110+ Lame Jokes That Will Make Your Kids Cringe And Laugh In Equal Measure

Even the stupidest joke ever can be funny.

Did you ever get eye rolls after telling a lame joke?

We have all heard comedians crack smart jokes which can switch on the 'wit' light in our minds. But all of us would also enjoy indulging in lame jokes too - jokes which can really make our eyes roll and cringe.  

As a kid, the jokes we laughed at the most were not the ones that were super smart and took a lot of gray matter to decipher. It was always the lame jokes - they just somehow 'clicked'. Knowing your audience is very important for a comedian. Telling a wrong joke to the wrong audience will not fulfill the purpose. The best way to win a kid's heart is obviously candy - but besides that, why not try to crack some lame jokes for them? Lame doesn't always mean bad. People might have different opinions about a dad joke, but we can all agree that some of them are really funny and hilarious. Kids can turn out to be the easiest yet the most challenging audience one can get. Simple lame one-liners can unleash the silliness in their smiles and yet bring out a shine in their eyes. For a comedian, a reaction is important. Telling a complex joke to a kid would only make the joke fall flat. Dumb jokes for kids can have a lot of clever puns in them. We have a list of silly jokes that are funny for the silly yet smart little ones. Don't worry - even the stupidest jokes that are funny can have a mature twist in the joke.

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Lame Animal Jokes

Animals are something that the little ones are introduced to at an early age. Telling them jokes about the animals they are learning about will make the learning process more interesting and funny. And they will probably enjoy silly jokes more. Here are some good lame jokes that are actually funny.

1. What happened to the bear who lost his ears? He became a bee.

2. What do you use to catch a nerdy fish? Bookworms.

3. Why are leopards not good at playing hide and seek? They are always spotted.

4. Why are bears not so good at controlling remotes? Because they paws the video.

5. How do cows spend their free time? In moovies.

6. Why does my cat hate me? It has com'pat'ibility issues.

7. How does a cow call his mother? Moooo-m.

8. What do you call a bull when they fall asleep? A bull-dozer.

9. What does a pampered cow give us? Spoiled milk.

10. What did the lion say to the deer? "Pleased to eat you".

11. What did the Buffalos say to their son when he was going to school? Bison.

12. What happened when the dinosaurs used deodorants? They became ex-stink.

13. What is a postman's favorite animal? Seals.

14. Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honey combs.

15. Why did the squirrel like my friend? Because my friend is nuts.

16. What did the wolf say when the mice bit him? Owwwww-ch.

17. What spell do you use to magically bring a dog in front of you? Labracadabra.

18. Which animal plays sports all the time? A bat.

19. What is a cat's favorite candy? Kitty Kat bar.

20. What did the Potterhead say to a lizard named Harry? "You are a lizard, Harry".

21. What was wrong with the dolphin? Nofin.

22. What happened to the toad who left the forest? He was soon froggotten.

23. Why is the panda stuffed toy so special and expensive? Because it is ex-panda-ble.

Lamest Jokes On Food

Food is a necessity. There's no doubt about it. A lot of kids are picky eaters. Some kids do not like fruits and some of them just hate their vegetables. A parent would love nothing more than their children to get the best nutrition. Sometimes the best way to make a kid feel differently about something is to make a joke about it. Even a few short lame jokes can make them really comfortable and eager. Now, we are not saying that these will make the kids eat their veggies but come on, it's worth a shot! Even if that does not work out, you can always have a good laugh with your kid over a few stupid yet funny jokes. Here's a list of some best stupid but funny jokes that you and the kids will love.

24. Why did the pie go to the doctor? He was crumpy.

25. Where do bananas learn to split? At sundae school.

26. Why is everyone friends with mushrooms? Because they are fungis.

27. What was the first thing the baby corn asked the mama corn when he woke up? "Where is pop corn"?

28. What would you call it when someone throws an apple on your face? A fruit punch.

29. Why did the noodle get voted out by his friends? Because everyone thought he was the impasta.

30. How do you make an egg roll? Push it.

31. What would you call a dessert who became a successful actor? Robert Brownie Jr.

32. Why was the baby strawberry late for school? Because her parents were stuck in a jam.

33. Why did my brother eat his homework? Because my mother told him it was a piece of cake.

34. What did one cheese give another cheese? A piece of his heart.

35. What's the best thing to eat vegetables with? Your teeth.

36. What is the best way to crack open a walnut? Tell it all the best jokes.

37. How does it feel to drink the same coffee every day? Déjà Brew.

38. Why can't a man make milk? Because he lactose qualities.

39. Why did my little brother start crying when I did not give him a hot beverage? He has been very senteamental lately.

40. What candy does Instagram hate? Tiktok.

41. What kind of candies are not synthetic? Cotton candies.

Stupidly Funny Jokes Related To Science

A stupid joke may not turn out to be that dumb.

How many of us still remember the stupidest jokes our teachers told us many years back? We all remember at least a few of them. The best way to learn something is to have fun with it while learning. Even the dumbest funny jokes can be educational. So we often find our dads telling us the stupid jokes that are funny in the end. Lame jokes about the subject or topic a kid is studying about can uplift their mood and boost their knowledge. And as a brownie point, they will remember it better. Check out some lame but funny jokes that will make the children interested. These are some of the best lame jokes ever!

42. How much does it cost a Neutron to buy groceries? No charge.

43. What are asteroids? They are rocks that went to the gym.

44. What do you get when you differentiate amazon? Amazon prime.

45. What elements do you need to make a joke? Sulfur, Argon, Calcium, and Samarium or SArCaSm in short.

46. What did the two tectonic plates say when they bumped into each other? "My Fault, sorry!"

47. How do scientists keep their breath fresh? Experi-mints.

48. What do astronomers do to plan a birthday party for their friend? They planet.

49. Who can save the world from asteroids? Papers because paper beats rocks.

50. What do you call an electrician who has detective quality? Sherlock Ohms.

51. What happened to the man who forgot to pay his electricity bills?  He was Ohm-less.

52. What is very odd? Every other number.

53. Whom can you always count on? Your fingers.

54. Why did he mind when his teacher called him average? Because that is mean.

55. Which season do mathematicians enjoy the most? Sum-mer season.

56. Why did the obtuse angle lose the argument? Because he was not right.

57. What is a bird's favorite type of math? Owlgebra.

58. Why should you not trust a statistics teacher? They are always trying to plot something.

59. Why was the math book crying? He had a lot of problems.

Funny Lame Jokes

Kids find hilarious lame jokes to be entertaining.

Kids love stupid jokes that are not so hard to understand and can bring out the silliness in them. Most children find idiotic jokes funny because it makes them more comfortable with the person telling the joke. Even the dumbest jokes ever can make them laugh out loud if said in the right way. But we know that coming up with such jokes that are funny is not an easy task for a grown adult all the time. We get it and so we have you covered. Here are some terrible jokes that are funny and will surely give the little ones a good laugh.

60. Why can't you trust a guy named Amit? Because he is a myth.

61. What do you call it when your toothpaste is over? Toothpast.

62. Why are ghosts not so good at lying? Because the person they are lying to can see right through them.

63. Which app does Thanos love the most? Snap Chat.

64. How do we know when a vampire is not sick? They won't be coffin.

65. What kind of music do balloons hate? Pop.

66. Why did Nick Fury ask Black Widow to share her location all the time? So that she does not Romanoff.

67. What do you call it when you are putting together an Avenger's puzzle? Avengers Assemble.

68. What was Hawkeye's shield made off? Quicksilver.

69. What can you call the security guards of the Samsung store? Guardians of the Galaxy.

70. Why do players never feel hot while playing in a stadium? Because they have a lot of fans.

71. Which is the strongest day? Saturday and Sundays because the others are weekdays.

72. Why did the bike lose the race against the car? Because he was two tired.

73. What did my friend do when he could not find his car key? He started talking to the lock because communication is the key.

74. Why is the keyboard always tired? Because it has two shifts.

75. Why was the bullet unemployed? Because it was fired.

76. What do you call a class congested with graphic designers? Graphic jam.

77. How can you see dreams more clearly? Sleep with your specs on.

78. What happened to my friend David who lost his ID? He became Dav.

79. What happened after my doctor made fun of me having vitamin deficiency? He gave me complex.

80. What do you call a mountain that is funny? Hill-arious.

81. What did the big brother flower say to his little sister when she was born? "Hi, bud".

82. What's the similarity between stars and my grandmother's teeth? Both come out at night.

83. Why did the nose complain about the finger? Because the finger was always picking on him.

84. What kind of tree can you hold in your hand? Palm tree.

85. Why did the kids cross the road and go to the playground? To go to the other slide.

86. How do ghosts address a letter? Tomb it may concern.

87. Why did the left eye and the right eye blush? Because something was smelling between them.

88. Why are colds not such good criminals? Because they are very easily caught.

89. Why was the coffee scared? He recently got mugged.

90. What happened to the two calendar thieves when the police caught them? Each got six months.

91. How does Batman take amazing pictures? He uses Flash.

92. What do you call a hero who has to choose between having food all day or fighting crime? Soup or hero.

93. What did the fancy plate say to the normal plate when guests arrived? Dinner's on me.

94. Why should you not say an extremely funny joke to a glass? It might crack up.

95. What's the opposite of E-no? Eyes.

Lame Knock Knock Jokes

What can we count on to always have the best lame jokes? The good old knock-knock jokes. Knock Knock jokes are so popular because the kids get to participate in the joke-telling process. And who would not love a joke that they participated in? So Knock Knock jokes are ideal jokes for kids. Here are some really dumb jokes that are funny.

96. Knock, Knock!

Come in.

97. Knock, Knock!

Who is outside?


Me who?


98.  Knock, Knock!

Who knocks?


Boo who?

Why are you crying all of a sudden? Is everything okay?

99. Knock, Knock!

Who's out there?


Hank who?

Oh, you can hank me later.

100. Knock, Knock!

Who is knocking?


Eat who?

Eat all of your fruits.

101. Knock, Knock!  

Who's knocking?


Wood who?

Wood you please like to go out with me?

102. Knock, Knock!

Who is knocking?


Tohoom who?

To whom it might concern.

103. Knock, Knock!

Who's out there?


Ya who?

No, I'm going to just Google it.

104. Knock, Knock!

Who is outside?


Cash who?  

Not really, thanks, I am allergic.

105. Knock, Knock!

Who is knocking on the door?

A circle.

A circle who?

Oh don't worry anymore, it's pointless.

106. Knock, Knock!

Who's out there?


Doctor Who?


107. Knock, Knock!

Who's out there?


Annie who?

Annie thing that you say or do will be used against you.

108. Knock, Knock!

Who is outside?


Alice who?

Alice well that ends well.

109. Knock, Knock!

Who knocks?


Candies who?

Candies knock knock jokes be any sweeter?

110. Knock, Knock!

Who is outside?


Deja who?

No, no, it's Deja Vu.

111. Knock, Knock!

Sorry, it's occupied.

112. Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Hari who?

Hari up and eat your food.

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