Kew’s Children’s Garden Has Reopened

Rope walk at Kew's Children's Garden

Kew Gardens was one of the first cultural attractions in London to reopen following coronavirus lockdown. Its acres of open space gave it an advantage over museums and galleries that are largely indoors. But some parts remained closed, including the (relatively) new Children’s Garden.

A few weeks on, and the play area has been made Covid-safe. Families can once again enter the zone, which is packed with play equipment and stuff to discover. The garden sprawls over the space of 40 tennis courts, and includes splash play, sand pits, treetop walkways and any number of other imaginative playthings. All of this is set among mature trees and beautiful flower beds -- a unique play environment that can be appreciated by adults as well as children.

Spaces in the Garden had to be pre-booked before lockdown, and that hasn’t changed. Simply select your time when booking tickets for entrance to the main gardens. The advice is very clear: “You'll need to book one session for each child, and one adult can accompany each child. It won't be possible to turn up and play in the Children's Garden without adding a session to your main pre-booked ticket.”

Of course, the wider gardens are a joy to explore as a family, too. See our post-lockdown guide to the gardens, as well as tips on parking at Kew.



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