How To Tell People You're Pregnant: 15 Fun Ways To Share The Exciting News

How to tell people you're pregnant could be with an announcement like this, with the parents holding pink booties.

Telling people you're pregnant or that your family is growing is almost as exciting as finding out for yourself!

Yes, you could just pick up the phone to tell people or post it on Facebook, but where's the fun in that? Why not get creative instead with one of these fun pregnancy announcement ideas.

When To Share Your Pregnancy News

When to announce a pregnancy is a totally personal decision, and it usually also depends on who you're telling. The general opinion is that the closer you are to someone the higher up in your pregnancy announcement schedule they should be. The last thing you want is for your Grandma to find out from her neighbour's best friend's window cleaner after all. Once you find out you're pregnant, you may like to keep it to yourself and your partner for a while, or perhaps just tell a close relative or best friend who can offer some support when you're feeling emotional and who you can bounce baby name ideas off.

Close Friends And Family

Many parents-to-be choose to only share their news with a very few close family and friends in the early weeks, before making the big announcement once they've passed their first trimester. Don't feel pressured into telling anyone until you're ready. You may want to share the news that you're pregnant with a best friend early on so that you have some support in the early stages. No one knows how you'll feel in the first weeks – but it's unlikely you'll sail through without as much as a whiff of nausea, fatigue or unusual craving. Letting a few select people in on the secret that you're pregnant will mean they're there to help and support you.

Your Employer

Many mums-to-be may be concerned about telling their work about their impending arrival. It shouldn't have any bearing on your career, yet there's still that worry that somehow having a baby will make you less valuable as an employee. But calm those nerves, pregnant women are well protected by law and have certain rights.

By law, you've no obligation to inform your employer that you're expecting until 15 weeks before your due date. But despite this, it's often wise to let them know as soon as you feel able to. You are entitled to paid time off for your antenatal appointments, and your workplace should also be assessed to ensure it is safe for you and the baby. Many people choose to wait until they've had their first scan before they tell people at work the news.

Wider Friends

Once you've had your first scan, and your bump has started to put in its appearance, you can let the rest of your friendship circle know about your pregnancy.

A Final Word On Your Pregnancy Announcement

When letting folk know of your baby news do be mindful of what some people may themselves be going through. There may be loved ones who are dealing with infertility, or the loss of a baby and a little thought into how to tell them will be much appreciated. Try to tell these people separately before your big announcement and when you are on your own with them. Remember their own sadness will tinge the excitement they feel for you.

Baby on board hat as a how to tell people you're pregnant announcement

Make It Personal

Just about anything can be personalised now, so how about a Grandma or Grandpa mug/t-shirt/print? You could surprise your sibling with an auntie/uncle photo frame, cushion or apron. Or for a quirky twist on this why not take out an advert in their favourite magazine making your big announcement?

Toast To The Baby

You can order personalised wine bottle labels so you can make a toast to your good news. Why not invite your best friend over, offer her a bottle of her favourite vino and wait for her to clock the label? Just remember you can't share the bottle with her.

Adoption 'Scan' Photo

If you're adopting, you can still use a traditional mode of delivering your message, adapted for your own situation. If you're handy on a computer, then mock up a scan photo but instead of having a baby in focus, replace it with a heart.

The Card

A quick Google search and you'll find tons of ideas for making your own pregnancy announcement cards. Just a few ideas to try include: posing in front of a 'bump ahead' road sign, designing your own movie poster (with expected release date) or a play on 'eating for two'.

Get Siblings Involved

If you already have children, then you can let your imagination run wild with a baby announcement photoshoot. How about getting little ones to dress up as superheroes with a superhero-themed babygrow laid next to them? Or placing an eviction notice on their cot with a suitably grumpy looking toddler?

The Quirky Gift

Hint at your impending arrival by buying family and friends a quirky gift. How about a pair of earphones, eye mask or sleep spray to warn them of the sleepless nights they may encounter if they look after the baby for you? Or a 'baby on board' car sign? Let your gift so all the talking.

Tell Coworkers With Doughnuts

We love this quirky idea which takes out the need for telling endless colleagues. All you need is a big box of doughnuts and a copy of your scan picture. Write a message inside the box lid, pin a scan next to your message to make it super-clear what you're referring to and leave the box on a communal table. Your message could read something like: "I don't want to be the only one with a big belly, so eat up everyone!" Don't forget to add your name to avoid the rumour mill going into overdrive.

Tell people you're pregnant with colourful doughnuts.

A Family Tree

Make a design statement with your pregnancy announcement and create a cherished memory too. How about getting a personalised family tree drawn up with a space for the new arrival. This is the perfect way to break the news to Grandparents.

A family tree to tell people you're pregnant.
Image © Handmade by Meda

The Custom Baby Vest

Share the pregnancy announcement and get some funky threads for the new baby with this option. Get a custom-print baby vest made with a slogan hinting at your news. How about an airport arrivals board with 'landing January 2021' printed on it? 'Been inside for nine months' on a black and white striped number is also a popular choice, as is the simple 'little brother/sister'. Snap and share for all to see.

The Contract

Already know who you want to have the honour of being Godmother/Godfather? Here's a great way to tell people about your pregnancy and ensure they understand what's expected of them as a godparent. Type up a contract and get it printed out then hand it over to them to sign. Don't forget to include that they'll be required for regular babysitting duties, be expected to sit through endless episodes of Little Baby Bum and be prepared to change nappies.

The Sibling Announcement

Want to tell other siblings that their run as the youngest is over? If they're still in a cot, why not buy them a new big bed so the new baby can have their cot? For older siblings, wrap them up a book all about being a big brother or sister. Once you've announced it, don't forget to catch their reaction on film.

Find Your Missing Puzzle Piece

Here's a great way to make a group pregnancy announcement. Get a personalised puzzle made up which spells out the new arrival – it could be a copy of a scan, a 'baby arriving soon' message or 'two dads/two mums love their new arrival' sign. Give everyone an envelope with a piece of the puzzle in and then ask them to assemble it.

A Cracking Message

OK so this idea is a little tricky, but we're sure no one will guess what's coming. Use a needle to carefully punch a hole in the bottom end of an egg about half a cm wide. Then make a small needle-sized hole in the opposite end. Next blow through the smaller hole, with a bowl under the egg, to remove the contents of the eggshell. Half fill the egg with water and then blow it out to clean it. Stand in the egg box for 24-hours to dry out. Finally write your pregnancy announcement on a small strip of paper, roll it up and insert into the egg via the large hole. Now you can hand deliver a box of eggs, suggest an omelette for lunch and wait for the surprised cries!

An example of an egg message to tell people you're pregnant.
Image © American Amma

Focus On The Arrival

Many pregnancy announcements focus on the belly - but if you're preparing to announce to the world that you're expecting via a surrogate, why not focus on something else? We love the idea of a line up of your and your partner's shoes complete with a pair of baby booties. You can also try beer bottles and baby bottles, vests and baby vests or a weaning cookbook next to your collection of recipe books.

Three pairs of shoes, including the new baby's, to tell people you're pregnant.

A Heart-Felt Note

When you tell your friends your family is growing, don't forget that the baby will also become part of their lives. Take the time to tell people the role you hope they'll play in your baby's life with a handwritten note just for them.


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