110+ Interesting Facts About South Korea: How Many Do You Know?

Korea has some beautiful scenery and bustling cities.

South Korea is one of the most exciting places in the world.

We have recently started to discover the tasty foods of South Korea here in the States, and we just can't get enough. From K-pop boy bands to delicious kimchi, there is much to learn about this amazing country.

We have put together some of the best South Korea facts and history, including some interesting facts about Seoul, about South Korean food and about traditions of the people of South Korea. To learn more about other countries around the world, these Nicaragua facts and facts about Dubai are a great place to start.

Information About South Korea

Get to know the best South Korea facts and information that makes up the country. After you know the basics, you can learn all the fun facts about South Korea.

1. South Korea is a country in East Asia.

2. South Korea is bordered by North Korea, which is also called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

3. South Korea is also called the Republic of Korea.

4. The capital city of South Korea is Seoul.

5. South Korea takes up about 45% of the total land of Korea.

6. The population of South Korea is 51.8 million people.

7. Most people in the country live around the city of Seoul.

8. Ten million people live in Seoul.

9. The President of South Korea is Moon Jae-in, he has been President since 2017.

10. The official language is Korean.

11. The national anthem is called 'Aegukga', which means "patriotic song'.

12. The currency in South Korea is the Korean won.

13. The national flower is the rose of Sharon, which they call Mugunghwa.

14. South Korea's national animal is the Siberian tiger.

15. South Korea celebrates 15 August as a holiday called Liberation Day.

16. South Korea is roughly the same size as England.

17. It is a little bit smaller than the state of Pennsylvania.

Historical Facts About South Korea

Seoul is home to one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The history of South Korea is full of interesting facts. This list will help you get to know a little bit more about what's gone on there in times past.

18. For a long time before the year 1905, Korea was an independent kingdom.

19. In 1905 the Japanese took over the country and ruled it

20. After the Second World War the Japanese surrendered to USA, and Korea became independent again.

21. When this happened, the country split into two halves: North and South Korea.

22. The peninsula was split into two by Russia and the US.

23. North Korea was ruled by the Soviet Union for a short period of time.

24. There is a big divide between the north and south of the peninsula because the north is generally poorer, and the south more wealthy.

25. Recently, South Korea has experienced an economic transformation. Over the last 60 years, it has become the 11th biggest economy in the world.

26. Due to it being opened to foreign markets, the country makes a lot of money exporting goods.

27. The transformation of South Korea from a developing to a developed country is often described as the 'Miracle on the Han River'.

South Korean Culture Facts

These interesting facts about Korean culture will make you want to visit. Get to know what South Korean people do and how they live their lives.

28. 81% of Koreans live in urban areas.

29. The Korean alphabet has 24 letters.

30. The main religions of South Korea are Christianity and Buddhism.

31. Most people in South Korea live by the rules of the famous philosopher Confucius.

32. Confucianism teaches people to be respectful, lead simple lives and do good.

33. The country of South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet.

34. Famous Korean companies you might have heard of are Samsung, LG Electronics and Hyundai.

35. The economy in South Korea is very healthy. They often trade with China, USA, Vietnam, Japan and Germany.

36. The highest building in Korea is the Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

37. The Lotte World Tower is also the fifth highest building in the entire world.

38. South Koreans celebrate the new year on 1 January and also celebrate the Lunar New Year in February.

39. The Lunar New Year celebrations are three days long and children get lots of gifts from their families and friends during this time.

40. Education is very respected in South Korea.

41. The city of Pyeongchang is a winter resort in the north east of South Korea. In 2018 it hosted the Winter Olympics.

42. In the Seoraksan National Park you can find the famous statue, the Great Unification Buddha. It is 48 ft high.

43. The Myeongdong area of Seoul is very popular for shopping.

44. Korean pop music is called K-pop, and is famous all around the world.

45. The famous song, 'Gangnam Style' by South Korean singer PSY was a YouTube sensation in the year 2013.

46. South Korean people consider the number four to be an unlucky number.

South Korea Facts About Food

Korean food is becoming more and more popular around the world, let us tell you why.

47. The people of Korea mostly eat rice, soya, meat and vegetables.

48. South Koreans usually eat with metal chopsticks and spoons. Most things are eaten with chopsticks, and stews, rice and soup are eaten with the spoon.

49. Kimchi is one of the most popular ingredients in Korean food. It is a fermented cabbage of leafy greens and chillies. It has a strong flavor and is good for your gut.

50. Bibimbap is one of the Korean foods that has world wide appeal. It is a mild rice dish with vegetables and a fried egg on top.

51. Jajangmyeon is a street food eaten by Korean people that is made from noodles, fried pork, vegetables and seafood in a black bean sauce.

52. Most Korean foods contain sesame seeds and chillies.

53. Korean cuisine is home to some of the spiciest food in the world.

54. One of the foods on the more unique side of Korean cuisine is beondegi, which is a street food made from the pupae of silkworms.

55. When you order a main course in a restaurant in South Korea, you will usually get five or more side dishes with it.

56. South Koreans have the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world.

Facts About The Geography Of South Korea

Traditional buildings in Korea are popular tourist attractions.

The Korean peninsula is full of beautiful scenery. These facts about the physical features of South Korea will help you to understand Korean countryside and wildlife.

57. To the east of South Korea you will find the East Sea, the sea of Japan.

58. The Seoraksan National Park is home to beautiful mountains.

59. South Korea has some enormous tides on the west coast. When the tides go out they reveal kilometers of thick mud.

60. The weather in South Korea varies, they have mild summers with heavy rainfall and cold winters.

61. To the south of the country you can find the East China Sea.

62. To the west of South Korea is the Yellow Sea.

63. The southeast of the country is close to the Japanese island called Tsushima, which is seperated by the Korea Strait.

64. The Korea Strait is a sea passage.

65. The coastline of South Korea is 2413 km in length.

66. The Nakdong river is the longest river in the country, at 510 km long.

67. The largest lake in South Korea is the Chungju lake.

68. The Chungju lake is not a natural lake, but made because of a dam being built.

69. The highest mountain in South Korea is Halla-san, or Mount Halla.

70. Halla-san is a shield volcano and is 6400 ft tall.

71. Halla-san is an active volcano, but it has not erupted for over 800 years.

72. 70% of the land in South Korea is covered in hills or mountains.

73. The famous Nam-sam mountain is visible from the city of Seoul.

74. The largest island in South Korea is called Jeju and it is south of the country.

75. There are over 3000 islands in South Korea.

76. There are a lot of endangered animal species in this part of the world. The Siberian tiger, golden eagle, Amur leopard and the lynx are some of the more famous.

Wonderful And Weird Facts About South Korea

It wouldn't be right to leave you without some crazy and cool facts about South Korea, so we picked one or two of the best to entertain you.

77. In Seoul, South Korea, bars and restaurants close at 11pm, but shopping malls stay open until four in the morning.

78. South Korean folk love to go camping, it is one of the most popular holidays.

79. The biggest department store in the world is the Shinsegae building which is over three million square feet wide.

80. Even when you are an adult, in South Korea women must ask their father for permission to hang out with friends.

81. When they get married, women need to ask their husband's permission to hang out with each other.

82. South Koreans think that your blood type is important in defining your personality.

83. Facial hair is considered dirty in South Korea. Having a beard would make it hard for you to get a job.

84. The Imperial Palace guards must wear a beard to work, but they are asked to shave and wear a fake one instead of growing one.

85. Although they decided a truce in 1935, there is still a lot of tension at the border between North and South Korea.

86. Valentine's day is a day when men receive chocolate from women, this is generally the opposite of what we are used to in the States!

87. Sun umbrellas are very popular and you will see them used by Koreans a lot when the sun is shining.

88. There is a day called 'White Day,' which is a month after Valentines day, where women traditionally receive sweets from men.

89. K-pop is usually performed by young bands that are all girls or all boys. The boys are usually quite feminine and the girls are dressed very conservatively.

90. Fruit is extremely expensive in South Korea. A watermelon can be as expensive as 40 US dollars.

91. Because of this, fruit is a very generous gift to give.

92. According to your age and if you are married or not, as a woman in South Korea you will have one of three different hairstyles.

93. Young girls have long hair, married women cut their hair short and when you get older you get a perm. This is true of almost all Korean women.

94. Age in Korea is perceived differently to age in the rest of the world.

95. When you are born you are already one year old in Korea, as the time in the womb is counted towards your age.

96. In Korea, you don't change age on your birthday, but instead you get a year older on New Year's Day each year.

97. Most restaurants will deliver food to your home in South Korea. Even McDonalds.

98. Only 3.2% of the population are overweight, which means that South Korea draws with Japan as the slimmest country in the world.

99. Korean men spend the equivalent to 900 million US dollars on makeup every year, and 20% of the population wear it regularly.

100. Adult Korean families don't spend Christmas together. Most of the time you will spend the day with a significant other, but it is not important to see your wider family.

101. It is, however, very important to see your family on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

102. Mostly, you will refer to someone by their title and not by their first name in South Korea.

103. Spam has become a surprisingly popular food in Korea.

104. In South Korea, toilet paper is considered a good housewarming gift.

105. And while you're at it, laundry detergent is also a great gift.

106. Koreans like to eat live octopus. They chop it up without cooking it and it will be served to you while it is still moving about.

107. The fastest internet speed in the world can be found in South Korea.

108. If you order a food delivery in South Korea, you can put the empty dishes outside your front door and the restaurant will pick them up after you eat.

109. Toilet paper does not go in the toilet in South Korea, it is put in bins instead.

110. There are over 250 different kinds of kimchi.

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