D.I.S.C.O! How To Throw A Fun At-Home Disco For Your Kids

Throw an at-home disco.

Just because we're all spending more time at home doesn't mean there isn't time to party!

Why not break up some of the monotony by throwing your very own disco party? It's a great excuse to enjoy some great music, party games, and have fun as a family. Here are some of our top tips on how to throw the ultimate lockdown kids disco!

1. Invite Your Guests

What's a party without invitations? Get the kids excited for their disco party by making fun 'invitations' for each person. These can be as simple or complex as you like, but a disco theme is easy to DIY - just add glitter! Stuck for what to write? Try our party invite template:

'Dear (name)

You are invited to the (family name)'s LOCKDOWN DISCO PARTY!

Location: Living Room

Time: 6pm on Friday

Dress Code: Disco Divas & Dancing Dudes

Attending: Y/N'

Top tip: Write the children's names on the front of the invites and 'deliver' them to their rooms- then let them 'RSVP' to the party by circling one option for their attendance on the invitation.

2. Light It Up

Getting the lighting right is sure to get everyone in the disco mood. If you have a box of winter decorations, why not dig out the fairy lights and string them around? Lamps and other dimmed lighting are also a great way to give your party some cool mood lighting. Even better, if you happen to have a disco ball or strobe lights be sure to include these. Consider throwing your disco party after dark, to get the maximum effect of the lighting. Alternatively, draw the curtains and get your groove on!

3. Decorate!

From paper banners to metallic streamers, there are countless ways you can customise your disco space. If your disco is doubling as a birthday party, why not check out this post for some special birthday decorating tips?

Top tip: Try folding tinfoil around cardboard shapes and stringing these up for some funky DIY party decorations. Kids will love this easy craft activity and it's a great way to get them excited for their disco party.

4. Let's Get Glowy

Glow sticks are a fun, safe, and easy way to add some extra fun to your disco party. Always a favourite with the kids, there are lots of places online to find them for cheap, and they can always be reused for future parties.

5. Fancy Dress

There's never been a better time to bring out the fancy dress box and have some dressing up fun! Colourful outfits are a must, with lots of accessories, 70's hairstyles and perhaps even a retro moustache here and there. Let the kids get inventive with their outfits, and make sure you glam up too!

Top tip: Set up a 'catwalk' space in your disco area for when the 'guests' arrive- then turn up the music and let everyone show off their best poses in their disco outfits.

family dressed up for a disco

6. Party Snacks

With the disco fun in full swing, it's time to bring out some snacks and drinks for your little dancers. Why not set up a table for everyone to nibble at while they party? This video has some great suggestions for easy party snacks:

Some other fun ideas for DIY disco snacks are:

- Cocktail sticks with chunks of cheddar cheese and pineapple

- Fruit kebabs- simply take some of your favourite berries and pop on a skewer!

- Carrot sticks and hummus

- Crisps and dip

- Cheese and crackers

- Cocktail sausages

- Mini scotch eggs

- Chopped up cucumber and celery with sour cream and chive dip

7. Disco Drinks

For a tasty (and healthy!) mid-disco drink, a smoothie is always a great bet to keep energy up for all that dancing! This yummy avocado, banana and strawberry smoothie packs in lots of nutrients and fruity goodness. Give to the kids after your disco party to help rehydrate and fill up.

You will need:

1/2 a ripe avocado

150g strawberries

1 ripe banana

200ml water

Ice, if desired

Honey to taste

Method: Simply place all the items in a blender and blend! Add some honey or maple syrup if not sweet enough, then serve in glasses or cups. This recipe serves roughly 2, so you can always double up measurements.

Top tip: Try peeling and freezing your bananas to add an 'ice creamy' quality to the smoothie.

8. Glitter Station

Setting up a glitter station is a sure way to maximise the fun at your home disco party. Give the kids the option of a couple of different glitter options, and help them apply to their cheeks, body, or wherever you like- just be warned, this activity might require a little bit of clean-up afterwards!

9. Top Tunes

No disco party is complete without the perfect music! Time to pick out some of your favourite disco party tunes, share out the glow sticks and dance! Here's a few suggestions of some of the best child-friendly disco music to add to your party playlist:

'Stayin' Alive' - The BeeGees

'I'm So Excited' - The Pointer Sisters

'Funky Town' - Lipps Inc.

'Disco Inferno' - The Trammps

'We Are Family' - Sister Sledge

'Boogie Wonderland' - Earth, Wind & Fire

'YMCA'- Village People

10. Party Games

Just because your disco party might have a few less guests than usual doesn't mean there isn't room for party games! These games are easy and fun, and don't require lots of players.

Musical Statues

One person is in charge of the music, and all the players dance until the music stops. Once the person in charge stops the music (this can be at any time!), all players must stop dancing immediately and freeze. Whoever is the last to freeze, or can't maintain their stance, is out.


One of the most classic party games, all you need for limbo is a length of string, yarn or any other material. Two people hold the ends of the string, and the rest of the party guests must try and get under the string by bending backwards (no touching the floor allowed!). As everyone takes their turn, make the string lower and lower- the last person to be able to get under without falling wins!

Dance Competition

This game is sure to tire out the children, and get everyone moving. One person writes a list of different dance moves, and shouts them out randomly while the kids dance. Whoever comes up with the most original interpretation of the dance move wins! Some ideas to try:

- Dance like a disco superstar

- Dance like a scary shark!

- Dance like an alien

- Do the robot

- Shake your hips

- Strike your best disco pose!

Top tip: If you're worried about noise, or want to add a fun new twist to your disco party, try a silent disco! If you have individual earphones and devices for the kids and a playlist, you can set them up with a disco playlist and let them go wild! This is a great option if you have other people working in the house or neighbours close by, and can also be used for the party games.



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