100 Incan Names With Meanings And History

An Incan name for your baby could be a beautiful choice and would be one-of-a-kind.

Naming your child is a special but sometimes a difficult task.

Our children's names are often inspired by elements around us. Many parents, for example, like to give a historic name to their children.

Inca means "goddess" or "ancestor". The Incans are the Quechuan people residing in Cuzco Valley located in Peru. These American Indian people were conquered by Spanish people in 1532, but they still exist today. If you are interested in historical names, then Incan names could top your list. Incan names are interesting due to the historical significance that is often attached to them. Many are also religious names, inspired by God or names that are inspired by nature, as this is something that Incan's regularly worshipped.

For more naming inspiration, take a look at this list of ancient baby names and these Aztec baby names.

Inca Girl Names

Most of these girl names have a rich historical significance making them popular among girl parents. Some of them are the names of goddesses and others are inspired by historical legends. Check out these baby girl names for your princess.

1. Anahuarque She was the wife of Pachacuti.

2. Axomamma This is the name of the goddess of potatoes, who is known for her generosity.

3. Bachue This is the name of a woman who is known for her generosity.

4. Cava She is the wife of Lloque Yupanqui. This is another of the immensely popular and historically relevant names.

5. Cavillaca She is the virgin goddess who is known for her expressions.

6. Cavillace This name is of the goddess of rock who is in solitude. Thus, this name is preferred by some highly intelligent people.

7. Chasca  The name of the goddess of dawn.

8. Chasca Coyllur  This Inca name symbolizes the goddess of flowers. This name indicates cheerfulness and happiness.

9. Chic'ya  She is the wife of Yahuar Huacac. This is another historically relevant name.

10. Chimpu Ocllo This girl name is the name of the wife of Tupac Inca. Tupac Inca was one of the most famous warriors of Incan dynasty, and thus this name is loved by people who are looking for a brave and courageous name for their daughter.

11. Cocomama She is known as the health mother, and thus many people who are health-conscious love to give this name to their daughter.

12. Copacati  She is the goddess of Lake Titicaca.

13. Cuca  The name of the wife of Maita Capac.

14. Cuntur This name means "condor".

15. Curi Illpay  The name of the wife of Inca Capac Yupanqui.

16. Cuxi Uarcay  This is the name of the daughter of Huascar.

17. Huitaca This name means "pleasure" or "freedom". And thus, parents who aspire for their girl to grow up to be free and independent may wish to use this name.

18. Ka Ata Killa  The name of the Inca moon goddess.

19. Mama Allpa  She is the female fertility goddess. This name is given by Inca parents to wish their daughters all the best in their married life.

20. Mama Cocha  She is the mother of the sea who protects sailors and fishers.

21. Mama Kuka  She is the Goddess of health and joy.

22. Mama Oullo  She is the Goddess of Spring.

23. Mama Pacha She is the earth Goddess.

24. Mama Quilla  She is known as the Golden mother.

25. Mama Zara  She is the Inca grain mother.

26. Micay  The name of the wife of Inca Roca.

27. Nyunyuma  This name is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

28. Ocllo  This is the name of the wife of the first Inca and wife of Huayna Capac.

29. Pachama  She is fondly known as the mother earth.

30. Palta  This means "pear" and is symbolic of good health.

31. Peruda  She is the goddess of love.

32. Quilla  She is the goddess of the moon, this name is symbolic of beauty.

33. Quinuama  She is also known as the grain goddess.

34. Qullana - This is the name of a woman who is considered as sacred by the Incas.

35. Runtu  This is the name of the wife of Viracocha Inca.

36. Si  This is the name of the Inca moon goddess.

37. Urpihua Chac  This is the name of the Inca goddess of fish and fishery.

38. Zaramama  The name of the Inca goddess of grain.

Inca Boy Names

Below is a list of Inca boy names with rich historical value. Many of these names are ancient names with a special kind of relevance. Refer to this list of Incan boy names that you will love for your baby.

The ancient Incan names carry tradition and history with them and would make for very unique names.

39. Acahuana  The meaning of this name is "royal mason", this name indicates royalty.

40. Apo Mayta  This is the name of the general under Pachacuti.

41. Auqui Amaru Tupac  This is the name of the brother and son of Tupac Inca. This is another name that denotes bravery.

42. Auqui Maita  This is the name of the son of Tupac Inca.

43. Capac Yupanqui  This is the name of the brother of Pachacuti.

44. Catequil  This is the name of the Inca god of thunder and lightning.

45. Ekkeko  This is the name of the Inca god of abundance. This name indicates prosperity and wealth.

46. Huallpa Rimachi  This name also means "a royal mason".

47. Huallpa Tupac Inca Yupanqui  This is the name of the son of Tupac Inca.

48. Huamanpallpa  The meaning of this name is "a cacique".

49. Huanca  The name of the god of nature.

50. Huaricocha  The name of the supreme god who is considered by Incas as the creator of the earth.

51. Inti  The name of the Inca sun god.

52. Inti Cusi Huallapa  This is the birth name of Huascar.

53. Khuno  He is the Inca weather god.

54. Lllapa  This name means "thunder".

55. Maita  The name of the brother of Yahuar Huacac.

56. Maricanchi  This name means "a royal mansion".

57. Ninan Cuyuchi  This is the name of the popular Huyana Capac's son and heir.

58. Pachacamac He is considered as a creator of this earth who is all-powerful.

59. Pacha Kamaq  He is also considered as a creator of this world by the Incas.

60. Pahuac Maita  The name of the brother of Inca Viracocha.

61. Pariacaca  He is also believed by Incas to be the creator of this powerful earth.

62. Paricia  The name of the Inca god of floods.

63. Piguerao  He is the twin brother of Apocatequil.

64. Pitahaya  This name is inspired by Machu Picchu.

65. Punchau  He is the sun and the warrior god.

66. Quehuar Tupac  This is the name of the son of Tupac Inca.

67. Thonapa  The name of the son of the Inca creator god.

68. Titu Inca Rimachi  This is the name of the son of Tupac Inca.

69. Titu Manco Capac  He is also known as Pachacuti.

70. Urcaguary  The name of the Inca god of metals, pieces of jewelry and hidden treasures which are hugely popular in Peru today.

71. Urco  The name of the son and heir of Viracocha.

72. Urcuchillay  This baby name is also the name of the Inca god of animals and beasts.

73. Viracocha  This name means "oceanic foundation".

74. Viracocha Inca  The name of the father of Pachacuti.

75. Vicaquirao The name of a general under Pachacuti.

76. Vichama  The name of the Inca god of dead spirits.

77. Supay  The name of an all-powerful Inca god.

Inca Baby Names Inspired By Nature

People love to name their children based on nature. if you are also looking for such names for your babies, here you go. The following names are symbolic of a variety of elements found in nature, they will be loved by parents of both genders.

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu and the beauty of such landscapes in this country has inspired many beautiful names.

78. Amaru  The name of one of the largest snakes of all time.

79. Apichu  The meaning of this is "sweet potato".

80. Atoc  The meaning of this is "the fox".

81. Chuchau  The meaning of this is "maguey plant".

82. Cusi  The meaning of this is "joy or pleasure".

83. Mico  This name is the name of a type of monkey.

84. Mani  The meaning of this is "a peanut".

85. Pacay  This meaning of this is "guava".

86. Pahuac  The meaning of this is "flying".

87. Pisco  The meaning of this is "a small bird".

88. Puna  The meaning of this is "partridge".

89. Purutu The meaning of this is "beans".

90. Sapallu  This meaning of this Incan name is "melons".

91. Suri  The meaning of this is "ostrich".

92. Taruca  The meaning of this is "deer".

93. Tupac  The Incan meaning is "the one who shines".

94. Uritu The meaning of this is "parrot".

95. Urpi The meaning of this Incan is "a dove".

96. Ussun  The meaning of this Incan name is "plum".

97. Ursula Derived from Shakespeare writings meaning "little bear".

98. Ulu, (German Origin) meaning "mistress of all".

99.Ursa, (Hebrew Origin) means "bear".

100. Usha, (French Origin) meaning "bear".

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