100 Last Names That Start With I With Meanings And History

Last names connect us to our past and ancestry so why not give your character a really interesting last name.

People ask, “What is in a name?”

Here is what we can tell you about your surnames. These are the names that give a baby their identity, their sense of belongingness to a family, places of origin, trades, etc.

When communities were small, only one name was sufficient to identify them. As the communities grew in size, it became difficult to identify people with just a single name. It was then when it became critical to have another name or names, preferably a family name, that could help in further identification of people. These surnames were derived from trade or occupation of the person,  place of origin, and more.

We have curated a comprehensive list, after a thorough names search, of last names starting with I. To further help your search for last names, take a look at Last Names Starting With E and Last Names That Start With H.

Famous Last Names That Start With I

Here are some of the most famous personalities with last names or surnames starting with I. These people have great achievements to show for in various fields and have made a name for themselves, quite literally.

1. Billy Idol, He is a famous English musician, songwriter, singer, and writer.

2. Don Imus, A popular American radio personality.

3. Enrique Iglesias, He is a famous Spanish singer.  

4. Eric Idle, He is a famous comedian who has enthralled people with his amazing acting skills.

5. Frank Ifield, A popular singer. He has a lot of noteworthy compositions in English-American country music.

6. Janis Ian, A popular American singer-songwriter.

7. Jarome Iginla, He is a professional ice hockey winger who has played more than 1500 games in the National Hockey League.

8. Kon Ichikawa, He is a famous Japanese film director.

9. Lee Iacocca, He was a famous American automobile executive known for the conceptualization and development of  Pinto and Ford Mustang Cars.

10.  James T. Igoe, He was a politician and a representative from the state of Illinois.

11. James Iha, A gifted American pop singer and a rock musician.

12.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas, He is a Lithuanian-American and a popular basketball player.  

13. Natalie Imbruglia, An accomplished songwriter, singer, actress, and model.  

14.  Frieda Inescort, She is a Scottish-born Broadway actress.

15. Alexis InfaInfantente, He is a former Venezuelan professional baseball player. He enjoyed a lot of popularity in his hay days.  

16. John James Ingalls, He is a famous politician, author, orator, and lawyer.

17. Jean Auguste Dominiques Ingres, He is an accomplished French painter.

18. Washington Irving, He is a famous American short story writer historian, biographer, and diplomat.

Surnames That Start With I

These last names given to a baby tell the place of origin, occupation, and history of an individual.  Here is the collection of top surnames starting with I with meanings that will better understand its meaning.

19. I’Anson, (English origin) that can also be considered as a variant of Janson. It is one of the cool family names.

20. Ibanez, It means "the son of Iban".

21. Ibarra, It is also a Spanish or Basque surname.

22. Ibbot, (English origin) surname starting with "I," it is a variant of Ibbott.

23. Ibsen, (Danish origin) surname that means “son of IB".

24. Ignacz, (Hungarian origin) surname from the name Ignac.

25. Ikeda, (Japanese origin) surname that comes from the words ike that means pond or pool, and ta that means field.

26. Ikin, It is a name derived from the medieval diminutive name IDA.

27. Ilbert, (English origin) surname that is derived from a Norman French form.

28. Ilves, (Estonian origin) surname that refers to “lynx” in Estonian.

29. Inaba, (Japanese origin) surname that means "rice plant leaf".

30. Ingesson, (Swedish origin) surname that refers to the son of Inge.

31. Ingersleben, (German origin) surname meaning “Inge’s village.”

32. Ingram, (English origin) surname that comes from the Norman French- Enguerrand.

33. Iniguez, (Spanish origin) last name that means "son of Inigo" in Spanish.

34. Innocenti, (Italian origin) nickname that means “innocent.”

35. Irvin, (English origin) name that can be considered as a variant of Irwin or Irving.

American Last Names Starting with the Letter I

Some of the top last names beginning with I are popular in the United States.

There is no dearth of last names in the United States of America that begin with the letter “I.” Here we bring you a list of surnames starting with I.  These cool last names are given to girls, boys, and characters, giving them a family identity. Check out the most popular surnames with meanings.

36. Iaboni, A popular surname used in the United States.  

37. Iacono, ranks high in the most searched names starting with I.  

38. Iams, A large number of people in the United States use this name as their identity.  

39. Ianni, A growing number of Americans use this name as their last name.

40. Iannucci, It is a patronymic last name. It is one of the names derives from the region in Tuscany.

41. Iannuzzi, It is one of the popular last names derived from the Biblical Hebrew "Yochanan."

42. Ibrahim, (Arabic origin) this last name means Father of Nations.  

43. Ice, It is one of the interesting names derived from the word "Aigo."  

44. Idell, (German origin) meaning "industrious".

45. Iden, (English origin) means "the marshland pasture".

46.Idland, It is one of the most searched last names in the United States of America.

47. Ignatius, The meaning of these last names means, "the fiery one".

48. Igo, (Hungarian origin) This name found in our search is used as the last name by a large number of Americans.  

49. Ihle, One of the most prevalent names, it is derived from the name of a river.

50. Ihrig, (German origin) name but very commonly used by Americans as their last names.

51. Iles, It is one of the notable and top searched last names.

52. Illig, (Anglo-Saxon origin) It is one of the popular Anglo-Saxon names.  

53. Illingworth It is a habitational name from a place near Halifax.

Mexican Last Names Starting With The Letter I

Upon checking the family history researches, we came across a few very popular Mexican names starting with I. These last names starting with I are seen in the names of many boys, girls, and it is also given to a baby. Here, we bring you some well-known last names or surnames starting with I in Mexico.

54. Ildefonso, (Spanish origin) surname meaning "battle ready".

55. Ignacio, (Spanish origin) surname meaning "fire".

56. Imperial, (Latin origin) word meaning "empire".

57. Inocencio, (Spanish origin) word meaning "innocent".

58. Interiano, (Spanish origin) word meaning "unexplained".

Some Common Surnames Starting With I

When it comes to using baby names, names for boys and girls, starting with the alphabet I, for last names there is no dearth of interesting options. Some of these names are distinctive. It helps to give a unique identity. Here are a few baby names as last names that are on the top and worth checking out.

59. Irene, (Greek origin) word meaning "peace".

60. Irwin, (Irish origin) surname meaning "wild bear".

61. Isidro, (English origin) boys surname meaning "gift of Isis".

62. Islas, (Spanish origin) girls surname meaning "island".

63. Izquierdo, (Spanish origin) word meaning "left-handed boys".

English Last Names With Meanings

Here, we bring you some top-ranking last names starting with the alphabet I used in Britain. These last names given to a baby or character have specific meanings. Check out these last names starting with I.

64. Ibbott, Derived from a medieval name Ibota.

65. I'Anson, It is one of the many names that are a variant of Janson.

66. Ikin, This last name is derived from Ida.

67. Ingham, It is one of the prevalent last names that means "a homestead".

68. Issacson, This last name means "the Son of Issac".

69. Ivers, One of the top used surname derived from Iver.

70. Ibbs, Popular family baby names.

71. Ince, It is one of the high-rank last names in a family name search.

Spanish Surnames Starting With I

Some top Spanish last names that are also beautiful last names for boys and girls. These are as per the Family History Search and rank as per its use.  Check out these interesting top Spanish last names.

72. Ibaceta, (Chilean origin) One of the perfect baby names predominantly used as a last name in Chile.

73. Ibán, This is one of the commonly used last names which means, "one of favored Jehovah".

74. Ibarguren, Used as baby names as well as last names. It is not only used as a middle name but also as the last name.

75. Ibar, High-Rank in use, this name is derived from a personal name Ivarr.

76. Ibars, People using this surname are also found in America.

77. Ibort, Popular Spanish names in search findings. Many Spanish families use it as their last names.

78. Iborra, High in Family Search Ranking for last names. One of the prominent French politicians Monique Iborra carries this as his last name.

79. Igden, (English origin) word meaning "oak valley".

80. Iglesia, One of the top searched surnames that means a church.

Irish Last Names

Here are the popular and top last names popularly used in Ireland. It is given as the last name to a baby. These are some of the top used last names in a family history search.

81. Irvan, A popular name as per search derived from Irvine.

82. Ivers, A patronymic of Ivor, it is one of the beautiful names given to the baby as he is born.

83. Iasachta, This is a unique name meaning "loan".

84. Irvine, (Scottish origin) one of many top search baby names.

85. Ivory, A cute name predominantly used as the last name by Irish.

86. Iustas, This name is given to a person with a practical nature. It is also one of the popularly used baby names.

87. Iosog, It is one of the top searched last names in search listings given to a boy that means, "one who can laugh".

88. Iomhair, A native last name for a baby that translates to the "son of Iomhar".

More Last Names To Consider

Here are some additional last names beginning with I which are interesting names for people or characters.

89.Inch, (Latin origin) name and is "measure of length".

90. Inchley, (English origin) surname meaning "name of place".

91. Inex, (Irish origin) word signifying "eclipse cycle".

92. Ingle, (English origin) word meaning "fireplace".

93. Inman, (English origin) surname meaning "innkeeper".

94. Innover, (French origin) word meaning "breaking new ground".

95. Ireland, (Irish origin) word signifying "Island name".

96. Isaac, (Hebrew origin) word meaning "laughter".

97. Isaacs, (Hebrew origin) word meaning "laughter".

98. Iverson, (English or Scottish origin) name meaning "warrior".

99. Ivey, (English origin) word meaning "climbing ornamental plant".

100. Ivy, (English origin) word meaning "climbing plant".

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