100 Illuminating Names Meaning Light For The Little Light Of Your Life

Babies light up our lives, so a name that means light is so fitting.

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be difficult, that is why we have listed 100 names meaning light for your boy or girl.

You may struggle between different family names and names that everybody has suggested. If you want to give your child a name that defines what they mean to you, a name meaning light could be perfect, they are the little light of your life after all.

For more naming inspiration, check out these baby names that mean life and these names that mean lightning, storm and air.

Girl Names That Mean Light

Choosing a girls' name might be overwhelming at first. Take a look at these popular girl names meaning light. If you are looking for girls' names meaning light, then you might just stumble upon some good names for your baby girl here!

1. Abha (Hindi origin) meaning "light" or "shining".  

2. Aegle (Greek origin) meaning "radiance", "light" or "splendor".  

3. Alina (Greek origin) meaning "light" or "bright".

4. Aileen (Irish origin) derived from the name Evelyn; meaning "bright, shining light".

5. Aine (Irish origin) meaning "brightness" or "splendor" is derived from the name of the Irish Celtic goddess of wealth and summer, Áine.

6. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning "dawn". The name became popular through Disney’s character in 'Sleeping Beauty'. It also the name of a known phenomenon called The Northern Lights.

7. Ayla (Turkish origin) meaning "moonlight". However, the name has other meanings in different cultures as well.  

8. Chiara (Italian origin) meaning "light and clear". An easy alternative to names like Claire and Keira, this name translates to "famous" or "light" in English.

9. Ciana (Italian origin) meaning "light". It means "God is gracious light".

10. Dawn (English origin) meaning "the first ray of sun". To keep it simple, the name means "daybreak".

11. Eileen (Gaelic origin) meaning "the shining one".  

12. Elaine (French and Scottish origin) meaning "bright, shining light". In old French, this name is a variant of Helen. However, in Arthurian Legend, Elaine was the name of the lover of Lancelot.

13. Eleanor (Scott-Irish origin) meaning "light".  

14. Eliora (Hebrew origin) meaning "the Lord is my light".  

15. Ellen (Greek origin) meaning "sunray or shining light".

16. Faina (Russian origin) meaning "ray". In Greek Mythology, it is also the name of the goddess of charm, beauty, goodwill, and fertility, Phaenna.

17. Faven (African origin) meaning "light". This name translates to the air of self-love and virtuous women.  

18. Hannelore (German origin) meaning "grace".  

19. Helen/Helena (Greek origin); meaning "the shining one" or "bright". It is also the name of the daughter of Zeus  and was considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

20. Iliana (Spanish origin) meaning "the ray of light".  It is one of the most beautiful names parents choose for their little girl.

21. Ilona (Hungarian origin) meaning "light". In Finnish, the name means joy to someone and is derived from the name of the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore.

22. Kamaria (African origin) meaning "moonlight". The name is used to describe Bright as the moon in a small village in Chania regional unit on the island of Crete, Greece.

23. Leora (Greek origin) meaning "compassion and light". In Hebrew origin, the name translates to "light unto me" or "I have a light".

24. Lucy/Lucia/Luciana (Latin origin) meaning "light". All the variations are of Italian origin and is a literal translation of the name of the Saint Lucia of Syracuse, or known also as Saint Luc.

25. Luz (Spanish origin) meaning "light".

26. Mahina (Hawaiian origin) meaning "moonlight". The name is also a synonym for "moon".

27. Meira (Hebrew origin) meaning "light".  

28. Nahara (Aramaic origin) meaning "wisdom for a modern world".

29. Nera (Hebrew origin) meaning "light" or "candle".

30. Oralee (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my light".

31. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "brilliant" or "radiant", and is also the name of the grandmother of Artemis.

32. Roxana (Persian origin) meaning "dawn" or "little star", and is also the name of the Persian wife of Alexander the Great.

33. Sanaa (African origin) meaning "shining light".  

34. Thea (Greek origin) meaning "Greek goddess of light". In Greek mythology, Thea is the mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.

35. Zia (Arabic origin) meaning "light" or "splendor".  

36. Zora (Serbian origin) meaning "the light of dawn" or "bright light".

Boys' Names Meaning Light

Your baby boy’s name should shine as brightly as he does as baby names define the qualities your boy possesses. If you are looking for baby names meaning light, then why not try one of these beautiful baby names meaning light for baby boys?

(There are a lot of good baby boy names that mean light.

37. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "high mountain", "exalted", or "enlightened". In ancient Greek culture, the name translates to the bearer of martyrs.

38.  Abe (English origin) meaning "father of light". These boy names are used in many English countries to define a boy who can be the Father of a multitude of who is very masculine. Names like these are very unique and were popular boy names choices during the time of Abraham Lincoln.

39. Abner (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of light". The name is derived from the Bible.

40. Aharon (Hebrew origin) meaning "light-bringer". In the Old Testament, the name means "mountaineer".

41. Ambert (German origin) meaning "bright, shining light".  

42. Anwar (Arabic origin) meaning "light".  

43. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "Apollo" or "light". In Greek mythology, the name is derived from the name of the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin of Artemis.  

44. Argi (Basque origin) meaning "light, brilliant, and intelligent".

45. Argider (Basque origin) meaning "the light of beauty".

46. Arryn (English origin) meaning "the light-bringer".  

47. Avner (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of light".

48. Bazak (Hebrew origin) meaning "a flash of light".  

49. Barack (Arabic, Hebrew and Swahili origin) meaning "lightning thunderbolt".

50. Beacon (English origin) meaning "signal light". In Old English, the name also means "appealing and illuminating".

51. Bubu (Egyptian origin) meaning "gives light or reverence for God".

52. Chand: Origin: Hindi; meaning "shining moon".  

53. Deepak (Hindi origin) meaning "the little lamp" or "a symbol of a bright future".

54. Dritan (Albanian origin) meaning "light".  

55. Epifanio (Spanish origin) meaning "bringing light or manifestation".

56. Faro (Italian origin) meaning "lighthouse".  

57. Fotis (Greek origin) meaning "light". The name is prominent in the Orthodox Church, where St Photios means "pillar and foundation of the Church".

58. Harbin (German origin) meaning "little bright warrior". In Manchu culture, the name means a "glorious warrior".

59. Heylel (Hebrew origin) meaning "the light-bringer".

60. Jomei (Japanese origin) meaning "spread light". The name also means "cultural pride".

61. Lito (Latin origin) meaning "light". In old English, the name means "to be happy".

62. Lucas/Luca/Lucius (Latin origin) meaning "bright" and "shining".  

63. Lucian (Latin origin) meaning "light". This name is derived from an Old Roman family name Lucianus.

64. Meyer (Hebrew origin) meaning "the bringer of light". This Jewish origin name also means "mayor" or "head".

65. Ner (Hebrew origin) meaning "candle" or "light". In Biblical context, the name means "lamp".

66. Nuri (Arabic or Hebrew origin) meaning "light" or "fire".

67. Pradeep (Hindi origin) meaning "light". This Indian origin name also means "lantern" or "to light the first lamp".

68. Raiden (Japanese origin) meaning "lightning". It is one of the famous characters from the video game 'Mortal Kombat'.  

69. Siraj (Arabic origin) meaning "light" or "lamp".

70. Uri (Hebrew origin) meaning "my light". In the Old Testament, the name Uri is associated with the father of Bezalel.

71. Zain (Hindi origin) meaning "the light of God". In Arabic culture, the name means "beauty and grace".

Popular Unisex Names That Mean Light

(Baby names that mean light suit both boys and girls perfectly.

Parents are now more open than ever to unisex baby names, these gender neutral names meaning light could be a great choice for your baby. Check out our list of unisex baby names meaning light.

72. Aonani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "beautiful light".

73. Chandler (English origin) meaning "candlemaker". This English origin name is a unisex name that was popularized in the TV show 'Friends'.

74. Elior (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is light".  

75. Hikaru (Japanese origin) meaning "light or radiance".  

76. Kiran (Hindi origin) meaning "sunshine".  

77. Nur/Noor (Arabic origin) meaning "light".  

78. Oran (Aramaic or Gaelic origin) meaning "light green".  

79. Sheridan (Gaelic origin) meaning "bright light".  

Girl Names That Mean Bright

If you are looking for baby names that mean "bright", then we are sure you might find some baby names on our next list that may be perfect for your baby!

80. Akiko (Japanese origin) meaning "bright".

81. Avira (Tamil origin) meaning "bright".

82. Clarabelle (Latin origin) meaning "bright and beautiful".

83. Ilka (Hungarian origin) meaning "bright and shining one".

84. Phaedra (Greek origin) meaning "bright light".

85. Senna (Arabic origin) meaning "brightness".

86. Ziva (Hebrew origin) meaning "brilliance and brightness".

Boy Names That Mean Bright

Just as bright as your boy, these baby names are perfect for your boy who will be brighter than the rising sun! Try one of these names that mean bright and we are sure your family will love.

87. Akiro (Japanese origin) meaning "bright boy".

88. Albert (German origin) meaning "noble and bright".

89. Albus (Latin origin) if you are a fan of the 'Harry Potter' series, then this Latin name is the best for you. It means "bright and white".

90. Brighton (English origin) meaning "bright town".

91. Callahan (Irish origin) meaning "bright-headed".

92. Fynn (Irish origin) meaning "bright and fair".

93. Xavier (Arabic and Basque origin) meaning "bright" or "new house".

Celebrity Baby Names That Mean Light

If you are one to follow the latest trend and are highly influenced by celebrities, then our next list of names is a must for you. Check out these unique celebrity baby names meaning light.

94. Ambert (German origin) meaning "a bright, shining light".

95. Arlo Day (Spanish and English origin) meaning "barberry tree" and "light".

96. Ella (English origin) meaning "the one who sparkles" or "a beautiful woman".

97. Maira (Urdu origin) meaning "the moon" or "light, swift, and fast-moving".

98. Mayookha (Hindi origin) meaning "a ray of light".

99. Nelly (English origin) meaning "most beautiful woman or shining light".

100. Riyansh (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the first ray of sunlight".

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