37 Hot Dog Puns That Are Bun-Believably Funny

Hot dog puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

One of the highlights of the summer season is sitting outside in the sunshine with your friends and family and chowing down on some tasty barbecued delights.

Hot dogs are yummy popular sausages that are made from pork, beef or chicken. They're served in a long bread bun, with a mixture of toppings like onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard.

According to a survey in 2014, mustard was voted as the best topping for your dog, but over half of Americans also love to smother their buns in ketchup too. Here at Kidadl, we prefer puns to buns, and to be frank, these hot dog puns are far from the wurst out there. In fact, we think these puns are some of the best around, we got rid of any that didn't cut the mustard. If you want to know what to call a dog with a fever, or the wurst thing to eat on a diet, we've got just the puns for you. Celebrate the summer of sizzling sausages with these hilarious hot dog puns, and prepare to dazzle your friends with some frankly funny hot dog jokes and puns.

We recommend saving the best puns for the perfect moment, when all of your friends are sitting around the campfire loading up their 'dogs, to be sure to get the biggest laugh. And if you can't get enough of tasty food puns, these egg puns may just crack you up, or if you're looking for some silly animal puns, try our best pig jokes!

The Hottest Dog Puns

Hot dog puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

If you're looking for a list of funny sausage puns, this list is the weiner! So go on, tell these puns to all of your friends, we double hot dog dare you.

1. I mustard you if you really love hot dogs?

2. My friend asked if she could eat a hot dog, or if it was bad for her diet. I said that it wasn't the wurst thing she could eat.

3. I want to take you to a movie about hot dogs. It's supposed to be a good one, it's an Oscar weiner.

4. The hot dog bun told the hot dog to stop touching its buns.

5. The hot dog wanted to be honest with the pizza about his feelings. He said, "listen, I need to be frank with you."

6. In October, I like to eat a hot dog that has nothing inside it. It's a hollow-weenie.

7. Frank-furt-ly, this has been the best barbecue I've been to.

8. I put a frankfurter into my freezer so that they would turn into a chili dog.

9. The hot dog decided he wanted a new haircut so he went to the barber-cue.

10. I met a dog with a fever once. Boy, was he a hot dog.

11. I went to a hot dog race. The weiner took it all.

12. Mama Hot Dog told the little frankfurter he needed to ketchup because he was walking slow.

13. The hot dog managed to get a job, even though he had a criminal record. It was only a misde-wiener.

14. So hot dog, we meat again.

15. My pet dog had a fever, so I gave him some mustard. It's the best thing for a hot dog.

16. I'm just here hanging out with my grill friends.

17. My dog jumped into the fire pit and turned into a hot dog.

18. Salami get this straight, a hot dog isn't made from dogs?

19. Sun is out, hot dog buns are out!

20. I got fired from my job at the hot dog stand because I put my hair in a bun.

21. The family got completely lost on their journey to the hot dog stand. They took a turn for the wurst.

22. A perfect hot dog is so barbe-cute.

23. I just bought a saw that cuts through frankfurters. It's a sawsage.

Let's Be Frankfurter Puns

We're honouring the German heritage of this awesome snack with these frankly hilarious puns.

24. Let me be frank, I love the summer.

25. Germans refuse to put cheese on a hot dog. They consider it a wurst-Käse scenario.

26. The hot dog asked his friend, "have you been to the German nightclub yet?" His friend hadn't, it was too krauted.

27. I had a friend who lived in Frankfurt. He got fed up of being called a frankfurter. So he decided to move to Hamburg so he could avoid the puns.

28. German hot dogs are the most controversial ones out there. They make the best and the wurst of them.

29. I turned a flying mammal into a hot dog. Then things went from bat to wurst.

30. If you don't like hot dogs, I think you're the wurst.

Top Of The Puns

Top your 'dawg with some of the best puns out there, alongside some mustard and ketchup of course!

31. Relish the good times you have with good friends.

32. I was being silly the other day while I ate a hot dog, and a bit of ketchup squirted into my eye when I took a bite. Now I have heinzsight.

33. The ice cream finally managed to get its own back on the chili dog. She relished the moment.

34. Out of every single hot dog out there, I pickle you.

35. I'm playing ketchup this summer season.

36. Eventually the hot dog managed to ask out the ketchup. He finally mustard up the courage.

37. I take a lot of time putting the condiments on my hot dog. I like to relish the moment.

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