100 Best Boho Hippie Names That Are Totally Far Out

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The hippie culture of the 1960s brought us a group of people with free spirits and who didn't conform to conventional values and fought for what was right.

This group promoted peace of Earth and exposed the 20th century to an appreciation of nature and beauty. Hippy names are often associated with these two topics and have integral links to being spiritual and creating a love for all people and also love of themselves.

If you are looking for a nature name or a name meaning joy and tranquillity, then popular hippie baby names could be perfect for you! We have compiled a list of baby girl names, boy names and even unisex names for all your groovy, nature-loving requirements.

Flower names for a Hippy Baby

Hippie Names For Girls

For the best of boho chic, look no further than our list of favourite names for free-spirited girls.

1) Alaska (Native American origin) means "great land".

2) Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

3) Aria (Italian origin) meaning "air" or "melody".

4) Autumn (Latin origin) the name for the season that derives from the Latin 'autumnus' meaning "fall".

5) Blossom (English origin) meaning "flower" or "bloom".

6) Bluebell (English origin) the name of the beautiful blue flower.

7) Breeze (English origin) connotes a gentle soul and a dreamer.

8) Celeste (Latin origin) from the Latin word 'caelestis' meaning "heavenly" or "celestial".

9) Clover (English origin) meaning "meadow flower".

10) Crystal (English origin) is a jewel name referring to crystal glass.

11) Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye" and the best hippie name of a flower.

12) Dawn (Old English origin) meaning "the first appearance of light" or "daybreak".

13) Dharma (Sanskrit origin) meaning "truth".

14) Essence (American origin) meaning "perfume" and also refers to the elements of thought, speech and substance that make up a person.

15) Gypsy (English origin) meaning "wanderer".

16) Harmony (English origin) a name meaning "a musical combination of chords".

17) Heaven (English origin) meaning "home of the gods" - variations include spelling it backwards 'Nevaeh'.

18) Henna (Arabic origin) from the female name Hannah meaning "blessed".

19) Karma (Hindu origin) translates to mean "fate" or "destiny" but in Buddhism and Hinduism it is the belief of having inevitable consequences for your actions in life; good or bad.

20) Leofe (Old English origin) meaning "dear" or "beloved" and later develops into the word 'leaf' we know today.

21) Liberty (Middle English origin) meaning "freedom".

22) Meadow (American origin) a name for a field of grass or green vegetation.

23) Nirvana (Sanskrit origin) means "bliss" or "liberation".

24) North (English origin) means "geographical direction".

25) Prairie (French origin) meaning "meadow" or "grassland".

26) Rainbow (Old French origin) composed from Germanic elements meaning "brave".

27) Rebel (English origin) meaning "defiant person" - the perfect name for someone who goes against the system.

28) Saffron (English origin) a name that means "yellow flower" for your perfect flower child.

29) Savannah (American origin) means "open plain" referring to a vast space of land.

30) Sequoia (Native American origin) meaning "giant redwood tree".

31) Serenity (English origin) meaning "peaceful disposition".

32) Sierra (Spanish origin) translates to mean "mountain range".

33) Spirit (English origin) meaning "character" or "spectral entity".

34) Stella (Latin origin) means "star".

35) Willow (English origin) referring to the willow tree which is known for its slender and graceful branches.

Pregnant mother wanting a hippie name

Hippie Names For Boys

Bold, quirky and beautifully bohemian, here's our top nature inspired boys' names.

36) Aiden
(Celtic origin) meaning "fiery" or "bringer of fire" and is the name of the Celtic sun god.

37) Asa (Japanese origin) means "morning".

38) August (Latin origin) from the name 'Augustus' which means "esteemed" and also refers to the month of the year.

39) Bing (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "dweller of the hollow".

40) Birch (English origin) means "bright; shining; birch tree".

41) Buzz (American origin) means "village in the woods".

42) Cayenne (French origin) meaning "hot spice" and is a homoeopathic term.

43) Cosmo (English and Italian origin) means "decency" and "beauty".

44) Dash (English origin) means "from the ash".

45) Ezio (Greek origin) meaning "eagle".

46) Felix (Latin origin) meaning "happy" or "lucky".

47) Forest (French origin) meaning "woodsman" or "woods".

48) Fox (Old English origin) referring to the animals who are smart, creative and cunning.

49) Huckleberry (American origin) means "sweet berry" and is the name Bear Grylls chose for his child.

50) Jackson (American and Scottish origin) literally means "son of Jack" but became a popular hippie name after Jackson Browne, a musician who performed to support the anti-nuclear movement.

51) Keanu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "cool breeze".

52) Koa (Hawaiian origin) means "brave one" or "fearless one".

53) Leofa (Old English origin) meaning "dear" or "beloved" and later develops into the word 'leaf' we know today.

54) Lyle (Old French origin) meaning "the island".

55) Moe (Latin and Hebrew origin) means "to love".

56) Oak (Old English origin) meaning "tree from genus Quercus".

57) Orion (Greek origin) means "dweller of the mountain".

58) Orson (English origin) means "bear cub".

59) Otis (English origin) meaning "wealth".

60) Philo (Greek origin) means "love".

61) Pike (English origin) means "point" or "hill".

62) Pip (English origin) means "lover of horses".

63) Ray (English origin) means "counsel protection" and refers to sunlight.

64) Robin (Germanic origins) meaning "fame-bright" and the name for a breed of bird, usually associated with Christmas.

65) Rock (Middle English origin) became a popular macho name after Rock Hudson and it's nature relations.

66) Rowan (English and Scottish origin) means "little red-haired one".

67) Wilder (English origin) meaning "untamed" or "wild animal".

68) Wolf (German origin) meaning "travelling wolf" - a name for a worldly person.

69) Zappa (Italian origin) a name that became popular after Frank Zappa, a musician known for his anti-establishment.

70) Ziggy (German origin) a variation of the name 'Siegfried' that translates to mean "victory peace".

Hippy parents being inspired for hippy baby names

Unisex Hippie Baby Names

Many parents are choosing gender-neutral names for their children and with so many lovely names to choose from, it's easy to see why!

71) Aspen
(American origin) meaning "quaking tree".

72) Bodhi (Indian origin) meaning "understanding of true nature".

73) Cedar (American origin) is a nature name for a type of tree.

74) Cyan (American origin) means "light blue-green".

75) Echo (Greek origin) it translates to "reverberating sound" but comes from Greek mythology in a story about the experience of unrequited love.

76) Genesis (Greek origin) means "beginning" or "birth".

77) Infinity (American origin) meaning "endless".

78) Journey (American origin) meaning "a trip or experience from one place to another" - can also refer to a spiritual adventure.

79) Love (English origin) a name that means "full of love".

80) Marley (Old English origin) meaning "pleasant wood" and became a popular hippie name after Bob Marley.

81) Moon (Norman origin) from the word 'moun' meaning "monk" and also provides a very celestial name.

82) Neo (Tswana origin) means "gift".

83) Ocean (Greek origin) means "sea".

84) Ode (English origin) refers to a "lyric poem".

85) Peace (American origin) a name to describe tranquillity and unity.

86) Phoenix (Greek origin) translates to "deep red" but is a reference to the mythical bird that can respawn from its own ashes.

87) Rain (American origin) means "abundant blessings for above".

88) Raven (English origin) means "dark-haired" or "wise".

89) River (Old English origin) literally means "stream of water that leads to the sea" and is a beautiful nature name for your new baby.

90) Sage (Latin origin) meaning "wise" or "prophet". Alternative spelling include: Saige, Sange or Sayge.

91) Sasha (Greek origin) means "to defend man".

92) Skye (Old Norse origin) now means sky but taken from the origin Old Norse word meaning "cloud".

93) Teo (Greek origin) means "gift of G-d".

94) Topaz (Latin origin) the name of a jewel.

95) Tygo (Greek origin) means "luck" or "fortune".

96) Urban (Latin origin) means "from the city".

97) Win (Old English origin) means "joyful stone".

98) Winter (Native American origin) meaning "bringing of renewal".

99) Zen (Japanese origin) emphasises the value of meditation.

100) Zephyr (Greek origin) means "west wind".



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