100 Jewish Boy Names With Meanings

Jewish baby names for boys are rich in culture and tradition, making an interesting choice for your baby boy.

Naming your child is one of the most crucial decisions you will get to make for them.

Names represent the identity of your child and you have to choose it with care. It can be exhausting, especially when there is a vast list of names to choose from.

Jewish name is the foundation for Jewish identity. Jewish names have a deep meaning and are of great significance. The meaning of a name from the Jewish perspective may take you by surprise. If you are in search of a traditional Jewish name for your baby boy with a deep meaning, we have a  curated list of 100 baby boy names that are categorized based on popularity, uniqueness and meaning. Check them out.

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Popular Jewish Boy Names

There are many beautiful Hebrew names for a baby boy in the Jewish religion and culture.

Do you want the name of your child to possess a deep meaning and be famous? Boys are given a Hebrew name at their circumcision, and it depicts how they identify themselves. Here is a list of popular male Jewish names:

1. Aharon (Hebrew origin) means "light", "teaching" and "enlightening".

2. Alexandra (Greek origin) means "helper of man" and "defender".

3. Alter (Yiddish origin) is an amuletic name meaning "old one".

4. Barney (Hebrew origin) is an English name for Barnabya meaning "the son of encouragement".

5. Bentziyon (Hebrew origin) means "son of Zion".

6. Chayim (Hebrew origin) is one of the popular baby names meaning "life" and "living".

7. Dan (Hebrew origin) is a Biblical name meaning "to judge".

8. David (Hebrew origin) has become popular after King David's death, and it means "friend".

9. Efrayim (Hebrew origin) is the popular name that has a route from Peri meaning "fruitful".

10. Fishel (Yiddish origin) is a famous name meaning "fish".

11. Feivish (Yiddish origin) is a Jewish spiritual name meaning "light".

12. Getzel (Yiddish origin) is a diminutive for Gottfried meaning "Godly".

13. Kalonymus (Greek origin) means "beautiful".

14. Kuni (Old Spanish origin) is a unisex name meaning "childish".

15. Lieber (Yiddish origin) is a popular name meaning "loved one" and "beloved".

16. Moderachia (Aramaic origin): means "the head of fragrance".

17. Noach (Hebrew origin) is a variant for the popular name Noah meaning "rested".

18. Shalom (Hebrew origin) is a non-Biblical name meaning "peace" or "a man of peace".

19. Shraga (Aramaic origin) is a popular name for a boy meaning "lamp" or "lantern".

20. Todros (Greek origin) is a combination of the Greek names  Theos and Doro that means "God's gift".

21. Tzvi (Hebrew origin) is a non-Biblical male name representing "a deer".

22. Uri (Hebrew origin) is a famous name for boys meaning "my light".

23. Zelig (German origin)means "a happy child" and "a blessed child".

24. Zundel (Yiddish origin) is a popular name that insinuates a person to remain pure as a child throughout life; means "a small boy".

25. Zussya (Yiddish origin) is a variant for Zussya, Zissel, Zishua etc. meaning "sweet one".

Jewish Boys Names From The Torah

The Torah is the Jewish holy script. Thus, names from the Torah have a significant spiritual meaning. Below is a list of a few unique Biblical Hebrew names, with their meanings, for boys.

26. Aaron (Hebrew origin) has variants like Arin, Arron and Aron meaning "high mountain" or "exalted".

27. Adam (Hebrew origin) means "man", "red man" or "man from the earth".

28. Andrew (Greek origin) means "manly".

29. Bartholomew (Greek origin) means "son of the furrow".

30. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) is the youngest son of Jacob, and the name means "son of the right hand" or "son of the south".

31. Caleb (Hebrew origin) is an ancient boy name meaning "wholehearted" and "faithful".

32. Daniel (Hebrew origin) is one of the traditional baby names for a boy meaning "God is my judge".

33. Elijah (Hebrew origin) was the prominent prophet in the Old Testament, meaning "My God is Yahweh".

34. Ethan (Hebrew origin) has variants like Eithan, Etan, Eytan and Eitan that mean "solid" and "enduring".

35. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) is a unisex name meaning "God is my strong man".

36. Isaac (Hebrew origin) is a popular traditional name meaning "rejoice".

37. Jacob (Hebrew origin) it is a Jewish name and is from Israel, and the name means "supplanter".

38. James (English origin) means "the one who comes after".

39. Jason (Greek origin) means "to cure".

40. Joseph (Hebrew origin) means "to add".

41. Luke (Greek and English origin) means "light".

42. Mark (Latin origin) a traditional Jewish baby name meaning "warlike".

43. Mathew (Hebrew origin) has variants like Matt, Matteo, Matthias and Matthew that means "God's Gift".

44. Nathan (Hebrew origin) was the son of King David, and the name means "he gave".

45. Paul (Latin origin) is one among the famous Jewish names for boys meaning "small" or "humble".

46. Peter (Greek origin) is one of the familiar Biblical names meaning "stone".

47. Philip (Greek origin) was an apostle in the New Testament, and it means "horse lover".

48. Samuel (Hebrew origin) means "God has heard".

49. Silas (Latin origin) was an early leader of Christianity, and the name means "of the wood".

50. Stephen (Greek origin) has variants like Steven, Stefan, Esteban and Steffan meaning "crown".

Ancient Jewish Boys Names

Jewish baby names come from religious sources as well as historical sources and they are interesting baby names.

All the names listed below are inspired by history and are a hallmark for Jewish identity. The following names are ancient names and are ideal for boy babies:  

51. Amos was the minor prophet in the Old Testament. This name is one among the famous ones and means "strong" or "carrying a heavy load".

52. Asher was the son of Jacob. The name means "happy" or "blessed".

53. Ezekiel was a Jerusalem prophet, who foresaw Israel's restoration. The name means "God will strengthen".

54. Ezra is a historical Jewish name that means "to help".

55. Gideon was a military leader in the Old Testament, and it means "hewer".

56. Isaiah was a prophet of the Old Testament, meaning "salvation of the lord".

57. Jeremiah saw the fall of Jerusalem. This a famous name meaning "raise".

58. Jesse was David's father, and it means "gift".

59. John was an apostle in the New Testament, and it means "grace of God".

60. Joshua it is a Jewish name. He was the leader of the Israelites, and it means "God is salvation".

61. Levi was the son of Jacob. The name means "joined together".

62. Michael is a famous ancient name, meaning "who is like God".  

63. Reube was Jacob's oldest son, and it means "behold a son".

64. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve, and it means "appointed".

65. Simon is of Greek origin that means "to be heard".

66. Solomon was known for his wisdom, and it means "peaceful".

67. Thomas (Aramaic origin) meaning "twin".

68. Timothy (Greek origin) means "honouring God".

69. Yochanan was the son of Koreah, and it means "God graced".

70. Yotam means "God is perfect".

71. Ze' ev is a common non-Biblical name that means "wolf".

72. Zevulun was the sixth son of Jacob and Leah. The name means "abode maker".

73. Zechariah was a prophet, and it means "God remembers".

74. Zundel is a Yiddish name meaning "a small boy".

75. Zussya is a Yiddish name meaning "sweet one".

Unique First Names For A Baby Boy

Jewish people have a tradition of giving two names to their children. It is customary for a Jewish baby to be named after a relative or friend. Many people give a Jewish name in addition to their first name as a part of this tradition. Here is a list of unique Jewish first names:

76. Abbas (Arabic origin) is a popular baby name meaning "father".

77. Abdiel means "servant of God".

78. Abner popular among the Puritans, this name means "father of light".

79. Bates (Greek origin) means "one who walks".

80. Benson means "Ben's son".

81. Boaz (Hebrew origin) was Ruth's husband. The name means "swift" and "strong".

82. Cain (Hawaiian, Irish, Japanese and Scottish origin) means "man", "honour", "golden" and "warlike".

83. Carpus (Hebrew origin) means "fruit" and "fruitful".

84. Dekel (Hebrew origin) has variants like Dekal, Dekyl and Dekil that mean "palm tree".

85. Dov (Hebrew origin) means "bear".

86. Eden (Hawaiian and Babylonian origin) is a unisex name meaning "delightful" and "plain".

87. Ehud (Hebrew origin) means "who praises".

88. Eisig (Hebrew origin) is a popular name meaning "he who laughs".

89. Elkanah (Hebrew origin) has many variations such as Elkan, Elkin and Elkana. The name means "zeal of the God".

90. Giuseppe (Hebrew origin) has variants and nicknames like Joey, Pepe, Osip etc. meaning "the lord increases" or "he shall add".

91. Haggai (Hebrew origin) refers to "feast".

92. Ike (Japanese origin) has popular variants such as Issac, Izak, Ikke etc., and it means "laugh" or "laughter".

93. Illias (Greek and Arabic origin) means "lord is my God" or "a prophets name".

94. Immanuel (Hebrew origin)means "God is with us". Popular variants are Emanuel, Imanol, Manuel, Manoel and Manny.

95. Jabin (Hebrew origin) has alternatives such as Jabain, Jabyn, Jason and Jabien. It means "God has created".

96. Jeremy has unique variants like Jaremay, Jerry, Geremia and Dermot meaning "chosen by God".

97. Juan (Spanish origin) has alternatives such as Johnson, Sean, Jenkin, Juha, Juanun and Juho meaning "God is gracious" or "grace".

98. Makis or Makys, means "gift from God".

99. Malachi was a Biblical prophet, and it means "messenger of God".

100. Nisi is a unisex name meaning "emblem".

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