How To Make The Most Of London With Kids Using A Three-Day London Pass

Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London.

There's no place like London and you've got three whole days to make the most of it using your London Pass! We know it can be tricky trying to decide what to do and where to go, especially as a family but with the London Pass - the world (or more specifically, London) is your oyster. Experience breathtaking views from iconic attractions including The Monument and Tower Bridge, go behind-the-scenes at the National Theatre, climb aboard the HMS Belfast for free, and more with the London Pass! And to help you out we've planned the perfect, jam-packed, three-day itinerary that'll ensure all the family get the most out of London, regardless of age and taste.

Day 1

Stop 1: Get creative at London Brass Rubbing Centre

Kick off day one of your London Pass three-day-London-adventure at the London Brass Rubbing Centre in St-Martins-in-the-Fields for a creative morning, learning about the Victorian art of brass rubbing. Choose from almost 100 replica brasses to recreate, from medieval knights and fancy costumed ladies, to fire-breathing dragons and William Shakespeare, and get your creative juices flowing - plus you'll end up with the perfect London souvenir. With the help of friendly and expert staff, make your very own brass rubbing artwork and take it home to show it off to your friends and family! Whether you are 7 or 77, brass rubbing is a fun and soothing DIY activity that will everyone can enjoy and with free entry with the London Pass, why not?

brass rubbing activity in london with the london pass

Stop 2: Have a royally good time at the Household Cavalry Museum

Walk towards St James for 7-minutes and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at all the work that goes on around the ceremonial and armoured duties of the Household Cavalry at the Household Cavalry Museum for free with the London Pass! Your little royal family is guaranteed to have a blast at the Household Cavalry Museum. See actual working stables right in heart of London, touch the stable stalls - which were built over two centuries ago - and meet characters from the past and heroes of today. Kids big and small will love the quiz trails and your tiniest explorers will be thrilled to try on an actual Queen’s Life Guard uniform.

cavalry museum fun things to do in london for kids

Stop 3: Marvel at the Royal Mews - the Queen's transport hub

The day's not over yet! Hop on the number 11/24 bus from Horse Guards Parade, jump off at Westminster Cathedral Victoria Station and follow the signs towards Buckingham Palace before arriving at the marvellous Royal Mews. Here, you can save money on admission fees with the London Pass and discover the place that is responsible for all the road travel arrangements of the Royal Family and of course Her Majesty The Queen for free. Marvel at historic carriages and coaches such as the famous Diamond Jubilee State Coach and the dazzling Gold State Coach and learn everything you need to know about the history of the Mews. Explore the stables by taking the free family multimedia tour and find out about what is like training beautiful horses, driving a Rolls Royce car and riding in a carriage that it’s straight out of a fairy-tale!

royal mews family fun activities in london

Day 2

Stop 1: Skip the line to walk along the glass walkway of Tower Bridge

There's nothing quite like starting your morning 42 metres above the River Thames is there? Embark on your second day of London exploration by skipping the line on one of the most famous landmarks in the world with the London Pass. As one of the most impressive and oldest structures in the city, Tower Bridge is perfect for a family day out. The whole family will be amazed by the glass floor walkway, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the river and the London skyline. You can also download the free family trail app that will impress even the youngest visitors - transform your device into a working wrench and tighten the bolts of an engine, or try to steer a boat to safety by tilting your phone from side to side - the Tower Bridge Exhibition is magical!

tower bridge glass walkway exhibition for kids in london

Stop 2: Admire the magnificent Southwark Cathedral

Get back down to earth and hop on the 47/343/381 bus heading towards the incredible Southwark Cathedral - one of London's oldest Gothic buildings to date. London Pass holders also claim a souvenir guidebook from the shop without further payment and a 10% discount off any food purchases at the cafe, making it a great place to stop for a bite to eat! Built between 1220 and 1420, the Cathedral is a vibrant place of prayer, worship and reflection and is a special experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Don't miss the memorial window to William Shakespeare, the Harvard Chapel, a tribute the US university benefactor John Harvard who was baptised there and admire the beautiful architecture.

southwark cathedral in london beautiful architecture

Stop 3: Experience breathtaking views from The Monument

Walk along the wonderful London Bridge, taking in incredible views of London and reach the sky as you climb one of London's most iconic attractions, The Monument, for free! As one of the oldest columns in the world, the Monument is a great way for mini-history lovers to learn about important moments in London history. Standing 202 feet high, you and your family can climb 311 steps and enjoy spectacular views that will leave you in awe. Plus, everyone who makes it to the top is awarded a certificate which will thrill your little friends - who doesn't love a certificate?

monument in london fun sightseeing for kids

Day 3

Stop 1: Climb aboard the HMS Belfast for free

All aboard! Can we whet your appetite with free entrance aboard the mighty HMS Belfast with the London Pass? Explore the most famous surviving WWII battleship and experience what life was like on board. Head inside the floating city and travel back in time as you explore all the rooms and climb the ladders to find your way along all 9 decks. Learn everything there is to know about this impressive vessel, from the guns that fired on D-day, to the engine rooms 15ft below sea level, and listen to powerful stories about the crew.

boy on HMS belfast ship fun boat and water activity for kids

Stop 2: Go behind-the-scenes at the National Theatre

Curtain up - go behind-the-scenes of the National Theatre for free with the London Pass! Hop on the Jubilee line at London Bridge and head to Waterloo station where you'll find the incredible National Theatre. As one of London's foremost venue for contemporary and classic theatre, the National Theatre tour is a great way for you and your family to experience the hidden side of the city. You will be led by a friendly and well-informed guide who will reveal the exciting stories and secrets of the three auditoriums, which together stage almost 18 shows every year. See how the crew prepares for a show, how props are made and the set is built in this insightful look into the magic of theatre!

national theatre shows for kids in london

Stop 3: Get to know the Lady with the Lamp

Girl power! Finish off your three-day extravaganza at the Florence Nightingale Museum, just a 10-minute walk from the National Theatre, and get free access with the London Pass! Dedicated to celebrating the work and life of the world's most famous nurse, the museum is a must-see for your mini curious friends. Through interactive displays, photographs, maps and sounds the kids will be transported back in time as they step into Victorian times and learn everything about the Lady with the Lamp and her big impact on nursing today. Make sure you pick up the brilliant free family trail (suitable for ages 6-12 but there is also one for under 5s) as you arrive, and explore the museum altogether through guided tours and amazing artefacts!

florence nightingale museum fun interactive activity in london


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