30+ Incredible Gemini Facts For June Babies

There are lots of fun facts about Geminis that will entertain you.

Gemini is the May and June zodiac sign and those who fall under it are classically known for being the biggest social butterflies of all the zodiac signs, with a big curiosity for the world around them.

If you're searching for interesting Gemini zodiac facts, then you've come to the right place. Whether you're a Gemini yourself, or you're trying to learn more about someone who is a Gemini, or even just trying to brush up on your zodiac Gemini knowledge then we've got all the facts about Gemini people that you need to know.

While these interesting "facts" aren't based in science, they are still always a lot of fun to learn more about. It's a good idea not to take them too seriously, but open yourself up to the wonder of the zodiac. It can be pretty freaky but also pretty fun when these "facts" relate to your life. From Gemini personality traits, to facts about famous Geminis, you'll have a lot of fun reading these facts about Gemini.

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Facts About The Zodiac Sign Of Gemini

Follow us on our journey of uncovering the Gemini zodiac sign. Geminis and any other zodiac signs will love learning these cool facts about Gemini and the astrology about Gemini.

1. 21 May to 20 June are the Gemini dates for babies who fall under this star sign.

2. The third astrological sign in the zodiac is the Gemini sign and it comes from the constellation of Gemini.

3. For Gemini, "the twins" is the Latin translation of the word.

4. The June birthstones of the Gemini are moonstone, pearl and alexandrite, while the May birthstones are agate, chalcedony, and emerald.

5. The NASA space capsule, Project Gemini, was named after this highly intelligent star sign.

Facts About Gemini Compatibility

Comparing sun signs can be used to work out how compatible two people are! Here's a list of the signs Geminis are most and least compatible with, that will come in handy especially if you feel like you are having troubles in your love life or your friendships.

6. The most compatible signs for a Gemini are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

7. Geminis and Aquarius are most likely to be attracted to each other as they are both air spirits and the free nature and intelligence of the Aquarius is perfect for a Gemini.

8. Libras and Geminis are often great friends as their attitudes balance each other out and they tend to have a lot of common interests.

9. The least compatible signs for a Gemini are thought to be Virgo and Pisces.

10. Often, Geminis and Sagittarius people have a hard time getting along. This often comes from Geminis more unstable nature which can be offputting to the more level headed Sagittarius.

Interesting Facts About Geminis Who Are Famous

There are many famous Gemini people out there and some of them may even surprise you. Check out these fun facts about celebrities who fall under the Gemini sign of the zodiac. You'll see why these social butterflies are so successful with their Gemini zodiac sign.

11. Marilyn Monroe, born on 1 June 1926 is one of the most famous Gemini people of all time.

12. Kanye West, another incredibly famous Gemini, is as Gemini as they come. His infamous ordeal with Taylor Swift is the epitome of many Gemini traits.

13. Natalie Portman, born on 9 June 1981, expresses the super intelligence often associated with Geminis. Natalie completed a psychology degree at Harvard University while busy with her acting career.

14. Geminis are often given a bad rap for being tactless and speaking their mind even when it might hurt other people's feelings. Iggy Azeala, a famous Australian rapper, has confirmed this negative trait of hers and other Geminis.

15. Other famous Geminis include Ian McKellen, KJ Apa, Octavia Spencer, Ginnifer Goodwin, and even Mel B from the Spice Girls.

Good Personality Traits Of A Gemini

Geminis love mysteries!

See how well you match this list of good Gemini personalities and characteristics. While zodiac signs aren't based in science, they can always be fun for working out the traits for Gemini, and it can also be pretty freaky when you feel like you have a very Gemini personality!

16. Sometimes Geminis are considered to have two personalities and be very complex beneath the surface. This can lead many people to feel like Geminis are a bit all over the place.

17. The strengths of the Gemini are that they are outgoing, adaptable and super smart.

18. Geminis love mysteries. They are very curious and love to try new and exciting things. A Gemini is attracted to other people who can match their inquisitive energy.

19. A Gemini is sure to be one of the most caring people in your life. They will always support the people around them and you know you can rely on them.

20. Geminis are social butterflies who make making friends look easy. They are one of the more intriguing star signs and their bubbly personality make them attractive to most people.

21. A Gemini may be very perceptive and observant and some consider them the most observant in the zodiac wheel.

22. Anyone who is a Gemini is bound to be super genuine and place a high value on honesty and openness.

23. While a Gemini may love their friends and family and are very social, they aren't afraid to be alone and love to ride solo when the time calls for it.

24. People who are friends with Geminis are guaranteed lots of laughs thanks to this sun sign's ingrained humour and funny personality. Geminis are able to use their great sense of humor as one of their great tools for making friends.

25. The effect of Mercury means Geminis are intelligent and great communicators.

26. Geminis are thought to have a very mischievous side, this means sometimes more sensitive star signs can have a difficult time understanding the behaviour of Geminis.

27. Geminis are free thinkers and love to voice their opinions. However, sometimes, Geminis can be known for thinking way too much and never giving their brain a rest.

28. Geminis are often very successful, particularly when they are working in intellectual fields.

29. Geminis make great artists, journalists and writers as they are adaptable, intelligent and outspoken.

30. The Gemini zodiac sign is seen as the most adaptable sign, and the energy from the Gemini constellation gives individuals who identify with this sign the ability to view life from a range of perspectives.

Less Desirable Gemini Characteristics

Just like the other signs, the personality of a Gemini isn't always perfect. The zodiac sign for June and May is also said to have some questionable characteristics and qualities, but they of course aren't based in science so it can be fun if you relate to them, but don't take them too personally as every Gemini is different and not all of these traits will apply to them!

31. The weaknesses of the Gemini are often said to be their impulsiveness, unreliability and sometimes, they can be a little too nosy.

32. The darker element of the Gemini is that they can sometimes be two-faced. This often gives them a reputation of being untrustworthy, but don't worry this is only a stereotype and doesn't apply to all Geminis.

33. Geminis can feel attacked when receiving criticism and this makes them want to put up walls. If you want to reach a Gemini, try use a more subtle approach than criticising.

34. Geminis can be used to putting on a mask and often have a hard time expressing their true feelings.

35. Geminis tend to be focused more on the future than the smaller, present details. This means they can sometimes miss the important minor details while looking ahead to the future.

36. Never cross a Gemini because Gemini people are known for having trust issues when being hurt in the past.

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