151 Jaws Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Are Razor Sharp

Don't let 'Jaws' put you off surfing, shark attacks are rarer than being hit by lightning.

‘Jaws’, 1975, is an American horror/ thriller movie.

The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, is an adaptation of the novel by Peter Benchley’s ‘Jaws’. It is one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema.  

The plot depicts the story of a trio who sets out to kill the great white who has been attacking beachgoers. It was the first major motion picture to be shot on the ocean and gained great recognition immediately.

Encouraged by the success of the Shark Trivia and 80s Movie Trivia, a rich set of 150+ questions on ‘Jaws’ awaits you. Are you up for the ultimate quiz? Well, then buckle up and go ahead!

Jaws Movie Trivia Questions

Were you one of the massive ‘Jaws’ fandom back in the day? How precise can you be with this Jaws trivia? How carefully do you remember the details of this work of art by Spielberg? Chop chop! Answer all the jaws trivia quiz correctly to know!

1. Question: What is the name of the Shark?

Answer: Bruce

2. Question: Who is Quint?

Answer: Shark hunter

3. Question: Where does the plot begin?

Answer: The beach.

4. Question: What is the boat called?

Answer: Orca.

5. Question: What does Chief Brody toss into the Shark’s mouth as it starts entering the sinking boat?

Answer: Oxygen tank

6. Question: Who are the main three?

Answer: Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint.

7. Question: What causes the Police Chief Brody to accept that the beach is no longer safe for the public?

Answer: The shark attack on Alex Kintner.

8. Question: Who is Ben Gardner?

Answer: A local fisherman

9. Question: How many sons does Chief Brody have?

Answer: 2

10. Question: Who among the trio has an aversion towards water?

Answer: Martin Brody

11. Who plays Matt Hooper?

Answer: Richard Dreyfuss

12. Question: Name the island.

Answer: Amity Island

13. Question: What are the names of Martin Brody’s two sons?

Answer: Michael Brody and Sean Brody.

14. Question: Who was the first shark attack victim?

Answer: Chrissie Watkins

15. Question: Where do the events take place?

Answer: Amity Island

16. Question: What is written in white on the hoarding for Amity Island at the beginning of the picture?

Answer: 50th Annual Regatta July 4th-10th

17. Question: The full shark is seen at what time mark?

Answer: An hour and 21 minutes into the movie.

18. Question: Why does Martin Brody want to close down the beaches?

Answer: Due to the shark attacks.

19. Question: Why does Quint smash the radio?

Answer: He did not want to deviate from his task at hand – to kill the Shark.

20. Question: Who is Alex Kintner?

Answer: The second victim.

21. Question: Do they catch the culprit in the beginning?

Answer: No. They catch a tiger shark instead.

22. Question: Why does Alex’s mother blame Martin Brody?

Answer: Due to Brody’s failure in taking measures against the attacks.

23. Question: What does the mayor say ‘Amity’ means?

Answer: Friendship

24. Question: Whose corpse is revealed as Hooper inspects the abandoned boat?

Answer: Ben Gardener

25. Question: What kind of ornamentation is found in Quint’s home?

Answer: Shark jaws

26. Question: Who plays the cameo role of a newscaster?

Answer: Peter Benchley

27. Question: What indoor game is Hooper seen playing on the boat?

Answer: Cards

28. Question: Who said the line, “Not like going down to the pond and chasing bluegills and tommycods”?

Answer: Quint.

29. Question: What is the occupation of Matt Hooper?

Answer: Oceanographer

30. Question: Who among the trio dies?

Answer: Quint

31. Question: What does Hooper tie to the spear before firing it into the Shark?

Answer: A yellow barrel

32. Question: Who gets inside the shark cage?

Answer: Matt Hooper

33. Question: Do the trio plan to poison the Shark?

Answer: Yes

34. Question: How does Quint die?

Answer: Shark attack

35. Question: What is the total number of shark deaths that occurred?

Answer: 6

36. Question: The trio estimated the Shark to be how long?

Answer: 25 feet.

37. Question: How did the trio kill the Shark?

Answer: Shooting it with a rifle after tossing in an oxygen tank into its mouth.

38. Question: Who was the one who really killed the Shark?

Answer: Martin Brody

39. Question: Who played the role of Martin Brody?

Answer: Roy Scheider

40. Question: The famous line, "You're gonna need a bigger boat,” was uttered by -?

Answer: Scheider

41. Question: Which famous actor portrayed the character of Quint?

Answer: Robert Shaw

42. Which actor portrayed the character of Ben Gardner?

Answer: Craig Kingsbury

43. Question: Does Charlie die in an attempt to catch the great white?

Answer: No.

44. Question: What makes Ellen Brody agree with Martin Brody and yell “out of the water now!”?

Answer: She happens to notice a picture of a shark attacking a boat and realizes her husband was right.

45. Question: As Quint sings, how old does he say Mary Lee was when she died?

Answer: 103 years old

46. Question: What celebration is happening on Amity Island?

Answer: The 4th of July

47. Question: What was the color of the curtains seen in Brody’s house?

Answer: Yellow

48. Question: Who is Tippet?

Answer: A dog

49. Question: “Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars”. Who says these lines?

Answer: Mayor Larry Vaughn

50. Question: What is seen written in the vehicle Chief Brody drives off in at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: “Amity Police Dept.”

51. Question: What does Brody’s wife ask if he took as he is about to board the boat Hooper and Quint?

Answer: Dramamine

52. Question: What color tee is Mr. Quint seen wearing when Hooper and Brody visit his home?

Answer: Grey.

53. Question: Where does the boy who entailed Chrissie Watkins to the waters before she died say he is from?

Answer: Hartford

54. Question: What solution does Hooper suggest to confirm if they had the real Shark?

Answer: Hooper suggested they cut open the creature and see what was inside its stomach.

55. Question: Does Quint die in the film?

Answer: Yes.

56. Question: Where does Ellen Brody say she put the extra pair of glasses at?

Answer: In his black socks.

57. Question: How does Brody reply to Hooper asking him how his day was?

Answer: “Swell.”

58. Question: At what length in the water do most people get attacked by sharks?

Answer: In three feet of water from about 10 feet off the beach.

59. Question: What is the color of the couch inside the boat?

Answer: Red

60. Question: When Quint says he caught a 16-footer off Montauk once, how many barrels does he say he had to stick in it in order to bring it down?

Answer: 2

61. Question: What food item does Hooper offer Brody while they are on the boat?

Answer: A pretzel

62. Question: What is the color of the box Quint opens in the boat?

Answer: Dark green

63. Question: What item does Quint say he’s seen a shark eat before?

Answer: A rocking chair

64. Question: Who amongst the trio is seen constantly eating?

Answer: Mr. Quint

65. Question: As Quint opens his box, how many sets of rope is seen in it?

Answer: 3

66. Question: Where in the film was the word ‘LOWRANCE’ written?

Answer: On the fish finder in the boat.

67. Question: What does ‘the porker’ refer to in the movie?

Answer: The great white Shark

68. Question: What is the color of the helicopter seen flying around the beach?

Answer: Yellow

69. Question: What creature does Hooper say bit through his wetsuit?

Answer: A moray eel

70. Question: Who is said to have taken part in an arm-wrestling contest?

Answer: Quint

71. Question: Where does Quint say the arm wrestling contest was held?

Answer: San Francisco

72. Question: What drink was Quint drinking?

Answer: Narragansett Beer

73. Question: After Quint finishes his drink, he throws the can away - true or false?

Answer: False. He crushes it.

74. Question: Which animal dies of a shark attack?

Answer: A dog

Jaws Trivia Facts

Jaws is one of the most popular horror films of all time.

You may be a master of the plot but want to know how well you are aware of the truth of the events that happened around the entire making of the movie? Dive into these Jaws facts trivia now!

75. Question: The shooting took place during which all months of the year?

Answer: May and June

76. Question: What was the combined cost of the mechanical sharks?

Answer: $225,000

77. Question: During filming whose head got stuck in the mechanical Shark’s mouth?

Answer: Star director, George Lucas

78. Question: Which year did the film ‘Jaws’ come out?

Answer: 1975

79. Question: Whose dog did a cameo in the film?

Answer: Spielberg’s dog Elma made a cameo appearance as Martin Brody’s dog.

80. Question: Which director was previously set to direct the film, ‘Jaws’?

Answer: Dick Richards

81. Question: What were the other names proposed by the author, Peter Benchley, for his book ‘Jaws’?

Answer: “Silence in the Water”, “Wha’s That Noshin’ On My Laig”, “The Jaws of Leviathan”.

82. Question: Steven Spielberg was not present during the shot of the final scene in the film – true or false?

Answer: True.

83. Question: Where did Scheider first learn of the role?

Answer: At a party, he happened to hear Steven Spielberg talking about it.

84. Question: At what location did Steven Spielberg re-shoot the scene where the corpse of Ben Gardner was discovered?

Answer: In Verna Fields’ swimming pool.

85. Question: How much did the film make in the box office?

Answer: A record of $471 million

86. Question: The movie is widely said to be the favorite movie of which Cuban personality?

Answer: Fidel Castro

87. Question: Which are the sole 2 notes used in the much popular ‘Jaws’ theme score, by John Williams?

Answer: E and F

88. Question: Spielberg and Dreyfuss wanted to be a part of 'Jaws 2' but was unable to due to their commitment to another movie. Which was the movie?

Answer: 'Close Encounters'.

89. Question: Charlton Heston almost played the part of Martin Brody – True or false?

Answer: True

90. Question: The film, ‘Jaws’, by Steven Spielberg is rated PG-13 – true or false?

Answer: False. The film is rated PG even after this work of art features some pretty gruesome scenes and shots.

91. Question: Who were the sharks named after?

Answer: After Bruce Ramer, Steven Spielberg’s lawyer.

92. Question: How old was Steven Spielberg when he directed ‘Jaws’?

Answer: 28 years.

93. Question: Was the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”, improvised?

Answer: Yes, by Roy Scheider

94. Questions: How much did the mechanical sharks weigh?

Answer: 1.2 tons

95. Question: Who helped Robert Shaw with his accent for the movie?

Answer: Craig Kingsbury

96. Question: Into which character’s dialogues did the respective actor incorporate old sea stories told in the set by Craig Kingsbury?

Answer: Robert Shaw

97. Question: What true incident was ‘Jaws’ inspired by?

Answer: Active warfare against a killer shark in New Jersey, 1916.

98. Question: What character did Murry Hamilton play?

Answer: Mayor Larry Vaughn

99. Question: ‘Jaws’ began its production fully prepared – true or false?

Answer: False. The film began its production without a script, cast and sharks.

100. Question: The real Shark featured in the film came from which part of the globe?

Answer: Florida

101. Question: What type of Shark is Jaws?

Answer: The great white Shark

Jaws Four Trivia

Sure you’re the unbeatable jaws fan? Answer these and see for yourself!

102. Question: Name the 4th film of 'Jaws'.

Answer: ‘Jaws: The Revenge’

103. Question: In which ‘Jaws’ movie does Michael Cain star?

Answer: ‘Jaws: The Revenge’

104. Question: What makes the Shark explode in the fourth ‘Jaws’ film?

Answer: The jolt of electricity, sent by Micheal, causes the Shark to leap out of the water, in immense pain.

105. Question: Who is the returning character and actor from the previous ‘Jaws’ films, ‘Jaws and ‘Jaws 2’, to ‘Jaws 4’?

Answer: The character of Ellen Brody, played by Lorraine Gary.

106. Question: Who directed the fourth Jaws movie?

Answer: Joseph Sargent

107: Question: Why did Micheal Cain agree to star in the fourth ‘Jaws’ movie?

Answer: Cain was lured in by the idea of having to shoot it in the Caribbean and also made a vacation out of it with his family.

108. Question: The number of shark deaths in ‘Jaws 4’ is?

Answer: 3

Jaws Three Trivia

Are you saying you haven't missed any from the series? Let’s see how well you were watching.

109. Question: When did the film ‘Jaws 3-D’ come out?

Answer: The year 1983

110. Question: Who directed Jaws 3-D?

Answer: Joe Alves

111. Question: Which Academy Award winner starred in ‘Jaws’ 3?

Answer: Louis Gossett Jr.

112. Question: In which year was the original sharks movie ‘Jaws’ released?

Answer: 1975

113. Question: Where did the film ‘Jaws 3-D’ take place?

Answer: Sea World Amusement park

114. Question: Who is the author of the bestselling novel ‘Jaws’, from which the first film was adapted?

Answer: Peter Benchley

115. Question: The number of shark deaths in ‘Jaws 3’ is?

Answer: 5

Jaws two Trivia

Was looking out for every detail in the series a piece of cake for you? Get this quiz right to know if you’re the No.1 fan!

116. Question: Who amongst the cast claimed that they were at a point circled by real-life hammerhead sharks?

Answer: Marc Gilpin

117. Question: What was ‘Jaws 2’s popular tagline?

Answer: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . . . "

118. Question: The film was briefly the highest-grossing sequel in history until Rocky II (1979) was released the succeeding year - true or false?

Answer: True

119. Question: Who coined the tagline of the film, "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . . . "?

Answer: Andrew J. Kuehn

120. Question: While shooting ‘Jaws 2’, a different location other than Martha’s vineyard was selected - true or false?

Answer: False. The production crew stuck to shooting at Martha’s Vineyard as their perfect backdrop.

121. Question: Who co-wrote ‘Jaws’ 2?

Answer: Carl Gottlieb

122. Question: Who was the music composer?

Answer: John Williams

123. Question: The number of shark deaths in ‘Jaws 2” is?

Answer: 7

124. Question: How much did Jaws 2 cost the studio?

Answer: $30 million

125. Question: Jaws 2 came out the same day as which other blockbuster movie?

Answer: Grease

126. Question: In the second part of the series, what does Brody mistake a school of bluefish for?

Answer: Sharks

127. Question: Who plays the role of Jackie Peters?

Answer: Donna Wilkes

128. Question: Where does Brody, Sean, and Jackie await rescue at the end of the plot?

Answer: Cable Junction

Hardest 'Jaws' Filming Trivia

We agree you know about the movie, but how well versed are you when it comes to the behind the scenes of this all-time thriller? The interesting facts and the lesser-known ones, we have it all. Get through this intense round of Jaws trivia to check how hardcore a Jaws fan you are!

129. Question: Who designed ‘Jaws’ iconic poster image?

Answer: Roger Kastel

130. Question: Who composed the iconic ‘Jaws’ theme music?

Answer: John Williams.

131. Question: Who was thrown off the set of the film one day of shooting after disagreeing with the climax?

Answer: Peter Benchley

132. Question: What happened to the boat used in the movie?

Answer: It sank.

133. Question: Where was the movie filmed?

Answer: Martha’s Vineyard.

134. Question: Who were the two shark experts hired for the movie?

Answer: Ron and Valeri Taylor

135. Question: In the movie, what role does Lorraine Gary play?

Answer: Ellen Brody, wife of Martin Brody.

136. Question: Who directed ‘Jaws’?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

137. Question: The Indianapolis monologue by Quint was put in the shot by whom?

Answer: Screenwriter, Howard Sackler

138. Question: Who initially turned down the offer for one of the lead roles of the movie?

Answer: Richard Dreyfuss

139. Question: Where is Martha’s Vineyard located?

Answer: Massachusetts

140. Question: Shooting the film was only supposed to take 52 days, although it went on for how many days?

Answer: 155 days.

141. Question: Jaws’ ending was a nod to which the previous movie of Spielberg’s?

Answers: ‘Duel’

142. Question: Who was the first choice to play the role of the character, fisherman Quint?

Answer: Lee Marvin

143. Questions: How come Steven Spielberg moved the production to Martha’s Vineyard?

Answer: Due to the stormy weather in Nantucket, the place Spielberg previously planned on shooting at.

144. Question: How many mechanical sharks were used for the film?

Answer: 3

145. Question: The line, "You're gonna need a bigger boat”, in Steven Spielberg’s film, ‘Jaws’, was improvised by whom?

Answer: Roy Scheider

146. Question: All the three mechanical sharks used the same names in the film by Steven Spielberg - true or false?

Answer: True

147. This movie is the only movie John Williams and Steven Spielberg worked together for - true or false?

Answer: False. The big white’s thriller movie ‘Jaws’ was only the second movie that featured their collaboration, and they'd do many more films together.

148. Question: Who was the director of photography for the series?

Answer: Bill Butler

149. Question: John Williams won the Academy Award for the Best Original Score for which ‘Jaws’ movie?

Answer: ‘Jaws’

150. Question: Steven Spielberg was hired to be director because of which of his previous works?

Answer: 'Duel'

151. Question: Who thought ‘Jaws’ would destroy his/her career?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

We hope you enjoyed this Jaws trivia, why not look at scary movies trivia or animal trivia.



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