31 Indoor Mini-Missions To Keep Kids Busy

Toddler playing with building blocks.

Spending lockdown at home with kids can come with its challenges, so we have put together a list of our top activities for kids that will keep them entertained for hours.

Assigning kids fun-mini missions will help keep them occupied while you get things done- and it's a great way for them to develop their problem-solving skills. Just by utilising things you can find around the house, these fun missions are easy to put together and are sure to keep the kids busy.

5 And Under

These activities for kids are simple enough for your little one to complete by themselves, while you are in the same room.

- Sweet Sorting: Take a packet of any coloured sweets of your choice, and sort them into colours!

- Jenga Challenge: Take a stack of Jenga blocks and see how many different shapes you can make.

- Monster Art: Draw a picture of the craziest monster you can think of!

- Skyscrapers: Build the tallest thing you possibly can with any building blocks you have.

- Boot Camp: Find hidden items around the house. Each item has an instruction attached, such as: Do ten jumping jacks, pull the silliest face you can think of, do a forwards roll.

- Colour Game: Arrange all your toys in colour groups, and then try and order them in the order of colours in the rainbow!

- Hand Print Challenge: Draw around your hand and then make it into the most inventive creature you can think of.

- Sorting Mission: (This is a great idea for when you need a clear-out and to help kids think about what they use and what they don't) Your mission is to decide if there are any toys you don't use any more, and then to decide which ones you love. You have one song's length to decide!

- Indoor Dance Marathon: Put on a playlist of songs from different genres. The aim of the game is to come up with the most inventive dance for each song! This one is a great way to burn off some energy and have lots of fun.

- Pattern Finding: Find as many different patterns you can, i.e. spotty, stripy, wavy. Bonus points for drawing them!

- Name Game: Try and find as many things in the house that start with the same letter as the first letter of your name.

child dressed as a detective

Ages 5-9

Keep your kids entertained all afternoon with these fun activities! From creative types to sport-lovers, there's something for everyone.

- Texture Game: Find as many different textures as you can in one room. Take a piece of paper and a pen and make as many texture rubbings as possible!

- Box Crafts: Take a cardboard box and transform it into the most imaginative thing possible!

- Tidy Up Mission: This is a great way to encourage your kids to clean up after they play. Put on a song and they must tidy up all their toys before the song is over!

- Find Your Name: In one room, find an item for every letter of your name.

- Fun Catch Game: Throw and catch a ball with your sibling without dropping it for as long as possible.

- Scavenger Hunt: This can be adapted to suit kids of all ages- write clues on pieces of paper and hide them all over the house. Then the kids can work out the locations of the next place, and perhaps collect a little prize at the end.

- Songwriter Challenge: Pick one object in the room within five seconds, then write a verse of a song about it.

- Colour List: List as many different colours you can be inspired by things in the house, all with a descriptive name i.e. 'banana yellow', 'houseplant green'.

- Secret Spy Mission: You must find three secret envelopes hidden around the house that reveal the location of your prize.

- Recycling Challenge: Find ten items for each type of recycling (cans/tins, paper, glass/bottles, etc) and put them in the correct place.

- Piece Of Paper: In this challenge, you have to make the coolest thing you can think of using just a piece of A4 paper.

- Staring Contest: This age-old challenge will keep kids busy for hours. Simply try and outstare each other, whoever blinks first loses!

- Googly Eye Challenge: How many things in the house can you make come to life with (removable) googly eye stickers?!

A girl looking thoughtful with her notepad against a blue background.

Ages 9+

When it comes to older kids it can be great to give them some choices of activities they might be interested in and let them pick. These fun project ideas will keep kids busy, as well as working towards an end goal.

- Upcycling Challenge: Find one item in the house that needs sprucing up, and use your creative skills to repurpose it into something new (with permission, of course).

- Word Game: You must find each word from a sentence from a different book. The first person to make up the whole sentence wins! To start, try 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.

- Domino Challenge: Whoever can make the longest domino chain without them falling down wins!

- Cleaning Game: Find a secret envelope with a cleaning or tidying task inside. Put on some high energy music, and whoever completes their task first wins.

- Scavenger Hunt: (This one works great with chocolate, a la Easter egg hunts!) Simply find all the items hidden around the house before anyone else can! This works great with envelopes with clues inside, and is lots of fun to put together too.

- Character Writing Challenge: Find one object in the house, and imagine it came to life. What would its personality be like, and what would it look like if it was a person? Write a description or drawing, and write a short story based on your character.

- Organising Mission: Organise all the clothes in your wardrobe into colour order within the length of a song!



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