Jedi Approved Fun Star Wars Craft Ideas

These fun craft ideas are all approved for your mini jedis.

May the Fourth be with you! The most important day on the calendar for any Star Wars fan is coming up, meaning it's time to start planning how to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Arts and crafts activities are a brilliant way for kids to get into the creative spirit.

Kids will love being able to let their imaginations run wild and bring the magic of the movies alive with these great Star Wars crafts for kids. Whether you are looking to build toys for your kids to play with, or decorations for a Star Wars-themed party, these crafts and activities for kids are sure to bring the Force into your home...

Make Your Own BB-8

BB-8 has been one of the most popular Star Wars characters from the recent trilogy of films. If your little ones love the little droid then, why not make your very own? Best of all, the only supplies you need are paper plates, a few craft materials and this free printable. All you need to do is cut one paper plate in half, and then trim the edges so you have a semi-circle. Then, print the markings for the droid, following the instructions on this page. After that, decorate the paper plates with the markings and glue the pieces together to make it look just like BB-8! As well as being one of the easier crafts to make, this one can be loads of fun for kids to play with, or can be used as a decoration if you're planning a Star Wars-themed party for your kids.

Craft Some DIY Recycled Droids

For more Star Wars craft ideas, why not use the left-over recyclables from around the house? Egg cartons, paper cups and tin foil can all be used to create your own droids. Kids can try to replicate their favourite Star Wars droids, or get creative and imagine their own characters.This is one Star Wars activity which promises endless fun, as your kids will be able to search all around the house for new parts to build their droids with!

Make A Wrapping Paper Lightsaber

If you're looking for Star Wars crafts you can make with materials you have lying around the house, then a wrapping paper lightsaber is a must. You just need the inner tube from the wrapping paper, plus some coloured paper and tin-foil. Just choose the colour of your kids' lightsaber - blue or green if they're a Jedi, or red if you have a budding Darth Vader - and wrap it around the tube. Then, do the same with some tin foil at the bottom to craft the lightsaber handle. Secure the paper with tape, and your young ones will be ready to test their lightsaber skills all May 4th!  

DIY Yoda Ears

Whether it's the original Jedi master Yoda from the movies or the hugely popular Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian series, these ears are one of the best (and easiest) paper crafts to allow kids to dress up as the most popular Star Wars characters on Star Wars Day. All you need is some paper, a printer and a piece of card to use as the headband. You can either draw and cut out your own Yoda ears, or print out this easy template. Then just stick the ears directly onto the headband, and you have your very own Jedi master costume! Kids will love being able to pair their Star Wars crafts up - why not pair them together with your DIY lightsaber for the full Jedi look?

Make A Sponge-Printed Death Star

As well as being the Empire's base in the original Star Wars film, this craft Death Star will make a fantastic decoration for a Star Wars Day party. Just cut out a circle (it can be however big or small you want) of cardboard and then paint it either silver or grey. Then, draw a black line across the middle to make sure it looks just like the original. Then, cut up some sponges (you can use dishwasher sponges or a bath sponge) into different sizes. Dab them in black or grey paint and then print on the surface of the Death Star to make it look as much like the original as possible. Finally, cut out a small circle of black or grey paper, and glue over the top right corner to give the effect of the superlaser from the movies! Just try to make sure no Rebel pilots get near this Death Star!

Craft Star Wars Toilet Roll Tube Characters

In these unusual times, you may have to get resourceful with your craft materials - in which case, these toilet roll tube characters are perfect Star Wars crafts for kids. The only materials you need are the inner cardboard tubes from toilet roll and some art supplies - paint will work best, but coloured pens and pencils will also do the trick. Kids will love creating their favourite Star Wars characters such as R2-D2 and Darth Vader. Just follow these easy instructions on how to fold and glue the cardboard so it stays in place. Then, stencil the details of your favourite character onto the front and paint in the lines. This will be great for young ones who want to recreate their favourite scenes from the films, or simply as a decoration.

Make Your Own Ewoks

One of the best-loved species from the world of Star Wars, these craft Ewoks will allow you to have your very own set of everyone's favourite cuddly little creatures from the Moon of Endor. You will need a cardboard tube, googly eyes and coloured felt along with some felt glue. Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to make your own little group of Ewoks. These might be a little bit complex for kids to make by themselves, so this is one of those activities you can do together with your kids to give them a helping hand. Kids will love being able to play with their set of Ewoks once they are finished, as they can use them to recreate their favourite Star Wars scenes, or to think up new adventures!

Craft Your Own Chewbacca

Creating your very own version of everyone's favourite Wookiee will be loads of fun for young Star Wars enthusiasts. The Millenium Falcon's co-pilot can be made with a combination of craft materials and objects lying around the house,  making this great fun for kids. For activities like this, it might be best to supervise your young ones, as some of the steps might be a bit tricky for younger kids. This guide instructs you to use a rock to craft a paperweight Chewbacca, but you could use any other material you have handy as the base. Kids will love this little Chewie, and it will be a perfect craft decoration for your Star Wars parties or movie nights.

child using crayons to colour

Paper Plate Porgs

From one set of brilliant Star Wars creatures to another, this is one of the craft ideas which will be a hit with fans of the recent films. These cute creatures from The Last Jedi were loved by Star Wars fans, and you will be able to make your own replicas with just a paper plate and a few supplies.  As well as some coloured construction paper, you will need some grey and orange paint and black pipe cleaners. Just follow the instructions on this page to make these amazing Star Wars crafts. These Porgs are sure to be a great decoration for a Star Wars Party, as well as an easy way to practice paper crafts for your kids.

Craft Your Own X-Wing Starfighter

For another way to use your Star Wars crafts to recycle old materials in your house, you can build an X-Wing Starfighter from old cardboard you have leftover - follow these easy instructions to build Luke Skywalker's famous fighter ship. Combine with your other Star Wars crafts (such as the Death Star) to recreate some of the most famous scenes from the Star Wars universe, or craft a whole fleet if your young ones want to explore the galaxy!



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