Reach For The Sky! Why You Should Take The Kids To ZAPspace in Stratford

Zapspace fun

If the kids are literally bouncing off the walls, a trampoline park is a brilliant way to burn off some energy. With a soft play for under 5s, to the three-floor freestyle jump area, there's something for all ages - adults included! If you need further persuading, here are our six top reasons to plan a trip there now.

It is so much fun!

Mini and not so mini indoor trampolines over a three storey building, upbeat music, friendly staff, a colourful soft play area... Need we say more? The whole family is bound to have lots of fun in this awesome venue. And at £12 per hour of Freestyle trampoline, reduced to £9 for the second hour and after, ZAPspace is pretty affordable, too.

ZAPSpace Map

It is the ideal activity for a rainy day

ZAPspace is an indoor trampoline park, meaning that no matter the weather, you can bring your family, and not have to worry about getting wet. Its convenient location in Stratford, next to Westfield and the Olympic Park, also means that you can just get out of the Tube/DRL, or park in the nearby car park, and go straight in.

trampolining fun at zapspace

The soft play area is perfect for little ones

Created with small movers (0-4 years old) in mind, the soft play area is colourful and cleverly-built so that smaller children can explore different activities, from the balance beam and rainbow bridge, to the foam stepping stones and rocking shapes.

toddlers enjoying soft play at zapspace
ZAPSpace soft play area

It is catered to the whole family

At ZAPspace trampoline park, your whole family will find something to enjoy: the three-storey Freestyle trampoline is great for children aged four plus and grown-ups, too. The Little Zappers session are organised every day, for children between one and five- years-old, at a cost of just £9 per child, or £12 if you want to join in the fun as well.

trampolining fun at zapspace

It is an inclusive venue with its ZenSEN sessions

Another great feature of ZAPspace is that they run ZenSEN sessions for children (and adults) who are on the spectrum, or with sensory and learning disabilities. During these sessions, the park is exclusively open to them, in a more peaceful and calm setting, but with all the fun to be expected from an indoor trampoline park.

child jumping in mid air

They organise amazing birthday parties

For a birthday party to remember, you can count on ZAPspace. Created for groups of 6 children and more, they will get the party started with a one-hour freestyle trampoline session, 45 minutes in a party booth, alongside snacks and drinks. They have different packages, so you're bound to find one that will get the kids raving about the best birthday party ever!

children throwing confetti and balloons
Birthday Part at ZAPSpace



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