30+ Ice Puns That Won't Slip Your Mind

Ice creates some of nature's most spectacular sights; from glaciers to ice shelves.

It might be cold, but we've got a brr-illiant way to warm up the atmosphere and have some fun with our funny ice puns.

Ice creates some of nature's most spectacular sights; rom glaciers to ice shelves, and the snowflakes and hail that rain down on us. This compilation of ice puns has something for everyone.

We've unearthed plenty of clever words for ice, or words with ice in them that you can slip in to your comedy routines, or simply have a laugh about in every day chats with friends.

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Funny Puns About Ice

Break the ice and make new friends with these puns with ice in their name!

1. If an Eskimo ice house starts falling apart, they'll just ig-loo it back together.

2. Did you hear about the traveling snowman? He did his sales calls by i-cicle.

3. Remember that famous game show host? His motto was "ice to see you to see you ice".

4. Did you hear the winter version of one of Queen's hit songs? They re-named it B-ice-ycle Race.

5. Why do Eskimos build so many igloos? Because they love to ice-o-late themselves.

6. Did you hear the arctic circle has its own toy store? They've called it Fisher Ice.

7. I know an Eskimo that always wanted to visit space. I think he'd make a great ice-tronaut.

8. Did you hear about the adventurous snowman? He had quite the ice-capade.

9. What do you call kids that love to spend time on the ice? Chill-dren.

Ice-Related Puns With A Food Theme

Feeling hungry? Clamp your jaws around these tasty iceburg puns and more. They're delicious.

10. If you want to serve a polar bear a drink before bed, just give him an ice-cap.

11. What did the iceberg take-away have on its menu? Freshly caught ice-skate.

12. Do you know what Jack Frost likes to eat? He always orders ice-bergers.

13. Penguins are never full from dinner, they like to have ice-pudding for afters too.

14. What do you call a frozen crocodile? A croc-ice.

15. If I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was filmed on a snowy mountain, what would the celebrities eat? Ice and beans.

16. The legendary Elton John isn't really into icebergs, he's more a Rocket man.

17. Sometimes life is sugar and spice, and all things ice.

18. Do you know what batman loves to eat? His diet isn't very varied, he just love just-ice.

Ice comes in many forms, from snowflakes to hail that rain down upon us.

More Ice Based Puns

Wordplay is the name of the game, so look out for the clever ice words and frozen puns and cold puns in these delights.

19. I only have ice for you.

20. Enjoy the ice of life.

21. I've been there once or ice.

22. Hi, have an ice day.

23. Please be back by nine, without hail.

24. I'm fighting tooth and hail to keep this going.

25. Do you understand our maths homework? I can't make head nor hail of it.

26. We must be a handful, I bet mum loves the odd kid freeze days.

27. It was only an accident, freeze things happen.

28. That's so cool, really the bees freeze.

29. This is a great opportunity, go for it and freeze the day.

30. I love this toy shop, today they have buy one get one freeze offers.

31. My sister and I are as different as chalk and freeze.

32. I had a really good final ice pun to tell you, but it slipped my mind.



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