Yummy Jammy Dodger Recipe

Homemade jammy dodgers waiting to be eaten.

These classic shortbread biscuits filled with sticky raspberry jam have been a British classic for over 50 years, and for good reason! Jammie Dodgers were actually named after Beano character Roger the Dodger, and are manufactured by Burtons, who also create the classic Wagon Wheels.

In 2011, Burtons also created the 'Toffee' and the 'Choccie' but none were as popular as the classic jammie dodger recipe. We've found the best recipes to create your own jammy dodgers at home, and we guarantee you're going to love them even more than the shop-bought version!

The Ultimate Jammy Dodgers Recipe

You will need:

115g unsalted butter

115g caster sugar

A dash of vanilla extract

250g plain flour (plus extra to dust)

4tbsp seedless raspberry jam

A little icing sugar to decorate

A large egg (beaten)

Making Jammy Dodgers


Preheat your oven to 180ºC, Gas mark 4 or 160ºC Fan. Grease a large baking tray and cover with baking parchment.

Mix the butter and sugar together in a large bowl until they are creamy. Slowly add in the vanilla extract and egg.

Sieve the flour in, and mix. You should have a crumbly dough. Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface until it's smooth. If it's a little sticky, just add a little more flour to your mix.

Flatten into a cylinder shape, cover with cling film and put in the fridge for 45 minutes to chill.

Once chilled, add a little more flour to your surface, and roll out half of your dough until it's about 3mm thick. Use a round cutter (around 6cm works best) to cut 16 circles for your biscuits.

Repeat with the other half of the dough, and use a 3cm cutter to remove a circle from the middle of each of the biscuits.

Put in the fridge for another 30 minutes to chill.

Bake your biscuits for 12 minutes, or until they're crispy and have gone a golden colour. Leave them to cool on the baking tray for 5 minutes, and then place your biscuits carefully on a wire cooling rack.

Leave to cool, and then spread the biscuits that don't have a hole with jam, and place a cut-out biscuit on top of each.

Dust lightly with a sprinkle of icing sugar and your homemade jammie dodgers are ready to eat!

Jammy Dodger Serving

The Ultimate Vegan Jammy Dodger

You will need:

120g vegan butter

180g plain flour

55g caster sugar

Seedless raspberry jam

Icing sugar


Preheat your oven to 180ºC, Gas mark 4 or 160ºC Fan, and line two baking sheets with baking parchment.

Mix together the vegan butter and sugar until it's smooth and pale yellow.

Slowly add in the flour and mix until it makes a smooth ball. If your dough is a bit crumbly, keep mixing.

Knead the dough into a ball on a lightly floured surface, wrap in some clingfilm and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.

Once chilled, roll out your dough so it's 3mm thick, and cut out circle shapes with a 6cm cutter.

Cut a smaller circle from half to make the tops of your biscuits.

Place on the baking sheets and bake for 15 minutes, turning the baking sheets once to make sure they cook evenly.

Leave your biscuits to cool, and then spoon the jam on the top of the full biscuits, and place the biscuits with a hole on top. Dust with icing sugar and tuck in!

Jam for Jammy Dodger

Tips and Tricks

If you don't have a mini cutter, try using the end of a piping nozzle to cut the centres out of your jammy dodgers.

If you want to make the jam as thick as shop-bought jammy dodgers, pop half a jar into a saucepan and cook on a low heat until it's reduced. Leave to cool and then spread on your dodgers!

For a fancy version, try using black cherry jam instead of raspberry. It'll give your recipe an extra special edge!

If you're making your cookies for a special someone, carefully cut out the letters of their name instead of the smaller circles, and you can give them a personalised treat!

Allergy substitutes

Stick to the vegan recipe if any of your family can't eat egg or dairy.

Substitute the flour for gluten-free flour for gluten allergies.

You can also swap out the raspberry jam for a jam of your choice, or chocolate spread to recreate the 'Choccie'.

Serving suggestions

Serve your jammy dodgers on a pretty plate with a napkin and still warm. We love them with hot milk or hot chocolate for kids, and a cup of warm tea for grown-ups!



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