Kidadl’s 10 Playground Commandments

Children spend majority of their time growing up on a playground.

Taking the kids to the playground can be a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s wonderful to see them having such a laugh, but there’s always that lingering feeling of dread that they’ll climb too high, fall off the swing or fall through a gap.

 Perhaps if we could all agree to one set of rules, it would make playground visits a more relaxed affair. Here, then, are Kidadl’s 10 playground commandments for you to cut out and keep.

Playground safety must be followed by all children to avoid accidents.

I. Thou Shalt Not Climb Up The Slide Even If All Thy Friends Are Doing It

II. Thou Must Not Jump Unexpectedly Off The See-Saw, Swing Or Zip-Wire 

III.  Mummy And Daddy Will NOT Be Joining You On The Roundabout

IV. Swings Can Only Loop-The-Loop In Thy Imagination

V. Thou Shalt Not Bury Thy Sister’s Playthings In The Sandpit. Nor Shall Thou Bury Thy Sister

VI. I Be Not “A Dirty Rascal”

VII. Thou Shalt Not Disappear Into The Maze Of Tunnels Just As I Say It’s Time To Go 

VIII. No, We Can’t Get One Of These For The Garden. Nor One Of Those.

IX. Thy Shall Not Play Chicken With A Swing 

X.  Thou Shalt Always Graze Thy Knee And Thy Palm, For That Is The Law Of The Playground

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