70 Jeep Names That Are Cool, Cute, Or Funny

Choose the best name for your jeep.

If you are a proud jeep owner or its biggest admirer, you’d know personalizing your jeep is quite a big deal.

From accent colors to the interior and windshield stickers, we add a lot of detailing to make our vehicle extra special. After all, jeep literally means “just enough essential parts”.

Naming a jeep is also a big hit among car enthusiasts. And why not, it allows you to uniquely personalize your new baby and amplifies the memories that you are going to create with it. If you want to know what to name your Jeep, go through our options below. Did you know black is the most popular Jeep color? But they come in all shades, why not choose a name based on the color?

While most Jeep owners opt for cool names for their cars, but that's not the only way. You can also nickname your vehicle by giving it a powerful, cute or an altogether funny name.

Unable to decide a name? Need some inspiration? Well, we are here to help you out. Here’s our all-inclusive list of some the best, unique and amazingly adorable jeep names that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Let's check them out. Also check out our articles on car names for boys and car names for girls.

Cool Jeep Name List

Pick from the coolest Jeep names.

A perfect way to reflect the performance of your jeep or the nature of its owner, these cool jeep names are perfect for a tough and a strong jeep. These badass jeep names give a clear ‘Do not mess with me’ signal to everyone.

1. Ace of Race, meaning "one who always wins".

2. Alpha, meaning "a dominant person".

3. Atom, meaning "one who cannot be divided".

4. Avenger, meaning "someone who takes vengeance".

5. Beast, meaning "a dangerous animal".

6. Bigfoot, meaning "a prominent or influential person".

7. Black Panther, meaning "one who’s dangerous".

8. Blitz, meaning "one who attacks suddenly".

9. Cruiser, meaning "mover".

10. Dazzler, meaning "one who overpowers".

11. Decible, a name used to explain "the intensity of sound".

12. Duster, meaning "one who’s rough and strong".

13. Earthquake, meaning "a powerful person".

14. Eve, meaning "someone who gives life".

15. Fearless, meaning "someone who is not afraid of anyone".

16. Fiery Wheels, meaning "flame".

17. Firebird, meaning "powerful".

18. Flames, meaning "fire".

19. Ghost Rider, derived from a fictional character meaning "one who punishes".

20. Glider, meaning "one who’s capable of touching soaring heights".

21. Grudge, meaning "one who holds resentment towards others".

22. Guardian Angel, because it is the source of your happiness.

23. Hercules, meaning "one who’s very strong".

24. High Voltage, meaning "high on power".

25. Hotwheels, meaning "someone who sets wheels in motion".

26. Hulk, meaning "very huge".

27. Hustler, meaning "someone who’s very aggressive".

28. Intimidator, meaning "one who scares everyone".

29. Knight Rider, meaning "someone who’s known for acts of violence". A cool name for a black Jeep Wrangler.

30. Mammoth, meaning "very big".

31. Maximus, meaning "huge".

32. Missile, meaning "a destruction weapon".

33. Nitro, meaning "a person who loves to live".

34. Nyala, meaning "attainer".

35. Offroad Ranger, "meaning an adventure-ready vehicle".

36. Optimus Prime, a fictional character who meaning "one who intends to destroy".

37. Orcus, meaning "God of the underworld".

38. Orion, derived from the name of a prominent constellation visible from across the world.

39. Panther, name after an American wild cat who’s very powerful.

40. Paradox, meaning "a person that possesses contradictory qualities".

41. Phantom, meaning "not real".

42. Phoenix, meaning "remarkably unique".

43. Piranha, meaning "fierce or dangerous".

44. Raiden, derived from the name of Japanese God of thunder and lightning.

45. Rusty Dusty, meaning "one’s who’s rough and tough".

46. Samurai, meaning "a Japanese sword".

47. Saturn, named after Roman God of Harvest, also a planet of solar system.

48. Simba, meaning "lion".

49. Skull Crusher, meaning "violent and very powerful".

50. Sniper, meaning "dweller of pasture".

51. Spartan, meaning "simple".

52. Speedy, meaning "very fast".

53. Stallion, meaning "male horse".

54. Storm, meaning "tempest".

55. Surf Slayer, meaning "a violent one".

56. Thunderbolt, meaning "flash of lightning".

57. Titan, meaning "powerful big man".

58. Tornado, meaning "cyclone".

59. Unstoppable, meaning "continuous".

60. Vroom, meaning "a machine at high speed".

61. Vulcan, meaning "to flash".

62. Warlock, meaning "someone who practices witchcraft".

63. Zenith, meaning "most powerful".

64. Zorro, meaning "a doglike fox".

Funny Car Names For Your Jeep

Want to bring in the fun element in life or take pun at the irony of life? Then here are a couple of funny jeep names to compliment your cheerful and lively nature.

65. Angry Bird, meaning “red and wild".

66. Big Mac, meaning “strong and powerful".

67. Budweiser, named after your "favorite beer brand".

68. Chitty Chatty, meaning "who’s loves talking all the time".

69. Covid, meaning “someone who always ruins your vacations”.

70. Drama Queen, meaning “someone you simply just can’t get over".

71. Fart, meaning “someone who keeps bumping and bursting”.

72. Flash, an exaggerated name for a slow car.

73. Flattery, meaning “something that makes you proud”.

74. Gold Digger, meaning “something that costed you a bomb”.

75. Road Queen, meaning “someone who’s born to rule the roads”.

76. Lazy Bones, named after its speed.

77. Loki, named after the fictional character in the Marvel.

78. Nemo, meaning “the man”.

79. Oldie, meaning “very old”.

80. Pumpkin, named after its color or shape.

81. Rusty Beetle, meaning "a red bug that has rust spots on it".

82. Stepchild, because it’s your favorite child in the family.

83. Tesla, meaning “a gasoline car”.

84. Whiskey, meaning “something that never lets you down”.

Cute Names Of Jeeps

Pick a cute name for your jeep.

Amp up the cuteness of your new vehicle with these adorable and creative jeep names. Inspired from your favorite sports team, jeep color, movie star, fiction character or brand, these names allow you to build a unique personality for your jeep.

85. Beetle, meaning “a red bug”.

86. Big data, meaning “something that has huge storage capacity”.

87. Charger, named after your favorite animal.

88. Chrysler, named after a popular luxury brand.

89. Dash, named after your favorite car part.

90. Desert, because it’s made to rule roads even with tough weather conditions.

91. Ebony, girl name for a white car.

92. Fiona, name of Princess Fiona from Shrek. One of the cool girl names for a car.

93. Hacker, named after a popular buzz word. One of the cool black car names.

94. Ice Queen, a popular name for blue jeep. A lovely choice while naming cars.

95. Le Blanc, a French word for ‘The White One’.

96. Lightning McQueen, named after your favorite fictional car.

97. Moby-Dick, name of a legendary white whale. A lovely name for cars.

98. Rapunzel, named after your favorite comic character. One of the favorite car names for girls.

99. Red Velvet, because you own a beautiful red jeep. One of the perfect red names for cars.

100. Schumacher, named after your favorite F1 driver. One of the awesome names for a jeep.

101. Sugar, because your jeep is white in color. One of the best names of white cars.

102. The Rock, named after your favorite wrestler. One of the cool Jeeps names.

103. Undertaker, named after your favorite wrestler. An awesome name for your Jeep Wrangler.

104. Venice, named after your favorite city.

105. Zeus, named after the famous Greek God. This is one if the cool car names.

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