100+ Igbo Names With Meanings For Your Baby

Igbo names have a story behind them.

Choosing a meaningful baby name is important to many parents.

Igbo people, an ethnic group in Southeast Nigeria, have names that are grammatically constructed with symbolic meanings. The names often reflect the circumstances in which the child was born.

Some of these names have strong undertones because Igbo people believe in appraising God’s strength and power. Other influences include the place of birth and the names of ancestors. From Adaora, meaning "daughter of all", to Zikora, meaning "show the world to", it is clear that Igbo baby names have special meanings. In this article, we have provided a list of more than 100 Igbo names with meanings for your baby. If you like this list, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like these Nigerian last names with meanings and history or these top African boy names with meanings.

Female Igbo Names

Igbo names are known to be rich in meaning with a story behind each name. Here are a few girl Igbo names you can use.

1. Achebe, meaning "protected by the Goddess" is among the most popular Igbo names for girls.

2. Adaego, meaning "daughter of wealth" is one of the most interesting Nigerian names.

3. Adeze, meaning "princess" remains one of the most popular Igbo names for girls.

4. Adaku, meaning "one who brings wealth to the family" is among the old Igbo names.

5. Adanna, meaning "father's daughter" is among the most common female Igbo names.

6. Adaobi, meaning "the first daughter in the family" will be the perfect name for your daughter.

7. Akwaugo, meaning "precious daughter" will show the world your love for your beautiful daughter.

8. Akumjeli, meaning "I will enjoy that wealth" is an adorable Igbo name.

9. Amaogechukwu, meaning "Lord's time is the best" will be a great name for your baby girl.

10. Azuka, meaning "we grow stronger with experience" is among the most beautiful Igbo baby names.

11. Chiazokam, meaning "God has saved me" fits well among the most favored Igbo baby girl names.

12. Chibinobim, meaning "God dwells in my heart" is a beautiful religious name.

13. Chibundo, meaning "God is my shelter" is another common Igbo name for girls.

14. Chibuogo, meaning "God is my strength" will suit your strong and powerful daughter.

15. Chichima, meaning "sweet and precious" will be a beautiful name for your first daughter.

16. Chinanuokum, meaning "God hears my calls" is the perfect name for a girl.

17. Daberechi, meaning "lean on God" is a name that will show your dedication and praise God.

18. Daluchi, meaning "thank God" is a religious name that you can use for your daughter.

19. Echioma, meaning "brighter tomorrow" is among the most beautiful Igbo names for girls.

20. Enyichukwo, meaning "God's friend" is a beautiful name for your daughter.

21. Fumnanya, meaning "love me" is an adorable Igbo girl name.

22. Ifechukwu, meaning "the light of God, is a popular name among Igbo people.

23. Ifedimma, meaning "something good" is among the most beautiful Igbo names.

24. Ifekristi, meaning "the light of Christ'' will reflect your love for the son of God.

25. Ifeyinwa, meaning "nothing can be compared to a child" is a meaningful Igbo name.

26. Ifunanya, meaning "love" is among the most endearing Igbo girl names.

27. Kaitochukwu, meaning "let's praise God" is one of the most beautiful Nigerian Igbo names.

28. Isioma, meaning "good luck" will surely bring fortune to your little girl's life.

29. Ndumzoronachukwu, meaning "my life is hidden in God" is a charming Igbo name.

30. Nmasinachi, meaning "beauty is from God" will suit your beautiful, perfect daughter.

31. Obinaetochukwu, meaning "a heart that praises God" is a beautiful name for your daughter.

32. Onochie, meaning "the one who replaces" is a beautiful name for your little girl.

33. Sochima, meaning "only God knows" is among the most popular Igbo names for girls.

34. Uzoamaka, meaning "a good journey" is one of the most adorable names for girls.

35. Zioranmachukwu, meaning "show the world God's beauty" is a beautiful name for girls.

Igbo names have a deep meaning behind them.

Male Igbo Names

Most of the Igbo names are linked to immortal or Godly attributes. Here are a few male Igbo names you must check out.

36. Achike, meaning "give praise to God" is among the most beautiful Igbo boy names.

37. Chibuikem, meaning "God is my power" will suit your strong and powerful son well.

38. Chidindu, meaning "show the world that God is alive" is among the most popular Igbo names for boys.

39. Chimamanda, meaning "my God will not fall", is another of the common Igbo male names. Amanda is an Igbo pet name for those with this name.

40. Chizutere, meaning "God's envoy" is a beautiful boy's name.

41. Chukwuebuka, meaning "God is great" is one of the most popular Igbo baby names for boys.

42. Debare, meaning "one born during good times" is an adorable Igbo name for a boy.

43. Diarachukwundu, meaning "live for God" is another one of the Igbo religious names.

44. Ebubechukwu, meaning "glory and greatness of God" is a beautiful Igbo name.

45. Echezonanna, meaning "don't forget God and your father" is the perfect name for a boy.

46. Ejikeme, meaning "it's not by power" is an interesting name for a boy.

47. Ekenedilichukwu, meaning "thanks be to God" is a beautiful Igbo name.

48. Enyinnaya, meaning "his father's friend" is a name that will strengthen your relationship with your son.

49. Esomchi, meaning "one who follows God" is a beautiful, religious name.

50. Ewelike, meaning "it's not by power" is a strong and beautiful Igbo name.

51. Gniru, meaning "good luck" is a beautiful name that is sure to bring good fortune to your baby's life.

52. Golibe, meaning "rejoice" is an adorable name for your baby boy.

53. Gosifechukwu, meaning "show the light of God'' will be the perfect name for your son.

54. Hanyechukwu, meaning "leave it for God" is an interesting Igbo name.

55. Ifeanyichukwu, meaning "no one is greater than God" is an interesting name.

56. Jachike, meaning "give praise to God" is another way for you to thank God for bringing your beautiful son into your life.

57. Jayamma, meaning "praise to the Lord" is among the most beautiful Igbo names.

58. Jideofor, meaning "you are justified" is a beautiful name.

59. Kachisicho, meaning "God's desire" is a perfect religious name for your baby boy.

60. Kachiside, meaning "the will of God" will be the perfect Igbo name.

61. Kateochukwu, meaning "may God be praised" is another one of the religious Igbo names for boys.

62. Kainyechukwueken, meaning "let's praise the Lord" is a long but beautiful name for your son.

63. Kamsiyochukwu, meaning "God gave me what I asked" is a common Igbo name you can use for your child.

64. Lotachukwu, meaning "remember God" is a name that will guide your son his whole life.

65. Lotanna, meaning "remember the God" is an adorable name for a baby boy.

66. Maduka, meaning "people are worth more than riches" is a beautiful name and life lesson.

67. Nchedochukwu, meaning "God's protection" is a beautiful name for a baby boy.

68. Nwabueze, meaning "child is the King" will suit your son perfectly.

69. Obiajulu, meaning "my heart is at peace" is an adorable Igbo name.

70. Obiefune, meaning "do not lose hope" is one of the most common boy names.

71. Obimnaetochukwu, meaning "my heart praises God" is another one of the popular baby names for boys.

72. Onochie, meaning "one can replace the father's status" is the best name for the first son.

Many Igbo names have a divine touch.

Unisex Igbo Names

If you prefer gender neutral names, check out these Igbo names.

73. Achebe, meaning "protected by Goddess" is one of the beautiful gender neutral baby names.

74. Amaka, meaning "ravishing beauty with versatility and spontaneity" is an adorable name for your child.

75. Ekene, meaning "one who receives a lot of praise" is one of the most adorable baby names.

76. Ifekristi, meaning "the light of Christ" is a religious name you can use for your baby.

77. Kufreabasi, meaning "do not forget God" is another one of the great religious names for your child.

78. Kwento, meaning "one who protects the family from destruction" is a powerful name for your child.

79. Machie, meaning "replacement of a lost gem" is a short and sweet Igbo name.

80. Maduenua, meaning "the impermanence of life" is a beautiful unisex name for your child.

81. Ogechukwukana, meaning "the best time is the one spent worshipping God" is a well suited name that pleases God.

Igbo Last Names

Last names are a glimpse into the history and story of a person. Here are a few common Igbo last names:

82. Abara, meaning "spirit" is a beautiful Igbo surname.

83. Aguta, meaning "countless" is one of rarer Igbo last names.

84. Agwuegbo, meaning "the hardship is over" is one of the common Igbo surnames.

85. Aku, meaning "wealth" is a short and sweet Igbo surname.

86. Alaneme, meaning "the land is active" is an interesting Igbo surname.

87. Amaechi, meaning "who knows tomorrow" is a surname of Igbo origin.

88. Chukwu, meaning "spiritual being and great" is an interesting and religious surname.

89. Eze, meaning "King" is an amazing Igbo surname.

90. Ibeh, meaning "in one's relation as a family, friend, or acquaintance" is an interesting Igbo surname.

91. Igwe, meaning "heaven" is a surname reserved for royalty.

92. Ihejirika, meaning "the one that I have is greater" is a beautiful Igbo surname.

93. Kalu, meaning "God of thunder" is a surname suited for the strong and powerful.

94. Mmeremikwu, meaning "to be better or higher" is a long and beautiful surname.

95. Njoku, meaning "Guardian Deity of the Yam" is a small and sweet Igbo surname.

96. Nnadi, meaning "my God is alive" is one of the many hopeful surnames.

97. Nwadike, meaning "son of the hero" represents the surname of a strong bloodline.

98. Obi, meaning "heart" is a short and popular Igbo surname.

99. Ukpabi, refers to the name of a deity.

100. Umeh, meaning "strength" refers to the surname of a strong and powerful family.

101. Umunna, meaning "children of the Father" is a religious surname.

102. Unigwe, meaning "heaven" is a very spiritual surname.

103. Uzoegbu, meaning "the safety of the read" is an interesting surname.

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