100+ Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, And Hockey Team Names From Past And Present

Good team names can be inspired by old NHL hockey teams.

Are you looking for cool team names for hockey teams, your ice hockey team, or a roller hockey team?

We have listed some of the best funny hockey team names just for you. If you are looking for team names for an upcoming hockey tournament or just a friendly match against friends, then this will surely help you.

If you are struggling to find the best hockey team names for your sports group, then our list might be able to help. From funny team names for hockey to cool hockey team names, we have everything wrapped up in one sweet list just for you, to help you find the perfect team name!

So what are you waiting for? Check out these cool hockey team names for your group! You can also check out these fantasy hockey team names that are funny and cool and these baseball team names from minor, major, and college leagues for more sports team name ideas.

Ice Hockey Team Names

Funny team names for hockey will make everyone laugh.

Ice hockey is a contact sport played all over the world, but it is most popular in Canada. It was the first time in the 19th century in Canada and was invented by William Fairbrother. There are so many cool ice hockey team names like Brain Freezers, Ice Screamers, and Candle Lighters. The list below offers some of the best ice hockey team names.

1. Anaheim Ducks, a team from Anaheim, California.

2. Arizona Coyotes, based in the Phoenix area.

3. Bemidji State Beavers, a team from Bemidji, Minnesota, United States.

4. Buffalo Sabres, a team from Buffalo, New York.

5. Boston Bruins, a team from Boston. They joined NHL in 1924. One of the most popular hockey club names.

6. Calgary Flames, a team from Calgary Canada.

7. CBR Brave, a team from Canberra, ACT.

8. Chicago Black Hawks, a team from Chicago, Illinois. They joined NHL in 1926.

9. Colorado Avalanche, a team from Denver.

10. Dallas Stars, a team founded in 1967 from Bloomington, Minnesota.

11. Detroit Red Wings, a hockey team from Detroit, Michigan. They joined NHL in 1926.

12. Edmonton Oilers, a team from Edmonton, Canada.

13. Florida Panthers, a team from the Miami metropolitan area.

14. Galt Terriers, a team from Ontario, Canada.

15. Greenville Swamp Rabbits, based in Greenville.

16. Grey Wolves Tbilisi, a team from Tbilisi, Georgia.

17. Los Angeles Kings, a team from Los Angeles.

18. Malmö Redhawks, a famous Swedish professional ice hockey club based in Malmö.

19. Mega Ice, a team from Hong Kong.

20. Melbourne Ice, a team from Australia.

21. Melbourne Mustangs, a famous ice hockey team from Australia.

22. Mexico City Kings, a team from Latin America.

23. Mimino Bakuriani, a team from Georgia.

24. Minnesota Wild, a team from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

25. Montreal Canadiens, a team from Montreal, Quebec.  They founded NHL in 1909 and joined in 1917.

26. Nashville Predators, a team from Nashville, Tennessee.

27. Newcastle Northstars, a team from Newcastle, New South Wales.

28. New Jersey Devils, a team from Newark, New Jersey.

29. New York Islanders, a team from Uniondale, New York.

30. New York Rangers, a team from New York City, New York. They joined NHL in 1926.

31. Ottawa Senators, a team from Canada.

32. Perth Thunder, a team from Australia. It's one of the badass hockey team names.

33. Philadelphia Flyers, a team from Philadelphia.

34. Pittsburgh Penguins, a team from Pittsburgh.

35. Quebec Bulldogs, a team from Quebec City. Also a badass hockey name.

36. San Jose Sharks, a team from San Jose, California.

37. Saskatoon Quakers, a team from Saskatchewan, Canada.

38. St. Louis Blues, a team from  St. Louis.

39. Sudbury Wolves, a team from Ontario, Canada. One of the best hockey names.

40. Sydney Bears, a team from Australia.

41. Sydney Ice Dogs, a team from Australia. Also one of the good winter team names.

42. Tampa Bay Lightning, a team from Tampa, Florida.

43. Toledo Walleye, based in Toledo, Ohio.

44. Toronto Maple Leafs, a team from Toronto, Ontario. They joined NHL in 1917. It's one of the popular Canadian hockey team names.

45. Vancouver Canucks, a team from Canada.

46. Vegas Golden Knights, a team from the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

47. Washington Capitals, a team from Washington, D.C.

48. Whitby Dunlops, a team from Whitby, Canada.

49. Winnipeg Jets, a team from Winnipeg.

Hockey Team Names

A good hockey team name can be Hat-Trick Heroes, Ugly Pucklings, or Ice Angels. If you need suggestions for hockey team names, our list of funny hockey team names will help you to get that information. Below are the best hockey team names and hockey team names ideas.

50. Atlanta Flames, a team from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

51. Atlanta Thrashers, a team from  Atlanta.

52. Brooklyn Americans, a team from New York City from 1925 to 1942.

53. Buffalo Stampede, a team from Australia.

54. California Golden Seals, a team from Oakland.

55. Carolina Hurricanes, for a team from Raleigh.

56. Cleveland Barons, a team from Cleveland.

57. Colorado Rockies, a team from Denver.

58. Hamilton Tigers, a team from Hamilton.

59. Hartford Whalers, a team from Hartford.

60. Kansas City Scouts, a team from Kansas City.

61. Los Angeles Blades, a team from Los Angeles.

62. Minnesota North Stars, a team from Minnesota.

63. Minnesota Blue Ox, a team from Minnesota, United States.

64. Montreal Maroons, a team from Montreal, Canada.

65. Montreal Wanderers, a team from Montreal, Canada.

66. Orlando Solar Bears, based in Orlando.

67. Philadelphia Quakers, a team from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

68. Pittsburgh Pirates, a team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

69. Quebec Nordiques, a team from Quebec City, Canada.

70. Saskatoon Blades, Canadian Hockey League (CHL) team from Saskatoon.

71. St. Louis Eagles, a team from St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Roller Hockey Team Names

The name of the Seattle hockey team is Seattle Kraken. One of a good name for a walking team is Red Hot Chili Steppers. Our list of Roller Hockey Team Names has some great names for youth hockey team names. Here are some fun hockey team names apart from Stick Magnets, Toothless Wonders, and Flying Elbows:

72. Anaheim Bullfrogs, for a team from North America.

73. Buffalo Wings, a team from Buffalo, New York.

74. Calgary Rad'z, a team from Canada.

75. Colorado Springs Thunder, a team from  Colorado Springs, Colorado.

76. Colorado Stallions, a team from  Colorado Springs, Colorado.

77. Connecticut Coasters, a team from California, United States.

78. East Coast Impact, a team from East Coast of the United States.

79. Fort Collins Catz, a team from Colorado.

80. Harrisburg Lunatics, a team from Harrisburg City in Pennsylvania.

81. Hatfield Scorchers, a team from Hatfield Town in England.

82. Hershey Typhoon, a team from Hershey Census-designated place in Pennsylvania.

83. Lakewood Fire, a team from California, United States.

84. Las Vegas Coyotes, a team from Las Vegas City in Nevada.

85. Las Vegas Flash, a team from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

86. Marple Gladiators, a team from United Kingdom.

87. Midwest Leaf Ray 7, a team from United States of America.

88. Montreal Wanderers, a team based in Montreal.

89. Motor City Mustangs, a team from Detroit, Michigan, United States.

90. New Jersey Grizzlies, a team from New Jersey US State.

91. Oakland Skates, a team from California, United States.

92. Ottawa Wheels, a team from Canada.

93. Parker Prowlers, a team from Colorado.

94. Pittsburgh Inferno, a team from Pennsylvania.

95. Philadelphia Bulldogs, a team from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

96. Pottstown Team Blue, a team from Pennsylvania.

97. San Diego Barracudas, a team from San Diego, California, United States.

98. San Jose Rhinos, a team from San Jose, California, United States.

99. St. Louis Vipers, a team from Missouri, United States.

100. Suffolk Sting, a team from New York State.

101. Vancouver VooDoo, a team from British Columbia, Canada.

102. Westminster Blizzard, a team from London borough.

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