How To Make The Most Of London With Kids Using A Two-Day London Pass

London skyline

London calling - get your London Pass to unlock the capital and save money as you do! We've got the perfect guide to your two days in London - it's filled with museums and markets but most importantly endless opportunities for families to spend some quality time together in a city that's just bursting with life. We've tried to get something in there for everyone but the truth is, the beauty of the London Pass is that you can go, do and see anything that suits you and your family, whenever you want to - it's really that simple.

However, for those looking for a little inspiration we've conjured up what we believe to be a pretty epic two days in London, check it out down below!

Day 1:

Stop 1: Skip the line and steer a ship at the Cutty Sark

Skip the queue with the London Pass and board the famous Cutty Sark! Within only a six-minute walk from the National Maritime Museum, delve into the the adventures of the iconic Cutty Sark, the fastest and greatest tea clipper of the time. Be left in awe by the fascinating history of those who sailed her, enjoy breathtaking views of the Thames, take a sneak peek under the ship's gleaming hull or explore the fascinating interactive displays that will take you on a trip to the majestic life at sea. Every Wednesday morning there is even a session especially designed for mini sailors where they can enjoy stories, songs and some free playtime. Tots can go in for free, but adults are charged an extra 5 pounds. Hungry? Head at the Even Keel Cafe and have a Cutty Sark inspired cuppa or a Clipper lunch.

the cutty shark ship sight see in greenwich with kids

Stop 2: Stroll around Greenwich Market

Only a minute walk away, the Greenwich Market is the perfect opportunity for some relaxing time before you head to your next destination. Enjoy the fantastic variety of stalls and shops or sit back and grab a delicious bite to eat. Young tots will love watching entertainers making balloon animals or performing magic tricks on stage every Saturday and Sunday. You will also find a plenty of stalls selling children's books, arts and crafts as well as toys.

greenwich market sight see fun for kids

Stop 3: Explore space for free at the Royal Observatory

Take off and blast into the Royal Observatory for free! Get ready for a fascinating journey through the wonders of British astronomy with the whole family... Located on the summit on Greenwich Park, learn how science has changed through time, how the first telescope ever was made and how time was standardised. Mini scientists will be thrilled as they get a close look and even touch at a 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid and enjoy the astounding views across the whole London. For some extra knowledge and fun you can catch Ted's Space Adventure show the at the planetarium where children will follow the tale of teddy bear Ted's, adventure through the solar system and will learn about how things we find there affect us. Just keep in mind that the show is not included in the Pass, but you can buy it extra for another £9 per adult and £4.50 per child.

greenwich royal observatory fun for kids

Day 2:

Stop 1: Snoop around the Charles Dickens Museum for free

Dedicated to one of the the greatest novelists in all of British History, the Charles Dickens Museum is the perfect place to start your day, plus you get in for free with the London Pass. Explore Dickens' world through the enchanting collection of over 100,000 personal items, manuscripts, and artworks from his much loved books. Travel back in time to the place where he wrote the iconic Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby and Pickwick Papers and get a glimpse into how he and his children lived in the 1800s! Youngsters are more than welcome at the museum, and there are even audio guides, specially designed for little visitors that are narrated by voice actors from the perspective of a house pet - you wouldn't believe how insightful a pet dog could be! Children will also have the opportunity to dress up and get suited and booted in period costumes, making your visit to the museum unforgettable.

charles dickens museum for kids greenwich

Stop 2: Catch a free film at the iconic Curzon Bloomsbury

Less than an eight-minute walk away, stroll along to the infamous Curzon Bloomsbury and kick back, rest little legs and even grab a bite to eat. Escape the hustle and bustle of central London by catching any film you want for free at Curzon Bloomsbury. With The London Pass, you can enjoy any film you and your little film fans wish, with no further payment, and after a long and exciting day of exploring London, who wouldn't want to sit down at this recently refurbished cinema and watch a free film? We know we would!

curzon cinema bloomsbury free film fun for kids

Stop 3: End your day at the wacky Cartoon Museum

Calling all animation enthusiasts! Time to get moving again after relaxing at the cinema... Hop on the Tube at Russell Square station (Piccadilly line) and change to the Central line at Holborn station to make your way over to Oxford Circus for the hidden gem that is the Cartoon Museum. With free entry with the London Pass, save money on admission prices and explore the wonderful world of cartoons and comics from caricatures to contemporary graphics. Immerse yourself in an exhaustive collection of British cartoons from the 18th century to present day and enrich your knowledge of British satire art and the art of animation. It's a fab museum that differs from your typical art gallery and is equally fun and interesting for both adults and kids!

cartoon museum london fun animations for kids


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