25 Japanese Names Meaning Water For Your Baby

There are lists of trendy names, cute names, and names in Japanese meaning water and that is simply to begin.

There are so many beautiful names from Japan, it has such a lyrical language and such an important and strong historical tradition of poetry.

If you're looking for names that mean water, you're in luck. Japanese water names like Nami (which means wave) and Ran (which means water lily) both have a beautiful ring to them.

These extraordinary names are particular as well as be considered Japanese and socially important names that conjure sentiments of peacefulness. So let's have look at Japanese names signifying "water" that may summon considerations of calming waves or sea vibes. There are some that are recognizable and others that could be absolutely new.

There are many reasons to give your baby a Japanese name, maybe to honor your heritage, or maybe you just love Japan. Water names can also be so special, as water denotes the calm, life, and renewal. Maybe you live near the sea or you met your partner near the sea, maybe you just love to hear the ocean at night. Why not give your child a name that speaks to one of the most incredible parts of our beautiful planet? We are, after all the blue planet.

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Japanese Names That Mean Water For Girls

Japanese names that mean water are popular among parents

Kai is a Japanese name, it can be taken as a gender-neutral name with different meanings including, ocean, sea, shell, restoration, recovery, and water.

Japanese child names frequently have nature-based centrality or convey messages attached to family and society. They will in general be firmly appended to their meanings so that the importance of somebody's name is straightfoward if you've heard it given previously. Numerous Japanese child names additionally have various implications because of the character structure of the Japanese language, which is important for the fun of bestowing a Japanese infant name onto your child! We additionally realize somebody named Kiyomi whose name was inspired by Kiyomizu-Dera, a well known Buddhist Temple in Kyoto which is popular for its drinking fountains which according to legend offer increased life span, love, or achievement in education to the drinker. Wow!

1. Akua (Japanese origin) meaning "water". The name is influenced by the Latin word aqua.

2. Anna (Japanese origin) meaning "love" or "water".  Th name also has other meanings like graceful, peaceful, or quiet.  

3. Doremi (Japanese origin) meaning "waterway or "channel". The other meanings for the name are beautiful and pity.

4. Eimi (Japanese origin) means "sea," "ocean" or "water". The name Eimi also refers to the meaning as beautiful scripture (writing).

5. Erena (Japanese origin) meaning "water route". The name is one of the most popular Japanese names.

6. Kazemi (Japanese origin) meaning "wind" or "water". The other meaning of the name denotes one who controls his anger.

7. Kiyomizu (Japanese origin) meaning "water" or "auspicious". One of the popular names that mean water or pure water.

8. Maho (Japanese origin) meaning "to cross a body of water". The meaning of the name is also combined with love and affection.

9. Manahimeko (Japanese origin) meaning "a lake (body of water)". The name is one of the best options for a girl.

10. Ryūjin (Japanese origin) meaning "God of the Sea". The name will be the best suit if you believe in Japanese mythology.

Japanese Names That Mean Water For Boys

Although the Japanese word for "moon" is normally articulated Tsuki, its underlying consonant blend gets mellowed in the name Mizuki, which can signify "lovely moon" or "water moon".

New parents or would-be parents need to find the best name for their infant boy or girl, a name which implies something great or is particular, like their extraordinary child. A particular, striking name makes the individual more memorable in our packed classrooms. We think water names work really well for this as they connect your child to the water and the sea, something crucial to life with great power but is also awe inspiring whilst calm.

Did you know: the name Izumi means "spring" or "fountain"? We think it's a lovely name. Why not consider a baby name from this rundown of famous, charming, and extraordinary Japanese names for boys. They have a tune like melodic ring to them, they're profound, and they honor a society with a long standing history and global respect.

11. Dansui (Japanese origin) meaning "water" or "ocean". The name denotes a soothing pleasure.

12. Hayase (Japanese origin)  means "waterfall". The name meaning is one of the loveliest.

13. Isui (Japanese origin) meaning "idea," or "thoughts" combined with the meaning "water".

14. Junto (Japanese origin) means "pure like water". The name's meaning also refers to truth.

15. Minamoto (Japanese origin) meaning "fountainhead" or "river source". This name can be the perfect fit for your darling baby boy.

16. Mizuto (Japanese origin) means "truth" or "water". This is one of the most cutest boy names.

17. Mondo (Japanese origin) means "water," or "lord". We love this name, it sounds fancy!

Gender Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Water

There are plenty of beautiful Japanese boy names that mean water

Naming your child is serious — it's something they'll live with for the remainder of their lives. Thus, finding a name with a unique significance is a phenomenal thought. If water has consistently been critical to you, you could find a baby name that is linked to it. Numerous societies hold water in high regard. In Japan, the word water is the symbol of fluid, streaming, and the formless things on the planet.

Guardians name their children after numerous things, for example, religion, customs, celebrations, nature, etc. Nature-inspired significant names have a particular and one of a kind character that speaks to life. There isn't anything without water, and the vast majority of the earth is covered by water. Seas, oceans, waterways, lakes, and other water bodies are related to the sentiments of enthusiasm, serenity, and unwinding. The water bodies are likewise an image of solidarity and control. The streams and seas can clear away the entire land with their stream yet they stream in a controlled way to upgrade life and living things.

18. Afuru (Japanese origin) meaning "to flood," "overflow" or "water". This is one of the popular names of Japanese origin.  

19. Aomi (Japanese origin) meaning "water" or "ocean". It is one of the most loved names in Japan.

20. Etsumi (Japanese origin) meaning "(cold) water". The name is one of the unique gender-neutral names in Japan.

21. Hasumi (Japanese origin) meaning "sea," "ocean" or "water". The other meaning of the name is the wave.

22. Hinami (Japanese origin) meaning "ocean" or "water". The name is one of the highly unusable names of Japanese origin.

23. Hiroka (Japanese origin) meaning "sea" or "ocean".  This one of the coolest names for your child.

24. Kimi (Japanese origin) meaning "beautiful" or "water". The name also refers to joy.

25. Mihiro (Japanese origin) meaning "water" or "stream".  Any parent can undoubtedly go for this beautiful name for their kid.

We hope this article has been helpful to you in finding a name for your child, or maybe even for a fictional character. If you love swimming, sailing, kayaking, rowing, or just being with nature, (or your character does!) we hope this brought you some inspiration.

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