18 Inspirational Jonghyun Quotes From The K Pop Idol

Jonghyun quotes can cheer people up

Commonly known as Jonghyun, Kim Jonghyun was a South Korean singer, song-writer, record-producer, record host and author under the SM Entertainments.

He was a solo artist, who reached great heights in his short span of life through his music. Prior to this, he was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee for nine years.

Kim Jonghyun died on 18 December, 2017, after taking his own life. However, with the great number of hits that he made throughout the years, he still continues to be cherished in every K pop fan's memory. Let's take a took at some of the K pop inspirational quotes by Kim Jonghyun.

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K Pop Quotes about Life

Not just his music, Kim Jonghyun gave us some inspirational quotes too, that show us yet another side of this great artist. Given below are some Kim Jonghyun quotes about life.

1. “I think it’s okay to feel lost in your life. I think it’s okay not to reach that final goal in your life. You may earn things while being lost or could make something out of it through the emotions you feel. I think it should be your judgement. You don’t have to make someone else judge the satisfaction of your life."

- Kim Jonghyun.

2. “I am always thankful for those who love me. Even if they don’t look for me like they did before."

- Kim Jonghyun.

3. "Cry out loud once. Look at the mirror and shake it off. I've cried like that before and others will have times like that too. Cheer up, you're not alone."

- Kim Jonghyun.

4." There is no shortcut to perfection. All it takes is hard work, and more hard work."

- Kim Jonghyun.

5.“Life is a continuation of meetings and farewells. Because of that process I believe that we grow, sadness and tears come, but we will meet again some time.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

Jonghyun Song Quotes

Jonghyum songs are something everybody loves.

Kim Jonghyun was a prolific song writer and a powerful performer whose beautiful voice never failed to capture the one's mind. Given below are some beautiful Jonghyun lyrics quotes

6. “It's really cool to share with someone your color and scent. Even if you explain it in depth, those who don't have the experience can't understand it entirely. We are sharing this cool thing. You and I."

- Kim Jonghyun.

7." If you tear up, then just cry. How is there such a thing as 'something to cry over' or 'nothing to cry over'? It's all right to gain strength, even tomorrow."

- Kim Jonghyun.

8. “Someone please hold me, I’m exhausted from this world. Someone please wipe me, I’m drenched with tears. Someone please notice my struggles first. Please acknowledge the poor me.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

9. “When I’m alone or feel like I’m being left out, I make myself feel better by taking a bath and, when I get into the bathtub, if the water is warm, it feels like it’s telling me that I worked hard. Like 'ya, you’ve worked hard, Jonghyun-ah!'"

- Kim Jonghyun.

10. “Because even though we’ve been in different worlds all day, we always end the day together.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

Shinee Jonghyun Quotes On Motivation

Jonghyum quotes can make a person's mood alright.

Kim Jonghyun worked as the the main vocalist of Shinee for almost nine years and together they released 12 albums in both Korean and Japanese. Given below, you will find a list of Jonghyun Blue Night quotes and Kim Jonghyun quotes on motivation.

11. “You should never tell anyone that you are not the only one suffering everyone is like you, or if you have the courage to die, you can live."

- Kim Jonghyun.

12. “Is there anyone out there, from our Blue Night family, that is crying alone tonight? Don’t be like that. I hope that you believe that these bitter days of crying alone will prove to be the most beautiful days of your life."

- Kim Jonghyun.

13. “Time goes by. It is just slower when you are having a hard time. If you try to enjoy the time, everything will be alright.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

14. “I think youth is like that. You're more intense than anyone else, and you're more idle than anyone."

- Kim Jonghyun.

15. "Even though we can't communicate using the same language, we use music instead."

- Kim Jonghyun.

16. “I think time really is a medicine but, sometimes, it’s hard to know how to swallow that medicine”

- Kim Jonghyun.

17. “I don’t think you should react to little things in life. But when someone critics you, you should understand it and change your thoughts. I think that is the basics of life of learning.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

18. "Even if we want different things and can't see face to face, I will still be on the stage and I will always be thankful for those who were once there for me.”

- Kim Jonghyun.

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