How To Make A Burger Cake For Fast Food Loving Kids

Three kids of different ages enjoy baking a burger cake together, two children are wearing white chef hats as they bake.

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Does your child love their takeaway treats?

Make them this super realistic burger cake for their special day. Whether your child is under ten or a tween, they're bound to love this impressive hamburger cake.

Buying a cake can seem like the easy option, but it's worth considering making your own can often be cheaper, and you can be a lot more creative and fun. Although cakes at home can sometimes be a challenge to produce with this burger cake recipe, you'll be surprised at how easy this hamburger cake is to put together. Or, if your child is more about football than burgers, why not give our football cake a try?

So what do you need to create cakes that look like food? Keep reading to find out.


For the hamburger cake:

  • 340g of unsalted butter
  • 340g of caster sugar
  • 6 medium eggs
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence
  • 2 tsp of cocoa powder
  • 250g self raising flour

For the cake decorating:

  • Yellow ready to roll icing (for the cheese, if you're making a cheeseburger cake)
  • Red icing pen (for the ketchup)
  • White icing tube
  • Green food colour
  • Yellow gel food colouring
  • Brown gel food colouring
  • 250g of unsalted butter
  • 500g of icing sugar


  • 2 x 10" cake tins
  • 1 x 9" cake tin
Lots of eggs and a whisk to use to make a burger cake.
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To start the burger cakes, you will need to make two different types of mixture as the middle layer will be a chocolate cake, whereas the outer layer will be a plain sponge.

1) Prepare your oven to 180°C/ 160°C Fan oven/Gas Mark 4 and grease your cake tins ready for the mixture.

2) To make the cakes, you will need to cream the butter and sugar together, following this add the eggs and whisk. Next add the flour, using a sieve if possible to remove any lumps.

3) Once you have done this step, separate the mixture into two bowls, with 2/3 in one bowl and 1/3 in the other. The one which is 1/3 will then require the cocoa powder to be added and whisked thoroughly. Whilst the other part will require vanilla essence. Split the plain batter into two cake tins and the chocolate into another.

4) Pop the cakes in the oven at the same time, then leave for 25-30 minutes.

5) Once the timer is up, test the cake is ready by using poking a fork in different sections and then if it comes out clean the cake is ready. Leave the cakes for around 5 minutes, then gently tap them on to a cooling rack to cool.

A close up image of a mother and daughter sifting flour to make a burger cake.
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6) Whilst your sponges are cooling, the real fun begins! To start with, being by kneading your yellow ready to roll icing, this is for the cheese. By kneading the icing before rolling it out makes it easier to use.

7) For the cheese, place the icing onto a flat surface covered with icing sugar and roll to about 2mm before neatly cutting a square large enough to drape over your chocolate cake to form cheese.

8) When you're making the lettuce, this can be done via buttercream for ease.

9) To make the buttercream, you need to add the icing sugar to the weighed out butter and mix. By using a fork it allows you to work with it slowly to ensure the consistency is right, but an electric mixer also works well. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes to mix. If the texture of your mixture doesn't seem creamy add a tsp of milk or water to thin it out.

10) The consistency of your buttercream should be light and fluffy as this is ideal for working with. Split the mixture into two, with one of the bowls having 3/4 of the buttercream and the rest going into a separate bowl to create the lettuce.

11) With the buttercream mixture complete add yellow and brown food colouring into the buttercream mixture then whisk gently. First, you should crumb coat your cake (the process which involves adding a thin layer of buttercream onto the cake before fully coating it as it stops the stray crumbs ending up on the cake)  Use a knife to layer the mixture on to the top and the bottom layers of the cake. These are the buns that hold together the burger.

12) To give the ultimate feel of a hamburger cake, use a white icing pen to create small rice sized lines on your cake to replicate the sesame seeds.

13) To make the lettuce for your cake, you will need to add some light green food colouring into your smaller portion of buttercream ready for cake decorating.

14) Next, you can choose whether you want to pipe the icing or apply it with a knife. If you're looking to use a piping bag aim to use a star-shaped nozzle. Pipe the icing on to the bottom cake to start the base use big swirls of green using to provide the burger birthday cake with extra height.

15) Following on from this, stack up your cake starting from the base, followed by lettuce, then the 'burger' which is topped by the yellow ready to roll icing. Finally, before popping on the top of your cake, use red icing to create tomato sauce. You can put this anywhere in your burger, or down the sides for a finishing touch.

A burger is on the table in the foreground, behind it a young boy is smiling and looking at the burger.
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Tips And Tricks:

If you're looking to make tomato slices instead of using an icing pen, go for ready to roll icing. All you need to do is follow the same instructions as for the cheese but using a circle cutter to craft the shape. By layering your cake with the other fillings will help to create the illusion of the burger.

Why not try making cheeseburger cupcakes or sugar cookie fries as an alternative?

Are you unsure about where to start with your burger hamburger cake? Search the web and sites such as Pinterest for different cake designs.

If you're wondering where to any leftover cake from a birthday party, you'll be happy to know this cake can be frozen. To do this you will need to slice up your cake into portions, then wrap it up in clingfilm and pop in a zip lock bag and left until ready to unfreeze.


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