Alexa, Let's Play! 41 Fun Tips, Hacks and Games For Kids And Teens

Children playing kid friendly alexa games

Whatever type of Amazon Alexa device you have at home, you'll have access to a number of kids games - but you have to know about them to play!

So, we've listed our favourite games, tips and hacks for kids and teens to use Alexa to entertain themselves - great for if you've exhausted your board game cupboard or aren't in the mood to get messy with crafts.

It turns out Alexa is much more useful than just for playing music, setting timers and telling us about the weather, as parents can also use it as a homeschooling hack, an interactive game, and so much more. Whether you're trying to educate your kids through games or keep them busy while you cook dinner, here are the best games, tips and hacks for Alexa. So, put your smart speaker to the test and see how long they can keep your kids' attention for!

Kid friendly alexa movement games

Movement Games

Silly Things

In this game of Silly Things, Amazon Alexa will tell you something funny to act out. For instance, if you get your kids to say, "Alexa, ask Silly Things to tell me to do something silly," it might tell you to act like you just ate a sour lemon or act like the floor is lava.

Kid Power

Kid Power is a game made in collaboration with UNICEF and it's a great way to get your kids active and teach them about the world while also helping others in need. The game will start by telling your kids to perform different activities, like running or jumping, or quizzing them on countries around the world. Then, as they work hard to progress in the Alexa skill, they will earn 'Kid Power' points, which UNICEF turn into food packets that can be delivered to malnourished kids around the world. What an amazing initiative and lesson to teach your children.

Hide and Seek

This is an Alexa spin on the popular game of Hide and Seek where kids will hide whilst Alexa will ask questions to try to guess where they are. It is a tricky one to get your head around, but once you start playing you'll get the hang of it!

Alexa start 'Lemonade Stand'

This classic game of parents' childhoods has become a voice adventure for kids of today, as they try to successfully run their very own lemonade stand. In this never-ending game, they can earn experience badges and hit milestones whilst pretending to own their very own lemonade stand tycoon.

More games we love:

Musical Statues

Musical Bumps

What's The Time, Mr Wolf?

Gruffalo Move

Crabby Dance

Animal Workout

kid friendly alexa education games

Education Games

Panda Rescue

In this cute interactive game called Panda Rescue, the kids act as the carer and their job is to take care of an orphaned baby panda, trying to make the best decisions so the panda can grow up to become a healthy adult and be released back into the wild.

Spelling Game

Your future Spelling Bee champions can brush up on their skills with this fun spelling bee Alexa game. Perfect for kids of any age to practise their spelling and confidence.

Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds will teach kids the fundamentals of coding and programming by exercising their problem solving skills. The goal is to help the hungry bird reach its nest, following a path lined with tasty worms and corn. Be careful not to make the wrong move, else the fox might catch the bird!

The SpongeBob Challenge

The SpongeBob Challenge is a memory game whereby Krusty Krab waiters take orders from customers and you must remember what they want, no matter how weird or complicated! This is a really fun take on the classical visual kids games based on memory.

Maths Dungeon

In Maths Dungeon, kids will navigate through a dungeon where they will encounter different creatures by answering their increasingly difficult word problems to progress through the dungeon. If they're able to make it to the end, they will get to meet the wizard for a final challenge!

True, False or Trick!

In True, False or Trick, you are told a fact about something to do with nature, science, animals, history and other topics. The kids must then use their logic and knowledge to choose whether the fact is true, false or a trick. This is a super fun and educational game that will get the kids competing in a new and fun way.

Want more learning fun? Try these:

BBC Kids

Kids Quiz

Animal Game

Busy Hands

Mental Maths

Hamster Homework

kid friendly alexa talking games

Chatting Games

Kids Court

Kids Court isn't really a game, it's more for settling arguments between siblings in a light-hearted and entertaining way. If the kids are having a barny, get them to take it to Kids Court where Judge Lexy will give them a verdict as to who has won the argument. You can also file for an appeal, suggest new verdicts or play the judge in other people's trials. This is one of the Alexa skills that you'll be thanking Amazon for.

Alexa open the 'Box of Cats'

During this fun and simple Alexa game, no actual box of cats materialises, unfortunately, but you'll hear what happens through her speaker instead. Usually, you'll hear the noise of lots of cats, which can be entertaining for your kids anyway, but to add to the game sometimes listeners will get a little surprise...

Outer Space Alice

Outer Space Alice follows a young astronaut called Alice, who is up in the International Space Station. When the kids ask about her, she will tell you the actual current position of the ISS and an interesting fact about that location. This is an ongoing game that kids can check in with every day - perfect for young space-lovers.

Magical Adventure

Magical Adventure will tell kids' stories with your children's names as characters. Each story is quite short in length but there is a new story roughly every week. You can also request your own stories by emailing them to the developer, found on the Magic Adventure landing page.

Alexa open the 'Magic Door'

This command will cue an eerie sound of a door creaking - which will then launch your Alexa straight into a choose-your-own-adventure story. Make sure the kids stay hushed so that they can hear the story and make quick decisions to keep it going in the most exciting way. This game normally takes about ten minutes and is a perfect wind-down tool after dinner and before bed. Try it tonight and let your kids design their own bedtime stories!

Mighty Trivia

Mighty Trivia is just one of many question games for kids in the Alexa skills spectrum. This game show is geared towards a younger audience and it has three different difficulty levels, so the kids feel encouraged to reach the harder levels as they progress. Alexa will pretend to be an object, person, place or animal and they must guess what she is based on questions and hints.


Akinator is effectively the opposite of Mighty Trivia - and it is Alexa's version of the classic 20 Questions game. Get the kids to choose an object - this could be a person, place or animal - and then watch as they answer yes or no to a series of questions asked by the bot.

Would You Rather (For The Family)

This one is a PG take on the classic party game of would you rather? Would You Rather For Family will propose silly situations and you must choose between them. As she asks new and hilarious scenarios, watch your kids having a laugh as their imaginations run wild with this fun Alexa game.

Enjoying the interactivity? Try these:

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The Sims Stories

Submarine Adventure

Trivial Pursuit

Categories for Kids

Silly Stories

Choose Your Own Adventure

Disney Trivia

Kids Sing-Along

Forever Lasting

Impossible Sounds



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