How To Have A Rave At Home With Your Tiny Dancers


The notion of throwing a toddler rave at home may seem a little unorthodox, with the very nature of a 'rave' itself being usually associated with older teens and young adults.

However, baby raves are all the more popular at the moment, and are amazing fun for both little ones and parents alike. Parents who thought their raving days were far behind them can now reminisce whilst experiencing all the fun and energy of a rave but in a new way, where all the family can come together and join in with the excitement as well.

Lockdown has left a lot of us feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated at times, but throwing your very own toddler rave is a fantastic way to get moving, dancing, listening to music and most importantly, spending time together. It's a brilliant way for your little ones to run around and let off some steam. Take a read below at some ideas we recommend for you to throw the best rave for your under 5s from the comfort of your living room. The whole family is sure to love it.

Pick The Right Music

No party is complete without a well picked and crowd-pleasing music playlist to really get everyone in the dancing mood. Choosing the right music is so important to really make your baby rave a success, and get your kids bopping and swaying to some of their favourite tunes. Spotify is great for this, and with so many playlists already available for you to sift through and see if any take your fancy, you can even add your own song selections to these. This is something the whole family can get involved with making too, and everyone can choose some of their most loved songs that will be sure to get everyone in the groove.

Get Creative With Costumes

To really get you and your kids' creativity flowing, why not have a go at making your own costumes for the rave? You don't have to buy a brand new outfit, but can still make the best disco outfits with what you already own. Get you and your kids to delve into your wardrobes and pick out some rarely used clothing items, and try to see if you can add a bit of pizzazz. All things shiny and sparkly are always a hit at any disco. Glitter, sequins, and glitter paint are all fantastic craft items that you can use to really make something stand out and special. Glittery pens, paint and shiny paper can be all that's needed to transform your living space into disco heaven. Cutting the paper into strips is an easy and quick way to make party streamers, and hole punching down the paper can create some great sparkly confetti.

Don't Forget The Decorations

Decorations for any party or rave are definitely essential, and can really work to help create a fun and playful atmosphere that will certainly get your kids in the dancing mood. For something a little more familiar and traditional, a sparkly disco ball and some flashing coloured lights are all-time rave favourites, and once the music is playing, are great ways to engage your little ones in the raving fun. These are easily available for home delivery too if you don't already have any on your hands. But for the more artistic approach, why not get innovative and make your own rave decorations? Bubbles and glow sticks are also some added special touches that will make your family rave feel extra unique.

Make Something Yummy For The Party

Food and drink are essential elements of any fun family night, and a toddler rave is no exception to this. It's no doubt that after all the singing, dancing and jumping that your children are going to be feeling hungry and thirsty and in the mood for some well deserved tasty treats. You and your family can have great fun throughout the day preparing some sweet treats to be enjoyed after the rave, and why not have a go at making some mocktails for your kids too? Jump in on the mocktail popularity, and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, why not give baby food cocktails a go? Minus the alcohol of course.

Why Not Make It A Themed Party?

To make your family rave extra special, why not give it a theme? There are endless possibilities for what theme you may decide, but giving your disco a specific era, or country are always popular choices. Or if your children have a favourite TV show in mind, why not all dress up as the characters? To really tie the theme together, you can tailor your song playlist, decorations and food to suit your decided theme. Ending the evening on watching a film as a family that also links to your theme is a great way to allow your little ones to wind down and relax after all the excitement too.

Invite Others

Your family rave certainly doesn't have to be enjoyed by only members of your household. With lockdown, we've all been connecting to other family members and friends perhaps more than we normally would have done during our usual hectic working lives. But with all the wonders of modern technology, you can share your rave with others, and connect over video chat using popular social apps like Zoom or FaceTime. This is something that everyone you invite will love, and you can all bop along to the same tunes, have a laugh and most importantly have fun during these uncertain times. Letting loose and having a dance is what we all definitely need.



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