Kidadler Review: Nick Cope’s Festive Family Show

Nick Cope's Festive Family Show

Do you want to take your child to the theatre, but wondering if they will sit quietly? No need to worry because Streatham Space Project and Nick Cope have you covered with lots of dancing, singing and guitar playing!

On arrival to the theatre we had an excited child bouncing around the lobby beaming with joy. We discovered the Space Bar which is situated at the entrance with comfy seating, colourful artwork and refreshments before entering the show. A great time for us grown ups to purchase a cup of tea ready for the very vibrant and active show ahead.

The show begun and my son was eager to leave his seat to start dancing to the all time favourite soundtrack. A handful of children excitedly rushed to to the front of the stage to sing and dance along, after Mr Cope welcomed them all to join in the fun. It was not only the children who were crying with laughter but the grown ups too with a little bit of adult humour thrown in. Even if you're not familiar with the soundtrack you will soon be singing along!

Nick Cope Festive Show

We really enjoyed being provided with props consisting of a mini guitar and black glasses for the children to become mini versions of Mr Cope. My son loves imaginative play, so he was really engaged with pretending to play the guitar and performing to others.

At the end of the show there is a chance to purchase an album and have it signed by the legendary Mr Cope himself. He spent a lot of time answering questions and taking photos with his starstruck fans.

After the show, we visited Starbucks which is a short walkaway to grab a cheeky hot chocolate to cool down.

As a parent of an energetic and lively three year old, I was very impressed with the engagement and interaction for the young audience. I would highly recommend the show as it is great value for money and allows our little humans to express their creative side.

Nick Cope

Things To Do In The Area

Hillside Park one of Lambeth's 12 Green Flag Award-winning parks is a twelve minute walk from the theatre. The park offers an excellent children’s play area, sports pitches and endless amount of green spaces. A great option after the performance if your child(ren) still have energy to burn.

Hood Streatham is a kid-friendly restaurant serving a seasonal, modern British menu just a four minute walk from the theatre. They provide smaller versions of their dishes for children.

If you are looking for a taste of the Caribbean in the heart of Streatham Hill, well The Real Jerk Place is the one! The laid-back and comfortable surroundings provide a welcoming place for families. They provide a dedicated child’s menu for mini taste buds.

Tips For The Day:

- Arrive early to sit in your desire seating

- Make sure you pack your child(ren)'s favourite treats and snacks to save money.

- If you are looking to venture to the park afterwards pack a change of clothes.

- Pack a colouring book and pencils to entertain your child(ren) whilst dining out.

Transport Links:

The nearest station is Streatham Hill which is 18 minutes from Victoria.

Bus numbers 118, 109, 133, 159, 259 and 33 from Brixton (Victoria Line) takes between 10-15 minutes.

Leigham Court car park is pay and display operated and located opposite the venue with a maximum stay of three hours.

Nick Cope's Festive Family Show was a one-off event, but keep an eye out for his future performances and other events at the wonderful Streatham Space Project!



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