How To Write A Letter To The Queen

Young girl sat at the table writing a letter to the Queen.

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Let's spare a thought for the Posties serving Buckingham Palace.

It's estimated that Her Majesty The Queen receives some 300 letters a day from well-wishers on top of her official correspondence. But how can your child go about adding their own letter to the pile by writing to the Queen?

From KS2 children will learn more about how to pen a formal letter, learning about how to format such a letter, respectful forms of address and correct sentence structure. But kids are never too young to put pen to paper and start honing their penmanship skills – a short note to the Queen and the hope of a reply should tempt them.

Letter writing is a brilliant skill for children: it helps develop their handwriting, improves their communication skills and has social benefits too. We've pulled together all the information you need on how to write to the Queen, the address for Buckingham Palace and how to contact other Royals.

Older boy sat at the table writing a letter to the Queen.
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How Should A Letter Be Structured?

Your child should include their name and address in the top right hand corner with the date directly beneath this. Below this on the opposite side of the page should be the name and address of the recipient – the person they're writing to. Use a formal approach, so forget opening with 'hi' and go for 'Dear'.

Your child should start with a short introduction to who they are (name, age, who with and where they live etc) and perhaps ask the Queen a question too. They can then move into the rest of their letter – see ideas below.

How Should You Address The Queen?

The best advice is for your child to write in their own style and what they feel most comfortable with. Official advice advises starting a formal correspondence with "Madam". However few children would naturally do so and neither do we think the Queen would expect it. Encourage your child to be polite in both their opening and closing lines, but a simple "Your Majesty" should tick the box.

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What Should The Letter Contain?

Again this is completely down to your child. Why not encourage them to talk about their hobbies, or if they've been on a recent visit to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle they could talk about that. They could talk about their pets, or what they've been learning in school too. Depending on when they're writing they could wish the Queen a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Happy Easter.

They could also draw a picture, make a small token gesture for The Queen or send a photograph of one of their achievements. Don't forget to get your child to read back over their letter to check they've not missed any stray full stops, or misspelled words.

Where Do I Send My Post To?

The official address is: Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA. Despite the fact the Queen rarely answers her own post, you should still address your letter to Her Majesty.

Young boy sat at his desk writing a letter to the Queen.
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Will I Get Back A Letter From The Queen?

Although it's unlikely Her Majesty would ever be able to respond to every single letter she receives, the official Royal website does state that Her Majesty 'takes a keen interest' in reading many of the letters sent to her and sees the majority of them. While the Queen herself is unlikely to pen a note back to your child, it's not uncommon at all for people to receive typed letters from the Queen's own private secretaries and ladies-in-waiting, stating that the Queen wishes to pass on her best wishes. These come on headed paper and with the Royal seal stamped on the envelope so will delight young letter writers.

Which Other Royals Can You Write To?

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal; Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh; and The Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (the Queen's cousin); Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice all have offices at Buckingham Palace so you can use the Buckingham Palace address for them too. If you want to know how to write to Prince Harry, then the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall can all be contacted at Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA.

When writing to members of the Royal Family you can address them as "Your Royal Highness" and as they are not reining monarchs you can sign off "yours faithfully" or "yours sincerely".


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