101 Jewish Girl Names With Meanings

Jewish baby names for girls represent a strong connection to tradition and family, making a lovely choice for your girl.

Naming your baby girl is an exciting yet daunting task.

If you are searching for a beautiful Jewish name for your daughter, look no more. In this article, we will see several names for girls in different categories.  

Hebrew names are ubiquitous and represent a rich culture and heritage. Most of the names are from the Hebrew Bible. They are the oldest Biblical names connecting back to Israelites. Hebrew baby names symbolize the Jewish culture. To help make your search easier, we have divided the names into four different categories based on popularity, uniqueness and tradition.

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Popular Hebrew Girls Names

In the Jewish tradition, girls can be given names from the Torah after their birth. Here is a list of famous Hebrew girl names that hallmarks the Jewish tradition.

1.Adah: (Hebrew origin) means 'beautiful scenery'.

2.Avigal: (Hebrew origin) means 'father of happiness'.

3.Bina: (Hebrew origin), also has variations like 'Binie' and 'Bini'; it means 'understanding'.

4.Breina: (German origin) means 'feminine' or 'noble'.

5.Bunch: (Spanish origin) means 'to be good'.

6.Chasha: (Yiddish origin) is derived from the Hebrew name 'Chaya' and means 'to be merciful'.

7.Chava: (Hebrew origin), Biblical word for Eve, means 'to give life'.

8.Drozah: (Slavic origin) means 'my dear little one'.

9.Esther: (Ancient Persian origin) means 'a fertility symbol'.

10.Freeda: (German origin) means 'peace, tranquillity and harmony'.

11.Gelleh: (Yiddish origin) represents a vibrant yellow color; means 'a jubilant person'.

12.Gentille: (French origin) means 'a gentle female'.

13.Gracia: (Spanish origin): a derivative of the name Hannah, means 'to be gracious'.

14.Hadassah: (Hebrew origin) means 'myrtle'.

15.Kuna: (Spanish's origin) means 'a cradle' or 'a cute child'.

16.Malka: (Hebrew origin) means 'a queen'.

17.Matilda: (Yiddish origin) means 'strong one' or 'a heroine'.

18.Peninah: (Hebrew origin) means 'a pearl'.

19.Rachel: (Hebrew origin) means 'a ewe of one year or older'.

20.Rebecca: (Hebrew origin) also spelt as 'Rivakh', means 'a woman that steals a man's heart'.

21.Ruth: (Hebrew origin): is a commonly used Hebrew name, and it means 'friendly', 'friendship' and 'willing'.

22.Simchah: (Hebrew origin) is a popular name, and it means to be 'joyful' or have a 'spiritual joy'.

23.Sophia: (Hebrew and Greek origin) is one of the famous names for Hebrew girls, and it refers to 'wisdom'.

24.Tamar: (Hebrew origin) is the daughter of King David, and the name represents the palm tree.

25.Tzipporah: (Hebrew origin) represents 'a female bird'.

26.Tzitta: (Italian origin) name means 'fast' and 'energetic'.

Biblical Hebrew Name For Girls

Many names can be borrowed from the Torah, the Jewish equivalent to 'the Bible'. We have listed down some classic baby girl names from the Bible testaments, which are derived from the Hebrew culture with a noble meaning.

27.Abigail: (Hebrew origin) was the wife of King David, and the name means 'my father's joy'.

28.Anna: (Hebrew origin) means 'favour' and 'grace'.

29.Bethany: (Hebrew origin) means 'house of figs' and 'house of affliction'.

30.Candace: (Latin and Ethiopian origin) means 'queen' and 'pure'.

31.Chloe: (Greek origin) is a popular name meaning 'new growth'.

32.Deborah: (Hebrew origin) means 'bee'.

33.Delilah: (Hebrew origin) means 'delicate'.

34.Dinah: (Hebrew origin) means 'judged'.

35.Elizabeth: (Hebrew origin) is a traditional name meaning 'God is an oath'.

36.Eunice: (Greek origin) means 'good victory'.

37.Hagar: (Hebrew origin) means 'flight'.

38.Jael: (Hebrew origin) has alternative spellings like' Iael', 'Jaelle', 'Yael' and 'Jayel' means 'mountain goat'.

39.Joana: (Hebrew origin) means 'God is gracious'.

40.Judith: (Hebrew origin) means 'woman from Judea'.

41.Kezia: (Hebrew origin) is a rare name meaning 'cinnamon'.

42.Lois: (Greek origin) is in the new testament as a grandmother, and the name means 'the best' or 'superior'.

43.Lydia: (Greek origin) generally represents women from Lydia.

44.Martha: (Aramaic origin) is also spelt as 'Marta', and the name means 'the lady'.

45.Naomi: (Hebrew origin) has alternate spellings like 'Noemi', 'Noemie' and 'Naomie' and means 'pleasant'.

46.Orpah: (Hebrew origin) also spelt as 'Oprah', 'Orpha' and 'Ophrah' and means' back of the neck' or 'fawn'.

47.Phoebe: (Greek origin) is a popular Hebrew girls name that means 'shining'.

48.Priscilla: (Latin origin) means 'ancient'.

49.Rhoda: (Greek origin) is a Hebrew girl name that means 'rose'.

50.Salome: (Aramaic origin) means 'peace'.

51.Vashti: (Hebrew origin) was a queen of Persia, and the name means 'possibly beautiful'.

Jewish Girls First Names

Many Jewish girls names are inspired by religion and the scriptures and can have the meaning 'God'.

(Many Jewish girls names are inspired by religion and the scriptures and can have the meaning 'God'.)

In Hebrew culture, it is a tradition to give two names to one person. The use of the Hebrew name was started after the exile to Babylon. Many babies have Hebrew names that are in addition to their first names as a part of this tradition. Let's check out some popular Jewish first names for a girl.

52.Achazia: (Hebrew origin) is a popular name that means 'Lord Holds'.

53.Ann: (Hebrew origin) with variations like 'Annabel', 'Anna', 'Ani' etc., it means 'gift of God's favour'.

54.Bess: (Hebrew origin) is a name that has a German short form - Betz, and it means 'God's oath' or 'dedicated'.

55.Becky: (Hebrew origin) is a popularly used first Hebrew name, and it means 'to tie', 'to bind', 'enchantingly beautiful' and 'bound'.

56.Caramel: (Hebrew origin) has variations like 'Carmia', 'Carmen', 'Karmel' etc., and it means 'garden of fruit'.

57.Daba: (Hebrew origin) means 'kind words'.

58.Diza: (Hebrew origin) is a name with variations like 'Ditza', 'Dyza', 'Dizah' etc., and it means 'joyous'.

59.Edria: (Hebrew origin)is a first name with variations like 'Edrya', 'Edriah', 'Edra' and 'Edreah', and it means 'mighty'.

60.Gabriel: (Hebrew origin) is the feminine version of Gabriel.

61.Gilana: (Hebrew origin) is a popularly used first name for a girl with variations like 'Gila', 'Gilanah', 'Gylanah' etc., and it means 'joy'.

62.Hannah: (Hebrew origin) is a famous Hebrew first name for girl babies with alternative spelling 'Hanna', and it means 'God is merciful' and 'graceful one'.

63.Heba: (Hebrew origin) is a first name with variation 'Hebah', means 'gift from God'.

64.Ikia: (Hebrew origin) is a commonly used Hebrew first name, and it means 'God is my salvation'.

65.Jane: (Hebrew origin) is a feminine version of the name John, and it means 'God is gracious'.

66.Josie: (Hebrew origin) a Biblical Jewish first name, it means 'God will increase'.

67.Kalanit: (Hebrew origin) a popular first name for girls, it is the name of a flower.

68.Madeline: (Greek and Hebrew origin) means 'child of light' and 'high tower' in Greek and 'women from Magdala' in Hebrew.

69.Mia: (Hebrew, Italian and Scandinavian origin) means 'ocean of Goddess', 'Queen', 'bitter' and 'guardian of justice'.

70.Neviah: (Hebrew origin) is a popular first name meaning 'forecaster'.

71.Samatha: (Hebrew origin) means 'listener of God'.

72.Tema: (Hebrew origin) means 'righteous' and 'palm tree'.

73.Tora (Hebrew, Old Norse and Japanese origin) has name variations like Thora and Thordia, and it means 'thunder', 'tiger' and 'law'.

74.Ximena: (Hebrew origin) means 'Heroine'.

75.Zareen: (Hebrew origin) is a unique first name meaning 'golden'.

76.Zayra: (Hebrew origin) means 'princess'.

Unique Hebrew Name For Girl

Like your baby, the name should be unique and memorable. A name that makes her stand out is the best gift you can ever give her. Here is a list of a few unique Hebrew names for your baby girl; each name has character, which could influence your baby girl in many ways.

77.Abarrane: (Hebrew origin) is one of the more common names for Jewish girls meaning 'mother of the multitude'.

78.Abby: (Hebrew origin) is Jewish origin name that means 'my father's delight'.

79.Amaris: (Hebrew origin) is one of the famous Jewish names for baby girls meaning 'given by God'.

80.Babette: (Hebrew origin) is a French diminutive of Elizabeth and refers to 'promise of God'.

81.Bathsheba: (Hebrew origin) is a Biblical name for Jewish girls, meaning 'daughter of the vow'.

82.Chelle: (Hebrew origin) means 'which man is like God?'

83.Danielle: (Hebrew origin) is a common baby name that means' God judges me'.

84.Davina: (Hebrew origin) is a variant of Davida and means 'adored'.

85.Elasaid: (Hebrew and Scottish origin) is a variant of Elizabeth and means 'promise of God'.

86.Efa: (Hebrew origin) is a variant of Eve and is one of the most popular names for Jewish girls meaning 'living and breathing'.

87.Eliana: (Hebrew, Greek and Latin origin) means 'my lord responded'.

88.Fifi: (Hebrew origin) is a diminutive of Josephine and means 'God raises'.

89.Galia: (Hebrew origin) is an alternative of the unisex name 'Gal', and it means 'born in waves'.

90.Gia: (Hebrew origin) is a diminutive for Giana and means 'God is merciful'.

91.Hila: (Hebrew origin) is a unique name for girls meaning 'praise' or 'appreciation'.

92.Ilana: (Hebrew origin) is a rarely used name and means 'to be born on a tree'.

93.Jacomina: (Hebrew and Dutch origin) is the feminine version of Jacob, and it means 'following after'.

94.Jacqueline: (Hebrew origin) is a popularly used name meaning 'one who supplants'.

95.Keisha: (Hebrew origin) is a variant of Keziah, and it means 'cassia tree'.

96.Libby: (Hebrew origin) is a diminutive of Elizabeth or Isabel, and it means 'promise of God'.

97.Mahlah: (Hebrew origin) is a unisexual name, and it means a 'feeble person'.

98.Manya: (Hebrew and Russian origin) is an uncommon name that means 'rebellious woman'.

99.Nasya: (Hebrew origin) means 'miracle of God'.

100.Nettie: (Hebrew origin) is a short French version for Anna, and it means 'gracious' or 'merciful'.

101.Ori: (Hebrew origin) is a unisex name, and it means 'light of mine'.

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