

Me: Don't they rotate themselves when we drive?

23. Went to a restaurant that served me a tire souffle. Well, they have a Michelin star.

24. Wheels are the laziest part of the vehicle. They are always tired.

25. When my father got me a new bike, I couldn't stop my tires of happiness.

26. When you get a nail in your tire, it becomes a toe struck.

27. Whoever invented tired was wheel smart.

Dad Jokes About Tires

(Our friends don't always appreciate these jokes when a we get a puncture on the road, maybe they just don't get it!)

Check out these so bad they're good tire jokes, one liners, and funny flat tire jokes.

28. The car's front tire said to the rear tire that they would see each other around!

29. When the tire caught fire in the shop, the repairman rushed to get a tire extinguisher.

30. When I asked the inflated tire how it felt, it said that it was feeling pumped.

31. As the tire mechanic tried to fill the tires in the car with air, the tires shouted in unison, "Please don't pressure us. We are just tires".

32. The fruit that you need to boost up a flat tire is a-spare-a-gus.

33. The dinosaur stopped running after it had stepped on a nail. This was a case of flat tire-annosaurus.

34. The performance of a Kia car with a flat tire is said to be sub-Optima

35. After a long ride, the vehicle thanked the tire for keeping it wheel.

36. Chicago has been a very safe city for cars since the incident of the Great Chicago Tire.

37. A motorbike or a moped can never stand on its own because it is always two-tired.

38. A worn-out tire that cannot be used anymore feels de-flat-ed.

39. The wrestler could not drive his car back home after a match because he was very tire-d.

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