20 Important Charlemagne Quotes From The Former King Of The Franks

Charles the Great was crowned Holy Emperor on Christmas Day.

Charlemagne or Charles the Great, born on 2 April 742 and died on 28 January 814, ruled from the domains stretched across the North Sea till the Mediterranean post the death of his father in 768.

The Kingdom was split among Charlemagne and his brother and they even ruled half Frankish kingdoms for a few years until his brother was declared dead. He took over the Roman Empire and reigned for almost 46 years after which he expanded his kingdom to places in modern-day western Europe, Italy, and others.

To ensure effective ruling he divided the kingdom into smaller counties which are estimated to be 350 in number. The leader of each county had to directly report to Charlemagne. In all the counties he made sure there was adequate protection of the priests, bishops, and Christian Catholic faith. He was an advocate for Christian principles and beliefs and valued education greatly hence he built schools where both the rich and poor children could go to and gain an education in the state. He had a total of 18 children from his multiple wives and concubines. He made sure his children too were educated and took a special interest in learning to read and write, since he was illiterate. At the time, most kings focused solely on ruling and being a warrior which made him one of the first leaders to gain an education. In 813 he appointed his son Louis The Pious as co-emperor who later became king after Charlemagne's death. Charlemagne was said to be canonized for political reasons; however, the church did not recognize his sainthood.

In this article we will take a look at holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, famous quotes which are inspirational and political as well as one related to battle. If you like this article, visit [king quotes] and Augustus Caesar quotes.

Battle Quotes By Charlemagne  

Charlemagne was involved in civil work where he built the Fossa Carolina canal to connect the Rhine and Danube rivers. Here are some quotes from the Emperor of Europe and The Franks based on ages of battle from his experiences.

1."I am torn by great sorrow because I foresee what evil things they will do to my descendants and their subjects."


2."Take care that none of them escapes."


3."If the populace knew with what idiocy they were ruled, they would revolt."


4."Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky."


5."Let no one presume to contrive injuries or in suits against those who announce a judgment of the emperor, or to show hostility to them in any way."


6."We have been concerned to restore with diligent zeal the workshops of knowledge which...have been well night deserted."


7."You nobles you sons of my leading men soft and dandified, trusting in your birth and your wealth, paying no attention to my command and your advancement, you neglected the pursuit of learning and indulged yourselves in the sport of pleasure and idleness."


Inspirational King Charlemagne Quotes

He was also involved in cultivation and the planting of fruit trees. Take a look at these inspirational quotes from King Charlemagne.

Charlemagne was married to five different women throughout his life.

8."Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right."


9."To know another language is to possess a second soul."


10."Nothing of that which is gained by fraud can go to the liberation of his soul. Let his wealth be divided among the workmen of this our building, and the poorer servants of our palace."


11."Bishops should despise this world and inspire others by their example to seek after heavenly things."


12."Husbands should love their wives and speak no rude word to them."


13."Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks."


14."Every monastery and every abbey shall have its school in which boys may be charges may be assessed against the pupils."


15."That our judges, counts, envoys shall not have a right to extort payment of remitted fine, on their own behalf, from those destitute persons to whom the emperor had, in his mercy, forgiven what they ought to pay by reason of his balm."


Political Quotes From Charlemagne

Charlemagne was a strong leader and a good administrator. He allowed for the local cultures and laws to remain even when he took over territories. He made sure laws we recorded and enforced. Here are some Charlemagne quotes based on his policies and political views.

Charlemagne was nicknamed 'Father Of Europe' as the founding father of both the French and the German Monarchies.

16."If only I could have a dozen churchmen as wise and as well taught in all human knowledge as were Jerome and Augustine."


17."Others can admire you. Know this without any doubt; unless you rapidly make up for your idleness by eager effort, you will never receive any benefit from Charlemagne."


18."Make us eternal truths receive

And practice all that we believe:

Give us thyself, that we may see

The father and the son, by thee."


19."The difference between pride Jaguar and the Drago-Kazov? A Jaguar will stab you in the back to gain an advantage. A dragon will stab you just to see if his knife is sharp."


20."Do justice fairly, correctly, equitably to churches, widows, orphans and all others, without fraud, corruption, obstruction, or abusive delay."


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