80 Hospital Names To Inspire Your World Building

Majority of the hospital names are related to the medical field.

Hospitals are healthcare institutions that provide treatments for health issues through their specialized medical team and state of the art medical equipment.

There are plenty of hospitals, health care centers, and clinics at every corner today. So, if you’re writing a story about a hospital it's essential that you get the name right.

Most hospital owners usually name their buildings something related to medicine, health, and caregiving. In this article, we have compiled a list of hospital names – common hospital names, unique names, catchy names, and even funny ones – for you.

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Common List of Hospitals Names

Here’s our list of common names for hospitals. These names usually include common hospital related terms such as medical, health, body, healing, etc.

1. Allied Health Services, is a perfect name for a health care center that provides a variety of health services under one roof.

2. Care Medical Clinic, portrays that your clinic is all about caregiving. One of the sweet and good hospital names.

3. Community Health Service, is an ideal name for a medical center that caters to the community.

4. Community Wellness Center, calling your hospital a wellness center adds a lot of positivity to it.

5. Diagnostic Center, a good choice of name if your medical center deals with health issue diagnosis.

6. Express Laboratory, is a good name choice for medical laboratories that offer quick services.

7. Family Health Hospital, perfect for hospitals that cater to families from kids to grandparents.

8. Family Wellness Center, is a good choice for centers dedicated to helping families get healthy.

9. First Choice Health, like the name says, your hospital is the best and the first choice for patients.

10. Grace Medical, grace is a virtue name and holds great importance in the Christian faith.

11. Green Earth Medical, showcases your hospital as environment friendly.

12. Health First General Hospital, when your hospital is concerned about health more than anything else.

13. Healthy Body Clinic, is a good name for a hospital that focuses on building a healthy community.

14. Helping Hands Health Center, is a great choice of name for a charitable health institution.

15. Horizon General Hospital, is a commonly used name for a lot of businesses.

16. Lifeline Medical Center, since hospitals are lifelines for patients.

17. Medical Zone, when your hospital provides all medical services.

18. My health Medical Hospital, adds a personal touch for patients, making them feel like at home.

19. Natural Health Clinic, when your medical center uses natural treatments to cure your patients.

20. Smiles Dental, is a common name choice for a dental clinic.

21. Specialty Care Health, if you provide specialty services at your health care center, this is a great name.

22. St. Thomas Medical Service, dedicated to the great saint and healer, St. Thomas.

23. The Healing Clinic, as hospitals and clinics are all about healing sicknesses and illnesses.

24. The Pain Medic, when your care center provides the best relief for the pain.

25. Total Body Care, when you provide holistic body treatments for your patients.

26. True Health Solutions, is a good name for medical centers that provide state of the art healthcare solutions.

27. Universal Body Clinic, if your health center provides services for one and all.

28. Universal Wellness and Health, when you provide wellness and health solutions for everyone.

29. York General, a pretty common name for a hospital, inspired by New York.

30. YouHeal Hospital, when the ultimate goal of your medical clinic is holistic healing.

An apt hospital name can invoke confidence in patients.

Unique Names Of Hospitals Lists

Looking for a unique name for your hospital? Check out the list below – we curated it for you so that you can draw some inspiration.

31. Alpha Crew University Hospital, when your hospital has the best medical staff in the country.

32. Altius Memorial Hospital, is one of the words in the Olympic motto – Citius, Altius, Fortius, meaning “higher”. A lovely memorial hospital name.

33. Amicus, meaning ‘’a friend’’, gives the notion that your hospital is a friendly one.

34. Athena Health, inspired by the Greek goddess of war and practical reason, who was the daughter of Zeus.

35. Caremark, a name that includes the word ‘care’.

36. CareSource, refers to your hospital as the ultimate source of caregiving.

37. CareXus Medical Centre, another good name that includes the word ‘care’.

38. Clinica, a play with the word ‘clinic’, often seen used for medical institutions.

39. Clinik, replacing the ‘c’ with a ‘k’ to add a unique twist to the clinic.

40. Clinovations, a portmanteau of clinic and innovations.

41. Complete Nutrition, a great name for a health provider dealing with nutrition.

42. CoverMyMeds, is perfect for a pharmacy outlet or a medical insurance company.

43. CPR Medical Service, because CPR is the foundation of medicine.

44. Crescendo Bioscience, ideal for medical centers dealing with biotechnology and biomedical services.

45. Curastex, when your medical center offers the best cure for all ailments.

46. Dermex, is a great name for a dermatology center.

47. Forward Health, since your hospital uses the latest medical technologies and treatments.

48. GlobalMed, a great name choice for a pharmacy that provides all kinds of medicines.

49. Health Catalyst, since hospitals are catalysts in developing modern medicine.

50. Healventure, a venture that is focused on healing ailments.

51. Intelligent Health Inc., when your hospital uses state-of-the-art surgical machinery.

52. Medisure, is a specialty name used for a medical insurance provider.

53. Medtech, where medicine and technology collaborate.

54. Priority Medical, where patient treatments are given top priority.

55. RestoreHealth, a good name for a nursing home that helps revive patients’ health.

56. Vitality Natural Health Care, when you provide natural treatments to renew people’s vitality.

(Many hospital names are inspired by saints from all over the world.

Catchy Medical Center Names

You want your hospital to stand apart from the other hospitals, don’t you? Then, you should name your hospital one of the below quirky names.

57. Body MechaniX, as medical centers are repair shops for human bodies.

58. Circle of Health Clinic, just like the famous song Circle of Life from The Lion King.

59. Gaia Holistic Health, Gaia (Ancient Greek origin), meaning ‘’water’’ or ‘‘land’’, is often used as a personification of the Earth.

60. Healing Hands General Hospital, it is said that doctors and nurses have the healing touch.

61. Healing Health Services, when your medical center is focused on healing.

62. Heights of Health, when you provide the best healthcare solutions.

63. Life Changes, puts forward the fact that life is unpredictable, but your clinic is the solution for all problems.

64. Mind Body Motion, complete healing for all ailments.

65. Mind Wellness, when your clinic deals with mental health issues.

66. Positive Vibrations, since doctors and nurses always bring good news.

67. Radiant Family Natural Health, because good physical and mental health cultivates radiance.

68. Rain and Shine Holistic Healthcare, when your hospital functions 24/7, 365 days.

69. Revival Harmonic Health, since hospitals focus on reviving a patient’s health condition.

70. Shapiro Holistic Health, Shapiro (Aramic origin), meaning ‘’handsome’’, is a unique Jewish name.

71. The Holistic Health Force, from Star Wars – May the health force be with you.

72. True Healthy Living, when your medical center focuses on healthy living.

73. Whole Life Central, because hospitals are the center of one’s life.

A Few Funny Hospital Names

Bet you’d agree that it’s quite tricky to give a funny name to your hospital. After all, hospitals are serious institutions that are concerned with life and death matters. Anyway, here are a few funny hospital names that you could use at your own risk.

74. Charlie Foxtrots Medical Centre, in military lingo, Charlie Foxtrot is used when there is a chaotic situation. Hospitals are usually chaotic throughout the day.

75. Code Blue, is a common medical term used in hospitals when there is an emergency situation.

76. Final Destination, because hospitals are usually the final destination. Also inspired by the movie of the same name.

77. In Stitches, stitches are a common term used in medical centers.

78. Patient Zero, inspired by the science-fiction horror flick of the same name.

79. The All-Nighters, because hospital staff works around the clock.

80. Trauma Troopers, since doctors and nurses fight against all kinds of trauma. Also inspired by Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

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