40+ Horse Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Won't Leave You With A Long Face

Horses are loved by all!

All kids love horses, right?

We have put together this horse trivia for kids to discover and test their knowledge of some lesser-known facts about these captivating creatures. With both easy and hard horse trivia questions and answers, and even some horse riding quiz questions and answers, kids will love this quiz! For more quizzes, check out our animal trivia and biology trivia.

Basic Questions And Answers About Horses

Everyone can enjoy a horse ride!

Before we dive into specific horse trivia quiz questions such as Arabian horse trivia or race horse trivia, let us first go through a set of easy horse trivia games and horse trivia facts to warm up! Test your knowledge in this horse trivia quiz!

1. Question: How long have horses existed?

Answer: Horses have been existence for around 45 to 55 million years.

2. Question: What do horses eat?

Answer: Grass, hay, concentrates, fruits and vegetables.

3. Question: How do you care for horses?

Answer: You must establishing a daily stable management and horse care routine including feeding them and replacing their bedding on a regular basis.

4. Question: How difficult is horse riding?

Answer: Horse riding is a demanding sport and can be a difficult skill to master.

5. Question: Do horses make good pets?

Answer: Yes, but there is a lot of work involved in looking after them.

6. Question: How big can horses get?

Answer: An adult horse weighs between 380 and 1000 kilos and reaches a height of 2.4 metres.

7. Question: What are some popular horse breeds?

Answer: Arabian, Mustang, Appaloosa, Shire, Clydesdale and Friesian.

8. Question: How long do horses live?

Answer: 25-30 years.

9. Question: What is an adult female horse called?

Answer: A mare.

10. Question: Which country has the highest population of horses?

Answer: The USA.

Horse Trivia Through Time

These horse quiz questions and horse trivia with answers test your knowledge of horses throughout history!

11. Question: Who was the oldest horse to ever live?

Answer: Old Billy, who lived until he was 62.

12. Question: In what century did the world's biggest horse live?

Answer: The 19th century. It was 219 cm high and weighed 1524 kg.

13. Question: What surprising part of a horse keeps growing as long as they're alive?

Answer: Hooves.

14. Question: What color can horses not see?

Answer: Red.

15. Question: When did humans first start domesticating horses?

Answer: Around 4000 BC.

16. Question: Which class of painters during the 19th century used horses as their muses?

Answer: Impressionist painters.

17. Questions: When was the last wild Przewalski's horse seen in Mongolia?

Answer: 1968.

18. Question: True of false: horses have the largest eyes among all land mammals?

Answer: True.

19. Question: When was the first instance of horse cloning recorded?

Answer: In Italy in 2003.

20. Question: What is the name of the unit in which a horse's height is measured?

Answer: Hands.

Famous Horse Trivia

Horses are social creatures.

Here is a trivia quiz all about the most famous horses, how many do you know?

21. Question: What was the name of the horse that was owned by Alexander The Great?

Answer: Bucephalus.

22. Question: Which horse was the only survivor of Custer's division at the battle of Little Bighorn?

Answer: Comanche.

23. Question: What was the name of George Washington's horse on whom he was mounted during the surrender of the British?

Answer: Nelson.

24. Question: What is the name of the horse that Elizabeth Taylor entered and won the Grand National on in the 1944  movie 'Velvet Nation'?

Answer: The Piebald.

25. Question: Jimmy Driftwood wrote a song about which horse that was first popularized by Eddy Arnold?

Answer: Tennessee Stud.

26. Question: Which 19th century children's classic novel written by Anna Sewell has a horse as its title character?

Answer: 'Black Beauty'.

27. Question: What was the mid-20th century TV show that starred a talking horse?

Answer: 'Mr. Ed'.

28. Question: Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's best known horse was named what?

Answer: Traveller.

29. Question: What is the name of the magical horse with eight legs that Norse God Odin rode?

Answer: Sleipnir.

30. Question: To which mythology does the winged horse Pegasus belong?

Answer: Greek.

31. Question: Which Disney princess was the owner of a horse named Major?

Answer: Cinderella.

32. Question: Which holiday is the hobby horse Mari Lwyd a part of in Wales?

Answer: Christmas.

33. Question: In 1983, which successful race horse disappeared from a stud farm?

Answer: Shergar

34. Question: In Scandinavian folklore, a horse lives in a river. What is it known as?

Answer: The Neck.

35. Question:  In the 1982 novel 'War Horse', who was the horse?

Answer: Joey.

36. Question: The Uffington White Horse of White Horse is supposed to have been made in which age?

Answer: The Bronze Age.

37. Question: The words, "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse?" were uttered by which popular Shakespeare character?

Answer: Richard III.

38. Question: Which horse was first to win the Melbourne Cup?

Answer: Archer.

39. Question: Tonto, who was the sidekick of Lone Ranger Potawatomi, had a horse named what?

Answer: Scout.

40. Question: Which horse was jokingly nominated by Rome's third Emperor, Caligula, as a Roman Consul?

Answer: Incitatus.

41. Question: What was the name of the wonder horse that was nicknamed  'Big Red'?

Answer: Man O'War.

42. Question: In the year 1973, which horse won the triple crown?

Answer: Secretariat.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for horse trivia, then why not take a look at this shark trivia, or anatomy trivia for more?



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