If Your Kids Are Barmy For David Walliams Then They'll Love Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy on stage.

Bound to strike gold with the whole family is David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy, live on stage at the Garrick Theatre!

Is there anything David Walliams can’t do? It’s safe to say that Walliams is a household name and there’s a pretty good reason why. Whether it be thinking up bestselling books - making kids laugh all over the globe, having those bestselling books adapted into BBC dramas, or taking those bestselling books and crafting them on-stage for everyone’s enjoyment - he’s got a seriously special place in everyone’s hearts. Plus, tickets to see his latest creation won’t cost you anywhere near a billion pounds, instead, you can snag tickets from as little as £24. Treat your little ones and head to the Garrick Theatre this summer but before you do, check out our five billion-dollar reasons why you should go and see Billionaire Boy down below!

1. Who isn’t a fan of David Walliams’ creations?

Whether you’ve caught a screening of Gangsta Granny on BBC One, put your children to sleep to the sounds of The Boy in The Dress, been lucky enough to meet Mr Stink on stage or simply watched Walliams on TV, you’ll know that he’s a pretty special guy. Walliams’ stories precede him; with humour for both kids and adults alike, along with uplifting life lessons peppered throughout - the entertainment is endless. And Billionaire Boy at the Bloomsbury Theatre is no exception! It’s set to be a brilliant adaptation, filled with original songs, plenty of humour and of course, heaps of Bumfresh!

2. It’s great for all the family!

At just over two hours, Billionaire Boy is the perfect length for mini thespians, grown-ups and anyone in between. Recommended for ages five and above, it’s a great opportunity to introduce even the youngest of theatre-goers to the world of musical theatre. Plus, if you’re kids are familiar with the story of Billionaire Boy already (whether they’ve read the book or watched the fantastic BBC adaptation), seeing some familiar faces up on stage helps little ones understand and interact with the show, making it even more special! And we have to admit - we can’t wait to see how they bring Mr Spud’s billion-pound palace to life.

david walliams kids book on stage

3. Tickets won’t cost you a billion pounds

Tickets to see this incredible new production of David Walliams' best-selling novel aren’t quite priceless but start from just £24! You’d be silly to miss out on tickets, especially because Joe Spud and the gang aren’t hanging around for long. Only on for a limited time, you’d best be quick in catching this page-to-stage sensation!

4. Billionaire Boy is bursting with life, energy and, well, toilet paper!

From the award-winning producers of Gangsta Granny and Awful Auntie, Billionaire Boy is bound to be brilliant. With original, and undeniably catchy, songs from Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler permeating through Jon Brittian’s fast-paced, witty, adaptation - it’s pretty priceless. The epic costumes and set help to effortlessly bring Walliams’ book from page to stage, and filled to the brim with jokes, that both adults and youngsters can appreciate, it truly is a must-see for all families!

billionaire boy on stage

5. At the heart of the show, there's an important lesson to be learnt

Money can buy you a ticket to see Billionaire Boy but it can’t buy you friendship or happiness. As a young billionaire who, at the age of just 12, is the richest boy in the country, his life seems pretty great… But as Joe searches for the things that money can’t buy, like friendship and happiness, he soon learns that having all this money isn’t so great. At the heart of Billionaire Boy is a story about a boy searching for friendship, learning that having money isn’t everything, and that the most valuable things in life are usually things that can’t be bought. It's a truly special show that'll touch your hearts, put a smile on your face and leave you completely stunned.


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Ellie Sylvester

Ellie is a keen Londoner, thespian and foodie! She's the oldest of three and loves taking her younger siblings, aged nine and fourteen, on adventures to the theatre and food markets, trying new foods and dabbling in the world of musical theatre. Some of her favourite spots include Primrose Hill and the Natural History Museum, not to mention the ever-changing Spitalfields Market.

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