30+ Iconic Tina Belcher Quotes To Make All Bob's Burgers Fans Laugh

Tina Belcher quotes are really relatable and fun.

Tina Ruth Belcher is a fictional character and the eldest daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher.

Tina Belcher's character is not a romantic character or a very social one. She likes rainbows, zombies, horses, and writing friend fiction.

The character of Tina Ruth is one of our favorites, and the character is very relatable. She has two younger siblings Gene and Louise. Tina Ruth is showcased as a quirky young girl, and the show presents her transition from childhood to adolescence. She maintains a journal where she writes about her feelings, fantasies, and about her day to day activities. She also has a crush on Jimmy Pesto, Jr.

Here are some amazing quotes inspired by our favorite character; you can also use them as fun Instagram captions and use these fun little quotes in your day to day conversation and talk with swag just like her.

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Best Tina Belcher Quotes

Like everyone else, if you are also a fan of Bob's Burgers, then you will definitely like these quotes. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best quotes from 'Bob's Burgers.'

1. "The plots got a lot of holes, but also a 'hole' lot of heart."

- Episode 9 of season 4, 'Slumber Party.'

2. "Brr, it sure is cold in here. I wish some strong, chivalrous man would lend me his jacket"

- Episode 1 of season 2, 'The Belchies.'

3. "My heart just pooped its pants."

- Episode 21 of season 3, 'Boyz 4 Now.'

4. "If you wanna dazzle, you gotta take razzles. That's a dazzling way to say 'risks.'"

- Episode 16 of season 5, 'The runaway club.'

5. "I'm not spooked. What's the next thing after spooked? I'm that."

- Episode 3 of season 6, 'The Haunting.'

6. "I want a dry-erase board so I can write down all my private thoughts and then erase them immediately."

- Episode 9 of season 3, 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins.'

7. "Everything I know to be true just went out the window."

- Episode 2 of season 3, 'Full Bars.'

Funny Tina Belcher Quotes

Tina Belcher quotes will give you a good dose of laughter.

The character of Tina Belcher is really quirky and hilarious. Here, check out this list of some fun quotes by our favorite hero.

8. "Hahahahahahahahaha… that's was my evil laugh…and I have something caught in my throat."

-Episode 10 of Season 4, 'Presto Tina-o.'

9. "Our toaster is also confused. It doesn't know why we put bagels in it."

- Episode 6 of season 3, 'The Deepening.'

10. "Please pass the pepper and try not to crash it into the salt"

- Episode 9 of Season 5, 'Speakeasy Rider.'

11. "If anyone needs me, I'll be down here on the floor. Dying."

- Episode 4 of season 1, 'Sexy dance fighting.'

12. "I wear glasses, not hearing aids."

- Episode 8 of season 2, 'Bad Tina.'

Relatable Tina Belcher Quotes

One thing that makes the character of Tina so lovable is the fact of how relatable her life is for today's generation. Here we have compiled a list of quotes from her life that are so relatable.

13. "Oh, my God, I never noticed how annoying you are, I can't even understand what you are saying."

- Episode 23 of season 3, 'The Unnatural.'

14. "Oh, it's okay. I guess I wasn't meant to have a good life."

- Episode 6 of season 1, 'Sheesh! Cab, Bob?'.

15. "Dear Lord Santa, this year, please bless me with a calendar of Australian firefighters holding puppies in a casual setting."

- Episode 6 of season 5, 'Father of the Bob.'

16. "I've logged over 3,000 fantasy hours on my relationship."

- Episode 17 of season 3, 'Two for Tina.'

17. "Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?"

- Episode 13 of season 1, 'Torpedo.'

Tina Belcher Love Quotes

You will fall in love with these quotes.

The character of Tina is a hopeless romantic. Here are some really good, lovely love life quotes by her.

18. "Flirt a little, wink a little."

- Episode 20 of season 3, 'The kids run the restaurant.'

19. "I have a complicated relationship with zombies. They're dangerous, but I love their swagger."

- Tina Belcher.

20. "Just when I think I am out, his cheeks pull me right back in."

- Episode 1 of season 2, 'The Belchies.'

21. "Dr. Yap is dreamy. When he's looking at my molars, it's like he's looking into my soul."

- Episode 6 season 2, 'Dr. Yap'.

22. "We can make this work. We can work out a dating wheel, just like a chore wheel. Let 's put the try in triangle."

- Episode 17 of season 3, 'Two for Tina'.

Tina Belcher Feminist Quotes

The character of Tina is a feminist and our hero who promotes self-love. She is truly one of the best fictional characters, and if you are also a fan of her like everyone else and if you are trying to get a little inspiration from your hero, here are some of the feminist quotes by her.

23. "Dad, if you believe you're beautiful, you will be. I did."

- Episode 17 of season 3, 'Two for Tina'.

24. "Last year, I was a mummy. This year I'm a mommy mummy. I'm raising a child and going to a four-year college, all on my own."

- Episode 2 of season 3, 'Full Bars.'

25. "I don't need a boy to pay attention to me. I'll pay attention to myself."

- Episode 2 of season 5, 'Tina and the real ghost.'

26. "A no is just a yes, upside down."

- Episode 5 of season 5, 'Best Burger.'

27. "Dad, I need you to drop everything and shave my legs."

- Episode 10 of Season 3, 'Mother Daughter Laser Razor.'

28. "It's a man cave. And Tina's going spelunking."

- Season 4.

29. "I am a smart, strong, sensual woman."

- Episode 1 of season 2, 'The Belchies.'

30. "Time for the charm bomb to explode."

- Episode 7 of season 2, 'Moody Foodie.'

31. "Here's a bunch of numbers that may look random, but they're my phone number."

- Episode 1 of season 2 'The Belchies.'

32. "'Danger' is my middle name. But I spell it R-U-T-H."

- Episode 4 of season 5 'Dawn of the peck.'

33. "Linda: Teena-bean-a time to get ready for school.

Tina: More like school needs to get ready for me."

- Episode 17 of season 3, 'Two for Tina.'

34. "I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else."

- Episode 21 of season 3, 'Boyz 4 Now.'

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