60 Kingdom Names To Inspire Your World Building

Fantasy kingdoms are home to some of our favourite stories.

All fantasy kingdoms prevalent in the fictional world today have one thing in common, names befitting their glory.

A creative world, where dragons roam free, palaces are filled with secrets and lands border a magic forest, must be named appropriately. The correct names sums up all that the town has to offer.

Naming a kingdom is not an easy task. Names might also stem from important geographical attributes. More often than not, town names are based on the people living in that area. The important aspect to consider when  creating town names is to imagine the setting. To create city names, it requires  knowledge.

Here is a list of 60 fantasy names that you can pick to embody your fantasy world truly.

We hope this list helps but if you want some more inspiration why not look at fantasy cat names or gothic boy names.

Funny Kingdom Names

We love these silly names

Choosing funny names for your fantasy world can be a real challenge. Funny names provide an additional dimension to your fantasy world. If your place is filled with hilarious antics, you can pick any of the names provided below:

1. Bankruptia - Derived from the state of its economy.

2. Bigbulkheadia - This place-name means "the kingdom of big-headed people".

3. Crankicrazy - All the crazy and cranky people live in this fantasy world, hence the kingdom name.

4. Cuckooland - one of the most serious town names in its kingdom.

5. Explodia - these type of names can be picked if things randomly explode in this fantasy kingdom.

6. Gnomecenturia - This name is for one of the town names of a kingdom.

7. Kingdom of Beers - This is one of the interesting names.

8. Kingdom Of Sir trolls - The trolls living in this kingdom are "gentlemen and ladies".

9. Mudville - is the best Kingdom name for you.

10. Tillypoo - One of the silliest town names.

11. The Lost Kingdom Of Messy Elves - This kingdom name means "land of grumpy elves".

11. Trollfairy land - One of the best kingdom names for fantasy places.

12.  Witch Jingle - Witches from all over the world come to this town to practice their jingles.

13. Zoocropia - Named after the local zoo that likes to do their business here.

Historical Kingdom Names:

Many fantasy worlds are based off historical kingdoms

The medieval era is the most used inspiration among fantasy world creators. Some famous medieval fantasy world names are Nosgoth and Amon Amarth. Historically, kingdom names or town names are named after prominent people. Here are a few historical kingdom names:

15. Akkadian Kingdom -One of the best names taken from the "Mesopotamian kingdom names".

16. Amorite Kingdom - This kingdom name comes from an "ancient town in Syria".

17. Baekje Kingdom - One of the best ancient names.

18. Buyeo - This is one of the perfect names for your "fantasy place".

19. Cayor Kingdom -This was an ancient kingdom.

20. Dahomey - This "African kingdom" name can be one of the perfect names.

21. Deira - This will make for a beautiful kingdom name for a "place inhabited by Dragons".

22. Gojoseon Kingdom - This makes for one of the best ancient kingdom names.

23. Hasmonean Kingdom - This is one of the best ancient names you can choose.

24. Himyarite Kingdom - One of the perfect ancient names for your medieval town.

25. Igala Kingdom - One of the best names comes from the "ancient kingdom" in present-day Nigeria.

26. Kasanje Kingdom - This kingdom was situated in central-Africa.

27. Kingdom of Commagene - This makes for excellent town names for your kingdom.

28. Kingdom of Lazica - This is one of the best ancient town names.

29. Kingdom of Tlaxcala - This is one of the best names taken from "Central Mexico".

30. Kuba Town - This name refer to the "Kingdom of Bakuba" and is chosen as one of the town names.

31. Langkasuka Kingdom - This ancient "Malay kingdom" is one of the best town names.

32. Melayu Kingdom - This was one of the best ancient "Buddhist kingdom" names.

33. Nabataean Kingdom - is one of the best town names for your fantasy town.

34. Silla Kingdom - You can choose this type of ancient place names.

35.Songhai – This is one of the best unique and ancient names.

36. The city of Sumer - Sumer is one of the best ancient town names.

37. Twipra Kingdom - Twipra is one of the kingdom names.

38. Xia Kingdom - Xia is one of the many town names.

Geographical Kingdom Names

A geographical name can be a perfect for a fictional kingdom

Geographical names for a fantasy town is the easiest way to choose a name. All you need to do is pick the best names that go with the aesthetics of that place. Here is a list of kingdom names:

39. Arendelle – This is one of the perfect names for a fantasy place.

40. Arran - One of the best names that means a "very wealthy".

41. Barovia – Ruled by the vampire "Strahd von Zarovich".

42. Cairnholm Means “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

43. Calormen – This is a desert country in the "world of Narnia"

44. Chernarus – This is of the best names from the "Russian video game ArmA 2".

45. Domhnall - One of the most powerful of all kingdom names.

46. Enchancia – One of the best names for a fictional magical town.

47. Ered Luin - This fantasy name means "the land of Blue Mountains".

48. Esgalduin - One of the best names that means "an enchanting town".

49. Florin – This one of the fictional kingdom names mentioned in the classic novel “The Princess Bride.”

50. Gilead – From 'The Handsmaid's Tale.'

51. Krakozhia – This is one of the few town names that means "a fictional mystical place".

52. Latveria – This is one of the unique names.

53. Liusaidh - Means "graceful light". The perfect name for a "kingdom of Elves".

54. Maldonia – One of the best names "where fairies live".

55. Mandalore – This can pose for one of the greatest town names.

56. Mithlond - These names means "Grey Havens". A perfect name for an ancient civilization.

57. Mordor - One of the darkest names from “ The Lord Of The Rings.”

58. Nan Curunir - One of the best names for a "land of wise people".

59. The planet of Endora - This is one of the perfect fantasy names to pick for a "world full of light".

60. Themyscira – One of the best names that mean "fantasy island". It can be an excellent kingdom name.

We hope this list inspired you, why not take a look at fantasy girl names or, for something different, city names for girls.



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