15 Interactive Books For Under 5s

Under 5s enjoying interactive books for unders 5s

We all know how valuable reading is for how our children develop and learn, but sometimes it can be a difficult task to get our kids excited by books, especially if it is them that has to do the reading.

However, with interactive books for toddlers, our kids can be sure to start thinking differently towards reading, and find the fun in books and storytelling, but with an added sensory interest. Interactive children's books not only make reading more interesting for our kids but with all the touch and moving elements, various textures, colours and shapes they contain, they can even go some way in developing our little ones' fine motor skills and sensory abilities.

Books and storytelling are things that your children will be sure to fall in love with, and the stories they discover, even at this young age, can truly stay with them forever. Interactive toddler books are also amazing in bringing the family together. Reading together with your children is such a wholesome activity and the interactive excitement is something that can certainly be shared. Take a read below at some of the interactive books we recommend to help your kids find the fun to be had in reading so much so that they won't be easily stopped in turning the page.

Here are 15 interactive books that are sure to get your kids turning the page!

Guess Which Hand, by Hans Wilhelm

Guess Which Hand

Full of sensory surprises and delights, this book is sure to engage your kids. It's also a board book, which means there are so many fun flaps, tabs and wheels to turn and interact with, so your little ones can 'guess which hand' the hidden object is in and discover what's inside!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Press Here, by Herve Tullet

This board book is perfect for all those little budding authors out there! It's one of the few interactive books that let your kids control which way they want the story to go.  With different coloured dots on each page, the task is for your kids to press each shape to get them to change colour and size. It's such a new idea your kids are bound to love!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Peek-a-Who?, by Elsa Mroziewicz

Interactive Books For Under 5s

This interactive book is a lift-the-flap book that is sure to get your little discoverers trying to search for all the flaps to see what lies behind each one. With animals galore, see if your kids can spot all the creatures in the book and find a few of their favourites along the way.

Suitable for: All ages!

Under the Ocean, by Anouck Boisrobert

All aboard the ship Oceano and be sure to bring clothes for all weathers as your kids start their sea expedition with this amazing pop-up book. It's an interactive book with stunning illustrations and art on all the pages and one that we know any little adventurer will love. The story begins in the freezing land of the Arctic, and the search ends with sunnier weather. It's not one to miss!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Brush Your Teeth Please, by Jean Pidgeon

Brush Your Teeth Please

What better way to teach your kids all about the importance of dental hygiene with this fun-filled pop-up book! The pages are filled with interactive images and characters that will keep your kids smiling, whilst learning all about how to keep their teeth clean.

Suitable for: Ages 2+

Gallop!: A Scanimation Picture Book, by Rufus Seder

Interactive Books For Under 5s

Let your kids discover all the joys and wonders of the new technology of scanimation! With this interactive book, life is brought to all the characters and scenes which lay within. Not many interactive books have this unique feature so it's definitely one to try. Scanimation creates optical illusions on the pages of books that make it seem that things really are moving. Your kids will love it!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Begin Smart Faces, by Begin Smart Books

For our younger children, this bath book made from cloth is a perfect accompaniment to any bath time! It's one of the many interactive books that have different tabs, rattles and toys attached to keep your little toddlers entertained for hours. They can learn about all the different facial expressions there are in the bath, and the book can be easily dried afterwards.

Suitable for: Ages 1+

Peek-a-Boo What?, by Begin Smart Books

Peek-a-Boo What?

This is one of the interactive books which has such a fun and thoughtful design. It takes the peek-a-boo games that we're all familiar with but makes it personal and exciting all within a book. With flaps to lift and cut-outs, it has a tactile element with allows your child to search and see what's under each window. At the end, there's a delightful added surprise, with a page where you can personalise the book and add a photo under the final flap, maybe of a family member, favourite pet, or even of your child! It's definitely a keepsake.

Suitable for: Ages 1+

Hoppity Frog: a Slide-and-Seek Book, by Emma Parrish

With this book, your little one will delight at playing with the sliders, which they slide to reveal different animals and characters underneath. The aim is to discover hoppity frog and win the game of hide and seek!

Suitable for: Ages 2+

The Human Body, by Stephanie Babin

This is one of many books that has interactive tabs for your kids to pull and see what they reveal. However, this has a fantastic educational element to it, allowing your kids to learn all about the human body. It's a great book to do as a family, as having more text than some of the others we've recommended, so you can all take it in turns to read out sections and learn something new!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Feelings, by Alice Henand and Thierry Bedouet


Especially in light of recent times, we've been faced with, being in tune with our mental healths has never been so important. This is why this book is such a great way to encourage our kids to open up and talk more about how they are feeling. With added pull-outs for interactive fun, it's such a fun way to teach our kids the importance of nurturing a healthy and happy mind.

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Peppa Pig- Telling the Time, by Penguin Books

We all know and love the all-time favourite character Peppa Pig, but now we can join her on a journey to learn how to tell the time! This is a wipe-clean book, so your kids can fill in their answers for you to check, and wipe them off when you're done!

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Fierce and Friendly Dragons, by Bookoli

Interactive Books For Under 5s

This book is one your kids will certainly not get bored of! With different textures to feel and play with its one, they'll enjoy for hours on end. With many friends to meet inside, there are lots of different textures to choose from.

Suitable for: Ages 2+

To the Moon, by Little World

The more adventurous among us can venture to the moon and back with this space filled expedition. Become an astronaut and fly a rocket to the surface of the moon, with interactive features like push and pull tabs to play with.

Suitable for: Ages 3+

London Search And Find, by Ladybird

London Search and Find

London is one of the UK's most famous cities, so there's no doubt that your little ones will delight in recognising some of the most famous landmarks of the city and they try and see if they can see them all! From Big Ben to the London Eye, there's so much to discover with some fun facts added too.

Suitable for: Ages 3+



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