It's The School Holidays! Amazing and Affordable Summer Activities For Under £10

Girl surrounded by balloons.

Explore Banqueting House

If your kids are art lovers or history buffs, the 17-century Banqueting House is a real hidden gem. Boasting an absolutely breathtaking ceiling, painted by Peter Paul Rubens, and gorgeous neo-classical architecture, this small museum has a huge impact.

Discover all that remains of Whitehall Palace. It was once the largest palace in Europe, which was destroyed in a fire in 1698. Kids and adults alike will love exploring everything Banqueting House has to offer - it was once the location for royal banquets, ceremonies and the performance of masques - hence its grandeur. It's also where King Charles I was executed for treason in 1649.

Walk down the halls of Banqueting House

Play football golf at Golf Kingdom

Hop on the trend and take part in one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK at Golf Kingdom – one of the only bespoke built courses for the game complete with synthetic trees and everything! What is football golf? Players must kick a football into a golf-style hole. The player who gets round 18 holes with the fewest kicks of the ball wins! Who in your family is a potential football golf champ?

Enjoying Football Golf at Golf Kingdom

Follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter

Calling all Potterheads! You might be in the muggle world, but book tickets to this incredible interactive Harry Potter tour of London and you can transport yourself somewhere more magical and walk in the broomsteps of your favourite wizards and witches! Get sorted into your Hogwarts house by the Sorting Hat and earn points for your house along the way by answering the quiz questions correctly as you explore magical Harry Potter filming locations around London.

Enjoying A Harry Potter Walking Experience

Discover animal magic at Beasts of London

Walk in the pawprints of the animals who have shaped London's history and hear their stories in this fantastic new immersive tour at the Museum of London. Narrated by the creatures who once lived here, Beasts of London explores the fascinating role animals have played in shaping the capital. Walk through time, from Ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, all the way up to present day and find out how different creatures have played an important part in London's story.

Visit Museum of London's Beasts of London

Be bowled over at Kia Oval

A must for all cricket fans! Visit the world-famous cricket ground and take a tour of venue, including the field, commentary boxes, Members Pavilion and Club Museum. Plus view decades' worth of memorabilia and after the tour, enjoy a hot drink overlooking the Kia Oval outfield. Prepare for a great innings all round!

Taking a tour of Kia Oval

Have Watery Fun at The London Museum of Water and Steam

Children will love turning giant wheels and twisting huge cogs to make water move through this lovely little museum, which makes the perfect pitstop on a day out in Kew. Embark on the ‘meet the monsters’ trail; get wet in the amazing Splash Zone; and meet the museum’s mascot Splash the cat.

Follow in the Time Lord's footsteps

Take a guided tour through The Doctor’s London - from filming locations including The Globe Theatre to Battersea Power Station, you can relive favourite Doctor Who episodes. Whovians of all ages will delight in this tour, which visits over 15 locations from the iconic science-fiction show. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Daleks and Cybermen!

Find all the filming locations from Doctor Who


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