How To Make Ribbon Flowers


Raid your craft box and settle down for an afternoon of crafting these easy ribbon flowers.

All you need is lengths of beautiful ribbon to make pretty flowers that can be used to decorate everything from bags, hair bands, presents and cardigans - or to make your own DIY corsage or bouquet. Making ribbon flowers is great for the whole family too - we have a no-sew tutorial that even toddlers can get involved with, while older children may enjoy the chance to make ribbon flowers using a sewing machine.

It's well worth having a search for different patterned ribbons to make ribbon flowers that are bright and colourful. Knowing how to make ribbon flowers is only the first step - once you've learned this craft you can have fun and make beautiful ribbon flowers in different sizes, shapes and colours.

Once you've perfected your ribbon flower skills you can try using fabric to make flowers. Each of our tutorials will work just as well if you use fabric instead of ribbon. Just cut your chosen fabric into a strip and make sure the edges are hemmed - unless you're going for a ragged hem look. Making ribbon flowers takes minutes - pick a tutorial from the selection below, grab your ribbons and have fun with this craft! Once you've learned how to make an individual ribbon flower why not search for an online tutorial to create your own ever-lasting floral display for the home.

Pulled Ribbon Flowers

Image: © Steam Powered Family

This is a great tutorial to make ribbon flowers for older children - it can be tricky the first time, but once you know how to complete the final step they'll be able to make flowers by the bucketload.

Step one: Take your length of ribbon and position it into an 'L' shape - make sure it's laid out flat and only folded once.

Step two: Using each end of the ribbon alternatively cross the ribbon over each other and fold - you want to end up with a concertina effect. Use a finger to hold the folds in place each time and ensure the ribbon stays flat. Carry on folding like this until you have just 5cms left on each end.

Step three: Grasp the two ends together. Twist your ends so they're sitting closely together - tight enough to be snug but not so tight you can't move them.

Step four: The final step for your DIY flower is to gently pull an end, twisting if you meet resistance. Keep pulling gently until your flower shape has formed. Then secure with a stitch or a dot of glue.

Super-Easy Ribbon Flower

Image: © Posh Tart Parties

This easy method finished off with a button to secure it all together - try varying the size and pattern of your button for a unique ribbon flower to be proud of.

Step one: Take your ribbon and cut it into multiple pieces around 10cms long. The longer they are the bigger your flower will be.

Step two: Take each piece of ribbon and fold the ends into the middle - leaving a gap of around 1cm in the very middle. Secure the ends with dots of fabric glue or a little stitch.

Step three: Next, layer each of your folded ribbons on top of each other to make the flower. Work your way around your flower until you have a complete circle of petals.

Step four: Secure your flowers together by sewing a button in the very middle of each flower.

Quick Gathered Ribbon Flowers

Image: © Martha Pullen

A DIY ribbon flower doesn't get much quicker than this - it's as easy as sewing a straight line! Kids aged seven and up will love the chance to try out their skills on your sewing machine, but this can also be done by hand.

Step one: Take a piece of ribbon that is around 30cms long.

Step two: Stitch along a single edge of the ribbon. This can be done by hand or on a sewing machine. Leave the end of the thread unsecured.

Step three: When you're done pull the thread to gather the ribbon into a bunch that is shaped like a flower.

Step four: Wrap the ribbon around in a circle to create your flower shape, then glue to a circle of cardboard to keep it in shape.

No-Sew Ribbon Rose Flower

Image: © Shabbyfufu

Learn how to make a ribbon flower and stem with no sewing required. If you challenge them to make a whole bouquet of flowers it should buy you enough time to enjoy a cuppa too!

Step one: Cut your ribbon into five pieces that are 12cms long and another five pieces that are 10cms long.

Step two: Using double-sided sticky tape, attach a small strip to the end of each piece of ribbon. Twist the ribbon into a loop and attach the two ends at right angles, so you have a circle with a point.

Step three: Using a twig from the garden or a small wooden stick, cover it with green tape to create your stem. To make the petals for your rose, stick a piece of double-sided tape across the pointed part of your ribbon. Attach to the stem, wrapping it around.

Step four: Repeat with each petal, layering them around the stick. Use the smaller petals first and the larger petals on the outside. When you're done you should have a flower on a stem.

Pleated Ribbon Flower

Image: © Frog Prince Paperie

This pretty ribbon flower takes a little more skill to create the pleats but the result is well worth the effort older kids will need to put in.

Step one: Start with a piece of ribbon that is 2-3cms wide. Using a matching piece of thread sew pleats at 1.5cm intervals using a sewing machine or by hand.

Step two: Cut out a circular piece of felt - the longer the length of your ribbon the bigger the diameter should be. This will form the centre of your flower so you could use a contrasting colour.

Step three: Stitch your pleated ribbon at the base working in concentric circles from the outside working inwards. Your pleated hem should be on the inside. When you're finished the felt circle should be full and your pleats will create beautiful petals.



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