Incredible Baby Trivia: 50 Unbelievable Facts About New Borns

Little ones are just the cutest!

Baby showers are all about giving the new parents-to-be a fun and relaxing day and calm their baby jitters.

To help the parents-to-be get baby-ready and welcome a tiny human into their homes, a fun baby trivia is a must-have addition for baby showers. No matter what culture you belong to or how you celebrate the blooming of new life, you can always take out time to have a cute baby shower trivia along with other baby shower games for your friends and family.

After our readers loved our biology trivia and baby shower trivia, we are back with another incredible article full of baby trivia where you'll find some well known and some absolutely unique fun facts about babies. You can try these trivia questions about babies at your baby shower. You can also use these baby trivia games to help your first child understand more about how life will be once the little one arrives. Follow us for more interesting trivia questions and fun facts!

Pregnancy Trivia Questions

Pregnancy can be different for everyone. While some mothers end up having severe nausea and fatigue throughout, others may go through the whole period without feeling any of those. If you are looking for ways to distract yourself from nausea or looking for something to spend your afternoon with, these baby trivia game questions for new moms are sure to keep up spirits!

1. Question: When do your baby's fingerprints develop?

Answer: In the first three months of pregnancy.

2. Question: What percentage of babies actually arrive n their due date?

Answer: Only 5%

3. Question: A pregnant woman's blood volume increases significantly. Do you know how much?

Answer: Blood Volume increases by 50% approximately.

4. Question: We all know the general duration of pregnancy is of 280 days. Do you know the number of days in the longest recorded pregnancy?

Answer: It was 375 days.

5. Question: Babies can yawn in the womb. True or false?

Answer: True.

6. Question: Are all babies born with blue eyes?

Answer: No. In fact, babies born with brown eyes are more common.

7. Question: Can a baby taste the food mothers eat in the womb?

Answer: Yes.

8. Question: Pregnancy increases symptoms of allergies in mothers. True or false?

Answer: True.

9. Question: At what point can your gynecologist correctly identify your baby's gender?

Answer: After 18-20 weeks into the pregnancy.

10. Question: To be sure of your pregnancy, what is the best time to take the test?

Answer: 1 week after a missed period.

11. Question: Which is the most common food craving during pregnancy for mothers across the world?

Answer: Pickles

Baby Shower Trivia Questions

Are you hosting a baby shower for your best friend and looking forward to planning everything perfectly? Even after reading several books, do your friends still feel like they are the most clueless parents? It's time to take things into your hands and level up. One way to do so is with this interesting question game for baby shower. You can host fun baby shower trivia games for your friends and their family and help them believe that they aren't clueless about parenting. In fact, they are going to be the coolest parents for their baby!

Twins are hard to take care of, but fun to play with!

12. Question: What is the first sense that the baby acquires after birth?

Answer: The first sense to be formed is the sense of touch.

13. Question: Babies do not cry with actual tears till what age?

Answer: They do not cry with real tears till they are a month old.

14. Question: How old are babies when they first start differentiating between different people?

Answer: A baby starts differentiating between different people by three months of age.

15.Question: When do babies start crawling?

Answer: They typically start crawling by the age of 6-10 months.

16.Question: How often do babies wee?

Answer: They wee every 20 mins for the first six months.

17.Question: Babies recognize their mother's voice at birth. How long does it take for them to recognize their father's voice?

Answer: 14 days.

18.Question: How often should you feed your baby?

Answer: Every 2-3 hours.

19. Question: How often should new parents bathe their baby?

Answer: Not more than thrice a week.

20. Question: When does the baby's umbilical stump fall off?

Answer: One to two weeks after birth.

21. The area around the umbilical cord stump of your baby must be cooled with moist towels. True or false?

Answer: False. It should be kept clean and dry.

22. When can you bathe the baby for the first time?

Answer: After the umbilical stump falls off.

23. When do babies start sitting up and holding their head?

Answer: At about six months.

Random Baby Facts Trivia

Babies are unique! from being able to recognize their mother's scent and voice from inside the womb, to be super flexible, there are several similar funny baby facts that most of us are unaware of. These may seem shocking at first for everyone. While your little bundle of joy is unique and precious to you, some other babies have defied odds and set a record just after being born. Let's see how much you know about them through this baby trivia game related to the fun fact about babies.

24. Question: A newborn baby can see up to _____?

Answer: 8 to 14 inches only.

25. Question: It takes some time for a baby's eye color to become fixed. How long does it take?

Answer: A baby's eye color gets fixed as he/she turns one year old.

26. Question: Babies cannot recognize themselves in the mirror by the age of three. True or false?

Answer: False. Babies start recognizing themselves by the time they are 18 months to 2 years old.

27. Question: What is something that your baby can easily do while you absolutely cannot?

Answer: Swallow and breathe at the same time.

28. Question: How many bones does your baby have?

Answer: 300 bones.

29. Question: Babies are born without knee caps. True or false?

Answer: True.

30. Question: Your baby will start smiling socially by the time they are _____ weeks old.

Answer: Between 6-8 weeks.

31. Question: When do babies start learning to talk?

Answer: They start learning to talk in the womb after about 25 weeks into pregnancy.

32. Question: What unique abilities are babies born with?

Answer: They are born with the ability to hold their breath and swim.

33. Question: What is a baby's first poo known as?

Answer: Meconium.

Unique baby Trivia: Facts Across The World And History

Toddlers really enjoy playing with their little siblings!

Every culture and generation has had some other unique ideas for celebrating new life. While some chose baby showers and a baby shower game as a way to welcome a new life. Some went ahead and established unique traditions like 'God Bharai' in India and 'Red Egg and Ginger Parties' in China to celebrate parents-to-be. These unique traditions and customs make a really great choice of questions and answers for the perfect trivia game. Some of these baby trivia questions are:

34. Question: The color pink was associated with baby boys in the 1900s. True or false?

Answer: True

35. Question: If someone is in South Africa and looking for disposable diapers for their baby, what will one ask for?

Answer: Disposables

36. Question: The highest number of babies born to a woman till now is 69. True or false?

Answer: True

37. Question: Name the baby born with the highest number of teeth, 12.

Answer: Sean Keaney of UK

38. Question: What is forbidden for pregnant Turkish women?

Answer: Turkish women are supposed to avoid looking at animals like monkeys, bears, camels, etc. instead, they are supposed to look at pleasant things.

39. Question: Who was the lightest baby to survive ever?

Answer: Sabie was the lightest baby ever, born at 245 gm.

40. Question: What was the weight of the heaviest baby ever born?

Answer: The heaviest baby weighed about 22lb 8oz (10.2 kg approx.).

41. Question: What is the highest number of babies to survive in a single pregnancy?

Answer: 8 babies.

42. Question: Where the word Baby come from?

Answer: It comes from the babbling of a baby described as Ba-ba-ba-ba.

43. Question: For buying a pacifier in England, one will have to ask for a ________?

Answer: A dummy.

44. Question: What is Japanese for a baby?

Answer: Akachan.

45. What are baby shower parties known as in South Africa?

Answer: Stork parties

Celebrity Baby Trivia

Let's be honest, since the day to-be-parents get the best news of their lives, most of their free time is spent obsessing over cute things and reading interesting baby trivia questions. Apart from the big things, like planning for your child's healthcare, many parents have some dreamy expectations for their first baby shower. Most of them look up to celebrity baby showers for inspiration. Have you checked out all the cutest celebrity baby showers yet? Check out these celebrity baby shower trivia questions to find out!

46. Question: What was the most special thing about Khloe Kardashian's baby shower?

Answer: The adorable elephant sculptures that were made entirely from flowers.

47. Question: What was the color scheme for Ximena Duque's baby shower?

Answer: The whole decoration was done in the shade of Pink and Grey.

48. Question: What was the theme of 'Fixer Upper' star Joanna Gaines's recent baby shower for her fifth boy, Crew Gaines? Hint: it had balloons and books!

Answer: "Baby's got Books" The decor featured huge book props with balloons as decorations.

49.Question: What was the theme of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's baby shower that featured blue while and gold decor?

Answer: Heaven sent.

50.Question: Candice Swanepoel planned a unique theme to pay homage to her South African roots. What was the theme of her baby shower?

Answer: It was Safari themed.

51. Question: Jessie James Decker, along with her husband Eric Decker, threw a sports-themed shower with a unique cake that had _____ as a topping.

Answer: One rugby ball

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for baby trivia, then why not take a look at science trivia or animal trivia.



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