Kidadler Review: Fyn Play London

Child playing at Fyn Play

Fyn Play London describe their developmental play as ‘child's play at its best!’ and I couldn’t put it better myself! Giving children a sensory session of dreams, this child-led class is perfect for little growing minds.

Located in St John's Wood, you can attend Fyn Play London with your child aged 8-24 months and explore different textures, smells, surfaces and music!

fyn play

The set up consists of flour, edible glitter, plastic tubs, kitchen utensils and pots and pans - and the children are just invited to play. Mila went straight for the whisk and pans. She loves to play with these at home. They’re shiny, are both smooth and rough and make so much noise, what’s not to love? Throughout the session Mila explored the various stations but didn’t actually get too dirty! Another little boy was pretty much swimming in the flour and I loved that the children were able to express themselves and really explore. Before we knew it the 45 minutes was up! And we were able to use the room to change Mila's clothes and have a quick snack before heading outside.

Fyn Play London has definitely been added to my list of things to do more regularly. A sensory class is so important to experience often and we will be back soon! We made a day of it by visiting London Zoo which is only a 15 minute walk from the venue. Check out the info below for our other suggestions for things to do in the area. The developmental class runs every Thursday at 10.45am.

fyn play

- Look out for the balloons when looking for the entrance to Fyn Play London. The venue is right next to a school.

- There is no need to arrive early for this class as everything is set up and ready to start as soon as you’ve taken your coat off.

- Take a spare pair of clothes for your little one so that they are able to get completely involved (towels and wet wipes are available should you need them).

- Pack a couple of snacks should your little one needs them. Mila got a little grumpy and it was really handy to have a snack to pick her up a bit.


- Fyn Play London Located in 3 House club. A 6 minute walk from St John's Wood tube station.

- Bus numbers 46 and 187 stop nearby.

- There is no on-site parking but Q-Park St. John's Wood is only a 5-minute walk away.

Why not make a day of it?

- Grab lunch at The Ivy St John’s wood (family friendly) nearby.

- Visit Primrose hill and spot the backdrop from the Paddington Bear films, or follow in the paw-steps of 101 Dalmatians and the Twilight Bark. Kids will love the playground and there’s plenty of coffee for the grown ups too!

- London zoo is really local and you can get discounted tickets with Kidadl all the time! I love the zoo, it was such a family friendly way to spend the rest of our day.

fyn play


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