12+ 'It's So Cold' Jokes That Are Brr-illiant

When it's freezing outside and you miss the warm weather, make the cold worthwhile with some chilly jokes.

Very cold weather jokes that talk about how cold it is outside are always part of humorous stories worldwide.

Cold weather and hot coffee or hot soup go hand-in-hand. So you might've heard this one; 'it is so cold that Dunkin donuts are serving coffee on a stick', or 'it is so cold that I cut the tooth on my soup'.

That's probably not the ultimate truth, but that punny phrase makes one chuckle in cold weather. If you are hanging out with your family or friends or are a group of cold hitchhikers, jokes about being cold or about the freezing temperatures and the cold feet jokes will surely make the heart feel warm. Below is a list of few winter weather jokes, funny cold jokes, freezing jokes and the funniest jokes about cold weather that'll make everyone relate and laugh.

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One-Liners For Feeling Cold

Funny temperature jokes about the cold for sure are funny enough to lighten up the mood of someone under the (cold) weather. Check out these cold jokes and spread some laughs around.

1. The best way to keep your feet from getting cold is by not going around brrrfooted.

2. If you are in a freezing room and want to stay warm and comfortable, you should always stick to the corners because they are all 90 degrees.

3. If a spy catches a cold, it will be challenging to find them because they will go undercover.

4. When it's so cold that the cold makes your eyes water and they're not eyes anymore.

5. Everyone worries about dying due to the cold because there is always the possibility that hell might freeze over too.

6. Cold is the worst robber ever because you can always catch it easily no matter what happens.

It's So Cold Outside... One-Liners

Use these one-liners and stay away from the freezer and huddled up all cosy!

Pulled everything up to stay safe from the cold weather? Use these one-liners if you're feeling cold and want some relatable jokes to warm you up.

It was so cold that...

7. ...Eating an ice cream felt warm enough. When you have a freezer and huddled it up with ice creams to make the cold outside seem a little bearable, it is true enough.

8. ...I happened to chip the tooth on my soup.

9. ...My mother is giving us hot sauce instead of serving coffee.

10. ...Our words froze, and we had to take them to the fireplace to thaw them so we could listen to what we were talking about.

11. ...Starbucks started serving coffee on a stick. This one has got the best rating in the cold-related one-liners list.

12. ...My shadow ended up freezing on the sidewalk.

13. ...Pickpocketers were keeping their hands in strangers' pockets to make them warm.

14. ...Polar bears started to buy fur coats to keep themselves warm.

Jokes About How Cold It Is

Having fun with chilly weather in clothes that have pulled everything up from head to toe can be less suffocating when distracted with these jokes

It is so cold jokes have so many different angles to them. Check this cold joke list and make the cold seem a little more bearable for all.

15. What would you call a dollar that's frozen because it is so cold outside? You would call it cold, hard cash.

16. What would the furry hat say to the warm scarf during winter? "You better hang around while I go ahead."

17. What would the opposite of a cold front be? The opposite would probably be a warm back.

18. What would you call ice during the freezing weather? The skid stuff.

19. Why would Great Wooly Mammoth cross the road? Because there were no chickens during the Ice Age.

20. Why is slippery ice in freezing weather just like a music sheet that you practice? Because if you don't C sharp, you will B flat.

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