30+ Knee Puns That Kids Knee-d To Know

The knee is the largest joint in the entire body.

Are you in kneed of some witty knee puns?

You've come to the right place. We've got all the nomi-knees for the best knee puns so you need look no further.

From medical puns, to funny knee puns, as well as words that sound like knee so you can come up with your own puns, there's plenty here to keep you occupied.

Just a warning, you might find some of these a little cor-knee, but as long as you get a kick out of knee humour then you can't go wrong. After reading and laughing at these you'll have plenty of opportunities to flex you new knee pun skills, why not go for a pun with a friend and try them out?

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Funny Knee Related Puns

Knee-haw partner, here's the fi-knee-st list of funny puns about knees.

1. That pony has such long legs, knee-haw!

2. Dad will you patch my trousers? Sure, pass me the knee-dle and thread.

3. I was one of the nomin-knees for the competition. I picked up third prize at the ceremo-knee!

4. One of my knees is much bigger than the other. I wish they were in harmo-knee.

5. What's a knee's favorite dessert? A brown-ie!

6. What's a leg's favorite hat? A knee cap!

7. My sister started pointing at my knees and laughing. What's fun-knee? I asked her.

8. Don't you think leg puns can get a bit cor-knee?

9. I fell over the other day so one of my knees is grazed. It's very jealous of the knee that is in one piece. There's muti-knee between them!

10. My legs can't be apart, they're so kneedy!

What happens when your knee operation goes wrong - Iroknee.

Doctor Knee Puns

The go-to list of medical knee puns. Kneed-less to say, all the best ones are here!

11. What happens when your knee operation goes wrong? Iroknee?

12. Doctor's are always hitting their patients on the knee to test their reflexes. They really get a kick out of it.

13. I have a scar on my knee. It was made from scratch.

14. Your swollen knee looks like a cartoon. No, not that knee, Disney.

15. You haven't had growing pains yet? You kneed to hurry up!

16. Knee-dless to say, get well soon.

17. You have to get a knee operation, ortho you thought.

18. Still feeling foggy after the knee operation? Must be the an-knee-sthetic!

Clever Knee Puns Related To Running

Funny and clever puns about jogging that can be used when making quick one liners about your knees!

19. I think my knees are getting stronger, after all is said and run.

20. After going jogging so much my knees feel ancient, like they are going run-cid.

21. There's more ran meets the eye to my little knees.

22. I went for a run and dislocated my knee again. It's like ground-jog day.

23. Winning the relay race is a joint effort!

Funny Words That Sound Like Knee

Some funny words that contain 'knee' for coming up with your own puns. Have a go and see what you can come up with!

24. Cor-knee.

25. Harmo-knee.

26. An-knee-time.

27. Acompan-kneed.

28. Jour-knee.

29. Glutto-knee.

30. Ho-knee.

31. Ago-knee.



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