134 Last Names That Start With B With Meanings And History

Last names may vary in the meaning of the last names based on location or character descriptions

Throughout time surnames have held significant importance in the identification of one's family and background.

Surnames are the last names that people are given at birth to identify their family.  Each family has a shared last name.

Surnames can vary in meanings from location based surnames to surnames that are character or occupation descriptions. For this reason they can help to identify someone's heritage.  But, with so many potential surnames, it can become confusing, so to make it easier, here is a list full of last names that start with B. Whether you're looking for famous last names with B at the beginning, or just some cool last names that start with B, it's all here.

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One Syllable Last Names That Start With B

Here are a few last names that start with B and only have one syllable.

Some last names that start with B that have meaning

1. Baas (Dutch origin) meaning "boss" or "overseer".

2. Bai (Chinese origin) meaning "white".

3. Baines (English origin) meaning "bones".

4. Beck (English origin) meaning "pickaxe".

5. Beltz (German origin) meaning "fur".

6. Blau (German origin) meaning "blue".

7. Blom (Swedish origin) meaning "bloom" or "flower".

8. Blum (German origin) meaning "flower"

9. Blythe (English origin) meaning "happy" or "joyous".

10. Bray (English origin) meaning "hill".

11. Brock (English origin) meaning "badger".

12. Brose (German origin) which is derived from the given name Ambrose.

Famous Last Names That Start With B

There are so many influential and famous people who have surnames that start with B.  

13. Bach (German origin) which is a topographic name for someone who lived by a stream.  It is also the name of the famous German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.

14. Ball (English origin) meaning "ball" or the nickname of a person who is ball or round-shaped.  A famous person with this last name is Lucille Ball, an American actress.

15. Bates (English origin) meaning "son of Bate".  A famous person with this name is Kathy Bates, an American actress

16. Beatty (Scottish origin) which is a variant of the name Beattie. A famous person with this last name is Warren Beatty, an American actor.

17. Beethoven (Dutch origin) meaning "beetroot farms".  A famous person with this name is Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German composer.

18. Benny (English origin) which is a diminutive of the names Benjamin and Benedict.  A famous person with this last name is Jack Benny, an American entertainer.

19. Blair (Scottish origin) meaning "field" or "battlefield".  Some famous people with this last name are Bonnie Blair, an American speed skater and Tony Blair, a former prime minister of the Great Britain.

20. Bradshaw (English origin) meaning "broad thicket".  A famous person with this last name is John Bradshaw, an American educator.

21. Brooks (English origin) which is a variant of the name Brook, meaning one who lived near a brook.  Famous people with this last name are Garth Brooks, an American singer and Mel Brooks, an American director.

22. Buddha (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightened".  It is also the name of the famous philosopher, Buddha.

23. Burton (English origin) meaning "fortified town".  A famous person with this last name is Tim Burton, an American filmmaker.

24. Bush (English origin) meaning "one who lived near a thicket".  Famous people with this last name are George Bush, a former U.S. president and his wife Barbara Bush.

Mexican Last Names That Start With B

Here are some last names that start with B that are some of the most popular surnames found in Mexico.

25. Barrera (Spanish origin) meaning "barrier.

26. Becerra (Spanish origin) meaning "heifer".

27. Belmonte (Spanish origin) meaning "beautiful mountain".

28. Bernal (Spanish origin) meaning "blessed".

29. Borja (Spanish origin) meaning "tower" and is also a town in Aragon.

30. Bravo (Spanish origin) meaning "courageous" or "wild" or "rough".

31. Bustos (Latin origin) meaning "oxen pasture".

Puerto Rican Last Names That Start With B

With a wide range of name origins, here are some last names that start with B that are mainly popular in Puerto Rico.

32. Baez (Basque origin) meaning "son of Joan" or "son of John".

33. Bauza (Catalan origin) which is a variant of the name Bausa which means "simple".

34. Beltran (German origin) which comes from the given name Bertram.

35. Benet (Latin origin) deriving from the personal name Benedictus.

36. Benitez (Latin origin) meaning "son of Benito" or blessed".

37. Bermudez (German origin) meaning "vigilant protection".

38. Bernardini (Italian origin) meaning "of Bernardino".

39. Blasini (Latin origin) meaning "of Blas".

40. Bonta (Roman origin) derived from the given name Bonifacio.

Last Names Starting With B

This is an extensive list of a collection of last names starting with B.  These last names have a wide range of origins as well as their meaning.

41. Bachmeler (German origin) meaning "stream", "steward", or "tenant farmer".

42. Bachvarov (Bulgarian origin) meaning "barrel maker".

43. Baggio (Italian origin) meaning "watch place".

44. Bakalov (Bulgarian origin) meaning "grocer".

45. Bakhuizen (Dutch origin) meaning "bakery".

46. Balodis (Latvian origin) meaning "pigeon".

47. Bandoni (Italian origin) meaning "sheet of iron".

48. Bannister (English origin) meaning "basket".

49. Beckenbauer (German origin) meaning "farmer living by a stream".

50. Bellamy (French origin) meaning "beautiful friend".

51. Bellandi (Italian origin) meaning "which it to be fought".

52. Bellini (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful".

53. Bengoetxea (Basque origin) meaning "the house furthest down".

54. Blumenthal (German origin) meaning "flower valley".

55. Brassington (English origin) meaning "enclosure by a steep path".

56. Brivio (Italian origin) meaning "bridge".

57. Buchanan (Scottish origin) meaning "house of the canon".

58. Bulgari (Italian origin) meaning "mixed".

59. Buonarroti (Italian origin) meaning "good increase".

60. Burakgazi (Turkish origin) meaning "warrior".

Two Syllable Last Names Starting With B

This is a list of last names that start with B but contain two syllables, allowing them to easily roll off the tongue.

61. Bachchan (Indian origin) meaning "child".

62. Bachmann (German origin) meaning "stream" and "man".

63. Backus (English origin) meaning "bakery".

64. Badem (Turkish origin) meaning "almond".

65. Bader (German origin) meaning "bath".

66. Bagley (English origin) meaning "woodland" or "clearing".

67. Bagni (Italian origin) meaning "bath".

68. Bailey (English origin) meaning "bailiff".

69. Bajusz (Hungarian origin) meaning "mustache".

70. Baker (English origin) meaning a "baker".

71. Balik (Turkish origin) meaning "fish".

72. Balogh (Hungarian origin) meaning "left handed".

73. Bancroft (English origin) meaning "small enclosed field".

74. Banner (English origin) meaning "banner".

75. Barber (Scottish origin) meaning "one who cuts hair for a living".

76. Bardsley (English origin) meaning "woodland" or "clearing".

77. Barker (English origin) meaning "to tan".

78. Barlow (English origin) meaning "barley hill" , "barn hill", "boar clearing", or "barley clearing".

79. Barna (Hungarian origin) meaning "brown".

80. Beaumont (French origin) meaning "beautiful mountain".

81. Begbie (Scottish origin) meaning "farm" or "settlement".

82. Belcher (English origin) meaning "beautiful face".

83. Bellerose (French origin) meaning "beautiful rose".

84. Blakeley (English origin) meaning "woodland" or "clearing".

85. Blakesley (English origin) meaning "black wolf".

86. Blanco (Spanish origin) meaning "white".

87. Bleier (German origin) meaning "lead".

88. Blomgren (Swedish origin) meaning "flower branch".

89. Bolton (English origin) meaning "house" or "enclosure".

90. Brennan (Irish origin) meaning "rain", "moisture", or "drop".

91. Brodie (Scottish origin) meaning "ditch" or "mire".

92. Brownlow (English origin) meaning "small brown hill".

93. Budny (Polish origin) meaning "hut" or "cabin".

94. Buffone (Italian origin) meaning "jester" or "joker".

95. Bullard (English origin) meaning "fraud" or "deceit".

96. Bullock (English origin) meaning "young bull".

97. Bunker (English origin) meaning "good heart".

98. Burgess (English origin) meaning "freeman of a borough".

99. Burnham (English origin) meaning "home" or "settlement".

100. Butkus (Lithuanian origin) meaning "to be" or "to exist".

Last Names That Start With B From Around The World

These are some extra last names that start with B. This list is full of the most popular last names found around the world.

101. Ba (African origin) meaning "to show respect" and is also the name of a tribe.

102. Baab (German origin) which was first used in state of Bavaria.

103. Baack (German origin) meaning "stream" and is derived from Bach.

104. Baacke (German origin) meaning "stream" and is also derived from Bach.

105. Baad (Scottish origin) meaning "thicket" or "hamlet".

106. Baade (Netherlands origin) which was popular in Austria during the Middle Ages.

107. Baba (Ukraine origin) meaning "son of an old woman" or "an old man".

108. Baback (Ukraine origin) also meaning "son of an old woman" or "an old man".

109. Babar (English origin) meaning "a fencer" or "swordsman" or "one who produces death by his blows".

110. Babb (English origin) meaning "protector".

111. Babbage (English origin) those with this name was most likely farmers and landowners from out west.

112. Babbel (English origin) this name was first found in Middlesex belonging to Lords of a manor.

113. Babbin (English origin) meaning "person who resided near a hill, stream, church, or specific type of tree".

114. Babbit (Irish origin) meaning "protector".

115. Babcock (English origin) derived from the name Bartholomew.

116. Babic (Ukraine origin) meaning "old man" or "son of an old woman".

117. Bachle (German origin) meaning "someone who lived by a stream"

118. Bachmayer (German origin) this name came from the feudal society which is the backbone of the early development within Europe.

119. Bachor (German origin) meaning "stream".

120. Bacile (Italian origin) derived from the personal name Baccio.

121. Backer (English origin) this name was taken by someone whose profession was a baker.

122. Backert (French origin) this name was first found in Blois.  This last name with B at the start comes from a distinguished family

123. Backhaus (Irish origin) this last name was given to someone who worked at a bake house or bakery.

124. Backley (Irish origin) meaning "clay hole".

125. Backman (German origin) one of the names associated with tribal conflicts within the area in ancient times.

126. Backoff (Austrian origin) derived from the name Bachof.

127. Bacle (English origin) meaning "royal".

128. Bacus (Irish origin) meaning "one who works at a bake house".

129. Badder (French origin) meaning "open".

130. Baddick (English origin) one of the last names that is derived from the name Bartholomew.

131. Badeau (French origin) derived from one who resided in Bretagne in the Middle Ages.

132. Baden (English origin) another of the B last names derived from Bartholomew.

133. Badham (Irish origin) meaning "one who contends".

134. Badillo (Spanish origin) meaning "one who is from Vadillo".

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