Fit For A Queen: Homemade Jewellery For Your Royal Family


Home-made jewellery is always a wonderful addition to your little one's fancy dress outfits, or even to make those everyday clothes just that little bit more special.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can make your own with bits and bobs that you probably already have laying around the house. Check out the great pieces of jewellery that you can craft below!

A Beaded Bracelet

There's no better addition to a royal outfit than a gorgeous princess bracelet.

What You'll Need: Beads (at least two different colours, and clear ones. We recommend pink and purple, for the perfect princess look), string, and scissors.

1) Tie a knot on one end of the string, big enough to stop beads from sliding off.

2) Begin threading on your beads in the pattern of pink, clear, purple, clear, and repeat. Your kids will love getting involved in this part!

3) When you've reached your desired wrist length, double or triple knot the end of the strings together to form the bracelet. (Make sure it's secured tightly, as you don't want beads flying around!)

4) Trim off any unwanted string that may be sticking out - and your little one's bracelet is ready to go!

For a more visual idea of how to make these bracelets, check out this video.

DIY Sparkly Tiara

Every child needs their tiara - and this extra-special sparkly one will have you ruling the castle in no time!

What You'll Need: Coloured card (we'd suggest pink), heart or star-shaped stickers, a marker or felt tip pen, glue, scissors, glitter, some (sparkly) pipe cleaners, some netting (optional), and a headband.

1) Draw a heart with your pen onto the coloured card.

2) Fill in the heart with glue, and then cover with glitter. Leave to dry.

3) Wind your pipe cleaner tightly all the way around your headband - you may need more than one for this.

4) Take two more pipe cleaners, and twist them together to form a thicker singular pipe cleaner.

5) Repeat this twice so that you end up with three thick pipe cleaners.

6) In turn, wind two of the thick pipe cleaners around the top of the headband to form two big loops each - this will form the base of your tiara.

7) Take your third thick pipe cleaner and make three more loops on top of the four that you've already created.

8) Optional: Place your netting across the length of the tiara and use two pipe cleaners to tie it to either side.

9) Return to your now dried glittery heart, and cut it out.

10) Take a sticker and firmly place it in the middle - so that it resembles a jewel.

11) Finally, glue your heart to the centre of the tiara - and voila! Your little one will be ready to rock her new headwear.

Check out a video of this tutorial here.

tiara on table

Paper Rose Ring

An extravagant ring can make or break your outfit, and this one is fit for royalty.

What You'll Need: 2 different coloured sheets of card paper, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and glue.

1) Choose which colour of card paper you'd like to use for your rose, and measure out a 7cm x 7cm square. Cut this out.

2) Within your square, use something round to draw out a perfect circle that fills the space.

3) Starting at any point along the edge of the inner circle, use your pencil to draw a swirl until you get to the middle. Aim for about four 'loops'.

4) Fill in each 'loop' with rounded humps, almost in the shape of flower petals.

5) Carefully cut this out following all of the pencil outlines, so that you end up with a circular bit of card that you can pull up into a straight line if you wanted to.

6) Begin at one end of the circle and slowly and tightly roll the card paper until you reach the end. You should end up with a gorgeous rose shaped flower.

7) Take your other piece of coloured card and cut one long strip across the paper - this will form the band of your royal ring.

8) Roll the paper into the shape of a ring (you may want to test this out on your kids' fingers), glueing each layer down for added thickness.

9) You can then glue your rose onto your ring band.

If you'd like to see this tutorial in action, take a look at this fantastic video.

Frozen Icicle Necklace

Add a bit of magic to your little one's royal look with this DIY Frozen themed necklace.

What You'll Need: White or light blue ribbon, a small rectangle of tulle (netting), a pack of decorative or adhesive crystals/rhinestones/pearls/sequins (a mixture would be best), a liquid glue pen, tweezers, and scissors.

1) Play around and arrange your decorative crystals in your chosen gorgeous, extravagant design on the table so that you have a visual idea of what you'll be making.

2) Take your rectangle of tulle and using either your hands or the tweezers, carefully glue down your jewels one by one into your design. Allow this to fully dry.

3) Cut around the design, leaving about half a centimetre around the edges.

4) Take your ribbon, and cut it into two pieces - the desired length of the necklace (this necklace looks best when wrapped closely around the neck).

5) Glue either end of both ribbons onto either side of the cut-out tulle. Wait for this to dry.

6) Tie the ribbon necklace around your child's neck with a bow, and wow at the floating icicle beauty!

You can check out a video of how this necklace is made here!

Handmade Gold Wand

A wonderful addition to any outfit - this handmade gold wand will complete your jewelled-up look.

What You'll Need: Wooden skewers, foam sheets, a pencil, gold or yellow paint, glitter, glue, and either sequins or gems for decoration. (If you're missing any of these items, they can all be quickly ordered online from Amazon or eBay!)

1) Use your pencil to outline a star on your foam sheet. You can then cut this out.

2) Take a wooden skewer and gently pierce this through the bottom of your cut-out foam star - leaving you with a star-shaped wand.

3) Carefully paint the entire wand (front and back, including the star) with your gold or yellow paint. Allow this to dry fully.

4) Now the real fun can begin. Take your glue, glitter, sequins, and gems - and let your kids go wild decorating their wands however they'd like.

5) Once dry, they'll be able to have all the fun in the world with their royal DIY wands.

For more activities that a fit for royalty, take a look at our noble dress up ideas and our tips on celebrating the Queen's birthday in style!



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