100 Last Names That Start With F With Meanings And History

Last names beginning with F can give your character an unusual back story.

What's in a name?

Throughout history, humans call themselves by names that have played a vital role in self-identity and creating a sense of belonging towards a community. Because it's just not a name, it's your name.  

They are the terms people use to define themselves. In this way, names and surnames form the very foundation of everyone's identities. It's no wonder parents spend months searching for the right names for their newborns, and authors can't begin their books before naming their characters. Some cultures even have spectacular naming ceremonies.

While first names may be the most used terms, none are complete without a unique and charming surname because they add to the character and structure of the name. They tie one to the community, society, or country they belong to and continue to carry forward a rich history and lineage of bloodlines. So, if you're on the hunt for the best last names, then feel free to search the following lists of surnames starting with 'F'.  From popular surnames to the rarest of the rare, it's all here, sorted out for you.

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Popular Surnames Starting With 'F'

The following list features the most common and well-known surnames starting with 'F'.  They have origins from all around the world, from the United States to Japan! These 'F' surnames are ideal for those looking for recognizable and memorable names, ones that fit in anywhere and have a long ancestry.

1.Fay (French Origin) means 'Beech tree.'

2.Felix (Portuguese Origin) is one of the 'F' last names meaning 'happy' or 'lucky.'

3.Ferguson (Scottish Origin) has a high popularity rank and means 'the angry one.'

4.Ferreira (Latin Origin)is a very common surname and means 'iron'.

5.Fields (English Origin) is a common last name meaning 'open country.'

6.Fiore (Italian Origin)  has Latin variants and means 'flower'.

7.Fisher (Multiple Origins) has the number 1 rank for being the most popular 'F' last name. It means 'fisherman.'

8.Fleming (Scottish Origin) refers to the nationality of the person from 'Flanders.'

9.Flynn (Irish Origin) is a popular surname meaning 'reddish' or 'ruddy.'

10.Fonseca (Portuguese Origin) means 'a dry spring.'

11.Ford (English Origin) means 'a shallow river or stream.'

12.Foster (English Origin) refers to a 'foster parent.'

13.Fowler (English Origin)is the last name that means 'bird-catcher.'

14.Fox (English Origin) means 'a cunning person.'

15.Frank (German Origin) is the last name meaning 'an open-hearted and generous person,'

16.Franklin (Norman Origin) is a surname that means ' a person who has money.'

17.Freeman (Irish Origin) is a popular last name meaning 'a free man.'

18.Frost (English Origin) means 'someone with a cold personality.'

19.Fujimoto (Japanese Origin) is a common surname starting with 'F'. It means ' root' or 'base.'

20.Fuller (Latin Origin) refers to someone who 'cleans clothes.'

Famous Surnames Starting With 'F'

These surnames are known due to their associations with well-known personalities, stories, or events in history.  These next choices beginning with 'F' are excellent options to draw attention to a name.  From famous authors to celebrities, there's something in this list for everyone!

21.Fairbanks (English Origin) means 'lovely' and.

22.Fallon (Irish Origin) is a surname of a popular TV host and means 'leader'.

23.Fanning (Nordic Origin) means 'marsh or 'bog.'

24.Farrell (Irish Origin) means 'descendent' and is among the surnames of well-known celebrities.

25.Faulkner (English Origin) is known as the surname of a famous writer and means 'falconer'.

26.Ferris (Irish Origin) means 'rock.'

27.Finley (Norse Origin) means 'warrior' or 'hero.'

28.Firth (Scottish Origin) is among the surnames of Hollywood celebrities, meaning 'woodland.'

29.Fitzgerald (Norman Origin) is one of the more famous surnames starting with 'F'. It means 'son of Gerald.'

30.Fleetwood (English Origin) means 'wood with a stream.'

31.Fletcher (Scottish Origin) means 'maker of arrows.'

32.Forbes (Scottish Origin) is among the most well known last names with 'F'. It means 'field.'

33.Franz (German Origin) means 'free.'

34.Freud (German Origin) is one of the surnames beginning with 'F' associated with the famous Sigmund Freud, and it means 'joy.'

35.Frey (German Origin) is a well-known German variant of surnames, which means 'freedom.'

36.Friedman (German Origin) means 'peaceful man' or 'follower of God.'

37.Fulton (English Origin) is among the more famous 'F' names meaning 'enclosure.'

38.Furlong (English Origin) is taken from a long line of surnames and means 'furrow'.

39.Furtado (Portuguese Origin) means 'illegitimate.'

40.Fuster (French Origin) is a  popular surname that means 'wood.'

Rare Surnames Starting With 'F'

Give your character a rare surname beginning with F for a unique personality.

The next list of surnames is among the rarest and most unique ones that do not rank high in popularity. They are ideal choices for those looking for unusual names with a rich history. They are excellent choices for mysterious literary characters. These uncommon names stand out from the rest, making them even more memorable.

41.Fahrni (Swiss Origin) is a unique last name that refers to 'fern.'

42.Fairbairn (Scottish Origin) is among the rare surnames and means 'beautiful child'.

43.Fairclough (English Origin) means 'fair ravine or cliff.'

44.Farkas (Hungarian Origin) is an old surname starting with 'F' and means 'wolf.'

45.Fattore (Italian Origin) is one of the rare Italian last names that start with 'F' and means 'steward' or 'farmer.'

46.Fazekas (Hungarian Origin) is derived from an old surname meaning 'Potter.'

47.Fennessey (Irish Origin) is among uncommon last names starting with 'F' and means 'force' or 'vigor.'

48.Fertig (German Origin) is a unique surname that means 'ready' or 'prepared.'

49.Fidanza (Italian Origin) is an ancient surname that means 'trustworthy.'

50.Fiorilli (Latin Origin) is an uncommon variant of a surname that means 'flower blossom.'

51.Flavell (English Origin) is the last name that means 'woodland.'

52.Flipsen (Dutch Origin) means 'son of Flip.'

53.Foglesong (Jewish Origin) means 'birdsong.'

54.Fortuin (Dutch Origin) is among the rare surnames and means 'fortune.'

55.Fromm (German Origin) means 'noble.'

56.Frykman (Swedish Origin)  means 'man of the family.'

57.Funar (Hungarian Origin) means 'rope maker.'

58.Furtaw (French Origin) means 'destiny' or 'luck.'

59.Futch (English Origin) is a rare surname found in the United States, and it's an altered version of 'fudge.'

60.Futter (German Origin) means 'feed' or 'fodder'.

Strong Surnames Starting With 'F'

The next list of names includes well-rounded last names with defined syllables. These surnames are powerful and pack a punch, making them perfect for strong literary characters. They have sharp sounding letters that command attention and will no doubt amplify a weaker name. The following are some strong last names starting with 'F'.

61.Falco (Italian Origin) is a powerful name meaning 'falcon.'

62.Falkenrath (German Origin) is a strong surname beginning with 'F' which means 'counsel.'

63.Farago (Hungarian Origin) means 'to cut.'

64.Fashingbauer (German Origin) means 'beginning of the fast.'

65.Feigenbaum (German Origin) means 'fig tree'.

66.Fitzroy (French Origin) means 'son of the King.'

67.Forsberg (Swedish Origin) is a sharp surname that means 'mountain' or 'waterfall.'

68.Fossette (French Origin) means 'a small cavity' or 'dimple.'

69.Francom (English Origin) means 'free man.'

70.Franczak (Polish Origin) is among the stronger surnames and means 'hospitable' or 'friendly.'

71.Frankovich (Croatian Origin) means 'a free or generous person.'

72.Frediani (Italian Origin) is among the dominant surnames beginning with 'f' and means 'lover of peace.'

73.Freund (German Origin) means 'friend.'

74.Frommelt (German Origin) means 'steadfast' and 'valiant.'

75.Fugazzi (Italian Origin) means 'flat bread'.

76.Fuhrmann (German Origin) means 'cartwright'.

77.Fujimori (Japanese Origin) means 'forest'.

78.Fujiwara (Japanese Origin) is a strong and common surname meaning 'wisteria.'

79.Furnadjiev (Hungarian Origin) means 'oven.'

80.Fusco (Latin Origin) is one of the older last names starting with 'F' which means 'darkness.'

Soft Surnames Starting With 'F'

End your search with this last set of surnames beginning with 'F'. These names are softer in sound with few syllables. They are no-fuss surnames that complement names without overpowering them. So, take a look at the following!

81.Faas (Arabic Origin) is a surname with a soothing sound that means 'inquiry.'

82.Faia (Italian Origin)  is a soft surname, which means 'a big eater.'

83.Fan (Chinese origin) is a common surname meaning 'bee.'

84.Farina (Italian Origin) is a feminine surname popular in Italy and means 'flour'.

85.Farro (Latin Origin) means 'wheat.'

86.Fei (Chinese Origin) is derived from an ancient Chinese clan, and means 'to fly.'

87.Feo (Italian Origin) is an uncommon surname that  means 'a gift from above.'

88.Fella (Norse Origin) is used as a casual English language and means 'fellow.'

89.Fiala (Czech Origin) is a soft-sounding surname that means 'violet flower.'

90.Fife (Scottish Origin) means 'a small flute.'

91.Filla (Persian Origin) is a common surname of Iranian descent that means 'love.'

92.Flavin (Irish Origin) means 'prince' or 'ruler.'

93.Flore (Latin Origin) is among the popular feminine surnames meaning 'flower' or 'in bloom.'

94.Foley (Irish Origin) means 'pirate' or 'plunderer.'

95.Fonda (Italian Origin) is one of the F surnames that also has Latin variants and means 'deep.'

96.Fontaine (French Origin) is a well-known Italian surname starting with 'F' and means 'well' or 'fountain.'

97.Frye (English Origin) is an Old Norse variant that means 'free.'

98.Fujii (Japanese Origin) is a popular Japanese surname meaning 'wisteria well.'

99.Funes (Anglo OriginI means 'a place where Vennel grows.'

100.Furuya (Japanese Origin) is a soft surname meaning 'old valley.'

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